Kinder Maxi Bar in Q8!!!! KINDER MAXI BAR IN Q8!!!!

By | March 29, 2009


Walking aimlessly in TSC Salmiya Branch… i have taken what i came in for, two Giant Mushrooms and 3 Alfonso Mangoes, but i was browsing just in case i find something i want… when suddenly i stop in my tracks, blink twice in disbelief, grap what halted my cruising, and scream while Showing Butootee what i have just found!!!

It is the Kinder Maxi King Bar!!!!

I am immediately transported into Zurich, in that cold snowy day of December 2008, on our last hour before going to the airport and boarding BA flight back to the UK, me buying one and trying it on the way, going CRAZY for it’s heavenly taste and almost kicking myself for not trying it earlier and getting my self a couple of cartons…

I know it sounds cheesy but it was literally love at first bite!!!

I have looked all over the Place for this. I have specifically sent email after email to the Kinder People in the UK asking about it. I have searched all swiss and german speciality stores in the UK for it… to no avail… and there it is, sitting a mere 10 minutes car drive away in TSC Salmiya, awaiting my arrival!!!!

Infact, the wrapper from the last one i ate resides next to my E-go in my laptop bag… just in case i meet someone going to swiss so they can grab me some. Now i can discard it happily…

The Old Wrapper :D No need for it now...

The Old Wrapper 😀 No need for it now...

and today… i am reunited with it 😀

I am so happy… that i have decided that today is going to be my FREE  DAY !!!!!!

I have a nicish lunch at pizza hut. Still causing my stomach turmoil 9 hours later, never again!!!

Then i go home… make a glass of  British Tetley Tea with mint… and bite into it 😀


Now i unwrap it… it is encrusted with nuts and yummy kinder chocolates…


Then i bite into it… It has creamish filling, with oozing luscious buttery caramel… one lovely bite filled with contrasting texture, the crunch of the nuts, the creaminess of the white cream, the stickiness of the caramel… its like eating an ice cream sunday with nuts, choco sauce, and whip cream in one bite…


Then a sip of my lovely golden fragrant minty tea…



But i do have one comment though… i loved every bite of my Kinder Maxi King, but it tasted a little bit different that the one i had in swiss… The one i had before was a bit fresher… it is still worth trying out and having a Free Day over 😀

Oh i also found the following in TSC…


 Mini Jaffa Cakes!!!

Now do you know why i love TSC Salmiya to bits???

15 Responses to “Kinder Maxi Bar in Q8!!!! KINDER MAXI BAR IN Q8!!!!”

  1. 3anooda says:

    aaahhhhh jaffa cakes – yummmm – i hate u now u got me craving something at 130 in the morning. i hate it when that happens

  2. wasnt there something about a diet that was working?

    chenny 7abbait your diets danderma! ;Pp

  3. eshda3wa says:

    it looks sooo goood

    i have never tried it before!

    but will sooon !

  4. iraqiyia says:

    I live in canada and Ive never seen that chocolate bar in ANY store!
    and I will confess, I’ve never heard of mini jaffa cakes 😛

    hahaha so much for my elthaqafa el nestaliyia 😀

    Now I would like to try both ;D

  5. Cr8ivia says:

    it looks like icecream .. i am looking for sinkers cake! its wow bs i always forget it lamma akon ib london o i dont remember it ila bil ma6ar wag3ad adawerha o mako illa ib terminal 3 :/ mo il cup cake .. la il emrabba3a .. itha ligaiteha eb mukan post post pls 😛 3awafi ..

  6. Silver says:


    I WANT!!! ;”(

  7. The Spanian says:

    Bel 3awafi 3ala albek

    is that an ice cream?! .. coz i saw somethin kinda similar to it @ Carefour long time ago!! .. i hope i saw the wrong thing so that you don’t kill me for not tellin you bout it earlier :p

    i gotta try it one day .. or maybe 2day :)

  8. Stand-Alone~ says:

    ohh looks yummy… uh what happened to the diet?

  9. Daddy's Girl says:


    LoooL lo intay bel q8 chan you could go -or send someone- to TSC at 1:30 am and get ur self some 😀


    LoooL still i had no dinner ams :p
    I am still on my diet. But u must must have a free lunch/dinner every 10-14 days … why?

    Because ur body gets used to what u eat. Ur metabolism adjusts its self. But when u suddenly shock it with a change of food it will try to metabolise differently hence it will jolt and burn more 😀


    LooL only for that meal 😉


    U will like it… do not try the plain ones though malhom da3ee…


    I only found in Swiss… and now apparently in Kuwait
    You could try and order it from switzerland if Canada will allow importing food???


    Allah ye3afeech 😀
    Snickers cake??? Wala mara sheft.ha? Then again i do not like snickers much… order it min Just Ask?


    Wainich? If in Q8 go buy some…
    If abroad have some sent over to u…

    The spanian

    Allah ye3afeek thanx
    No it’s not an ice cream but it should be eaten cold… the one u saw in Carrefour is the old plain one malah da3i batatan kilish mo latheeth o mafee majal lel moqarana benah o bain il KING!!!! 😀

    Try them both and see…


    It is yummy… and the diet is still on… i had to shock my metabolism with a free day. I had no dinner yesterday and today im back to having an apple for breakfast 😀

    Don’t worry

  10. Zabo0o6a says:

    I’m drooling already danderma!
    I’m dieting as well o gelt yallah 5l ashof danderma shino msaweya 3al ‘3ada elyoum 3shan a’3esh menha !
    O now you show me this torture! MAYSEEEEEEEEEER !
    btw bel3afya , gonna try it next week 😛

  11. Rana says:

    Guess what, Tetley tea is going to be available in TSC as of May :))

  12. Daddy's Girl says:



    3lamkom kil min gam yesawee diet?
    Allah yesalmich ana ‘3aday ams kan a simple cheddar cheese sandwich malat il 80’s… shloon?
    1/2 khobza lebanya malat il ma6a7t il thin. Stuff it with slices of khyar o khas o 6ma6, o then bring the old KRAFT Cheddar Cheese tin mal il sambosam, the tiny one, o slice the cheese inside it o put it in the sandwich… Malat ayam awaaal 😀

    El yoom basawee Mexican Tortilla 😀


    TETLEY TEA IN Q8!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    This deserves a post!!!!!!

  13. Alka says:


  14. 3baid says:

    Looks tasty :O