Picture of the Week: The Star Ingredient

By | July 11, 2011

The past week has proved that there are one million and one ways to make use of the Co-Op Nakhi. So let me ask you, how do you eat your Nakhi?

24 Responses to “Picture of the Week: The Star Ingredient”

  1. Dewaneez says:

    with a spoon.

    but seriously, ive never gone out of my way to get some, so iuno ;/ however it is when its there.

  2. ShoSho says:

    I love it! I mash it into burgers (still yet to find the best mix, using different things each time lol ) use it in salads and I add it to some stews..

    • danderma says:

      You mash it into burger? Meat burgers? Why?!

      • Shosho says:

        Nooooooo lol I meant as a base for vegetarian burger! Mash and mix with onion, herb and stuff like that :)
        Imagine I add it to meat… YUK! Lol

        • danderma says:

          Ana agool I have a cousin who adds ketchup to shawerma fa everything is possible! urgh!

  3. Shosho says:

    Ams I made a taboola mix and added nikki instead of burgul loool tagyeer .. 7a66ait capsicum ba3ad..

  4. Ansam says:

    Yes there are so so many ways! You can add it to salads, fatta…etc

    When we get the white plastic nikhi from coop, this is what we usually do

    Add lemon + olive oil + pepper + cumin powder (or seeds) + and tiny cubes of tomatoes

    Try it… specially if the tomatoes are colder, the feeling tickles your tongue 😀

  5. انا غالبا ما اكله بس اسويه فته او سلطه اهرسه مع جبن فيتا او اعشاب وشوي كمون وزيت زيتون واسويه غموس مع خبز محمص او مثل ما اهو وفوقه ليمون :>
    ممكن يتبدل ينحط مع اشياء ثانيه ما يكون المكون الرئيسي مثل الكشري او بدال النخي بالحشو او مع بقول ثانيه بالشوربه
    بس هذا اللي اعرفه

    • danderma says:

      أنا عيل احبه لو خالي… أحبه و أحب مايه أغمس فيه خبز إيراني حاااار.. ايام قبل طبعا
      بس ما جربت من قبل أهرسه مع الاشياء اللي قلتيها! جنه لذيذ!!!

  6. Hanan Al Failakawi says:

    Ansam OMG that mix u mentioned , i thought it was exclusive to my husband and his friends at shalaih in winter lol. it is yummy, but I love my Nikhi with fatta (yogurt , labna, lemon mix), eggplant, and baqdoonis * droll* :p
    my mom has a signature sandwich that has fetta cheese and mashed nikhi with olive oil .. yummy o healthy :)
    nice topic ;p

    • danderma says:

      I love my nakhi with fatta too <3
      Fetta cheese o nakhi on a sandwich… now that’s worth a try…

  7. noora says:

    didnt u post something similar before?
    well for one Im willing to leave a comment again 
    mash it, add olive oil, lemon juice and cumin, sometimes I mash bajeela m3ah b3d, o have it with 5obz erany,, ummmm’m

    ooooor, as it is add olive oil, hot sauce and shwayat za3tar! 3jeeb

    • danderma says:

      Ee chinna mo?
      Gam rasi ydoor madry 3ndi bel blog wella eb blog a7ad thanee :S
      ummmm yum yum I want to try all the methods shasawee ib 3omry?

  8. mememememe says:

    we add to it
    lemon mixed olive oil + green pepper. The green pepper with the nakhi is just amazing

  9. mememememe says:

    sorry i meant green chili shredded

  10. mememememe says:

    yes with the seeds (they’re healthy :P) just shredded as tiny as you can and add it on top of the nakhi :) o bel3afya woman.