More Gluten Free Options in Kuwait

legal to buy provigil online By | July 12, 2011

forehand Did you think that the gluten free campaign was done with and forgotten? Far from the truth! Bloggers, Tweeps, and readers have been letting me know of gluten free options they stumble upon whenever they see it! You, the reader, could also help out in any means possible as well. Lets see what’s new in the Kuwait’s gluten free world…

First Froobie emailed me confirming that they had contacted their factory and they can confirm that their frozen yogurt is not only fat free and sugar free, its gluten free as well! That applies to the frozen yogurt only. Thank you froobie!

First my dear Um 3azooz made up an entire post about the Gluten Free items she found in TSC (post)! I never before knew there was a Betty Crockers cake and brownie mix that is gluten free! Sweet! Check it out here

Dear Ansam had breakfast at prime and toast the other day and there you go… the gluten free menu Chef Ahmad Al-Bader promised (post). I was so happy to see that picture! I wish I wasn’t on a diet so I would go have breakfast there and choose items from that glorious menu. Thanks again Chef Ahmad Al-Bader and thank you Ansam for snapping that picture for me 😀

My dear Beebz98 on twitter also tweeted this picture of the gluten free bread section she found in Lulu Hyper Market. It is HUGE! Thank you hon 😀

Also a dear reader of my blog recently emailed me to tell me that on The Kitchen’s Facebook Page (link) someone had asked about the gluten free replied that only those items on their menu contain gluten otherwise every thing else is gluten free. So if you are on 6alabat and you wish to order a quick bite that is gluten free you can order anything from the Kitchen’s menu  Gariadhar EXCEPT those items because they CONTAIN GLUTEN


  • – In Appetizers – Gnocchi & Quesadillas
  • – In Salads – Corn fritters
  • – All the sandwiches contain gluten
  • – In Braising and Stew – Beef Bourguignon
  • – In Grills – All Sandwiches & Burgers. ( Lemon & Rosemary grilled breast and Grilled portabello mushroom are Gluten free)
  • – In Homemade pies – Chicken pot pie and Vegetable pie
  • – In Side dishes – Potato rosti and Couscous
  • – In Desserts – all contain gluten

Before I had that two months trial of gluten free diet I had absolutely no idea that there were gluten free products and I never noticed them any where before. Now that you are reading this please keep your eyes open for anything gluten free you can find here -or abroad that can be imported- so I can share it on my blog please.

Much obliged 😀

23 Responses to “More Gluten Free Options in Kuwait”

  1. Madame C says:

    You are a super  star :)
    Was just telling my sister yesterday how none of the bloggers were answering me about GF but thank God u inspired them :)
    Thank you D

    • danderma says:

      7yate thank you :*
      Hon ma tadreen ymkin others were busy or something… el3ebra bel nehaya 😉

  2. Madame C says:

    Hi Ansam and Danderma
    A lot of the GF biscuits and wafers etc are also lactose free, because some ppl with Coeliac disease are also intolerant to lactose/dairy
    I don’t mean to ask for more as u guys and girls (anyone who was sweet enough to reply to Danderma’s request) did so much already, but y don’t u include in your campaign all food allergies to make Kuwait a safer place? We went to our MP and asked him
    But that was a year and a half ago and nobody did anything. We could be like Europe where all food allergens must be mentioned in the packaging, menu etc

    • danderma says:

      I think restaurants who take the initiative to provide gluten free items on their menu would surely be aware of other allergies like nut allergy for example. I like restaurants who pay attention to such details. There is such a classy and civilized manner about it. They get nothing but deep respect from me.

  3. G says:

    thanks for supporting the celiac disease members!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Suad says:

    Great effort
    Thanks alot
    I’ll add this 2 my blog as soon as possible
    Best if the regards :-)

  5. myeez says:

    I really want to thank you for pointing out the gluten free stuff .Being on a gluten free diet is not an easy stuff but people like you left our spirit up….thank you dear and GOD bless you…..Fouz

    • danderma says:

      There is nothing impressive about what I did. I have just asked and people have reacted. Its the people who made the effort to provide gluten free dining like chef Ahmad Al-Bader who should really be thanked, god bless him 😉

  6. The Kitchen says:

    Thanks Danderma for posting our FB post.

    We were glad to help out one of our customer’s who had requested for all the dishes which contained gluten as she was celiac disease person.

    For our new Dine In Restaurant, located at The Village Complex – Abu Hassaniya we will try to be high-light all those dishes which are Gluten free in our menu to make its more easier to order for all our customer.

    Thanks again,

    The Kitchen

    • danderma says:

      That would be great! Thank you so much!
      Best of luck with your new restaurant!

  7. Wow
    Really we do appreciate Ur effortS
    May Allah bless U all.

  8. وعـــدت باضافة هـــذه الصفحـــة لموقعنـــا ووفيــت بالوعـــد
    في :

    تحـــــت : مواقع تهمــــك

    وفي صفحـــة كتـــاب ” قصتـــي مع السليـــاك ” عالفيســـبوك

    اضيـــفت بواســطة احــدى العضـــوات

    وأتمنـــى من أصحـــاب المطــاعم التي تقــدم وجبــات جلوتن فري التواصـــل معنــــا

    كل الشكــر والتقديـــر للقائميــن على هذا المــوقــع

    جعل الله ذلك في موازيـــن حسنــاتكم وضاعفها لكــم بمناسبة هــذا الشــهر الكــريم

    اللهـــم آميــــــن

    good luck always :-)

    • danderma says:

      مشكورة حبيبتي الله يسلمكم و يعافيكم و يهون عليكم يا ريت كل من عنده محل أو مطعم يساهم و يساعدكم

  9. ahmed abd el aziz says:

    I want to know the places where can i get gluten and lactose free diet and sweet?

  10. Kristin Allen says:

    I’m so excited! Moving to Kuwait next month and I’m a celiac. I love Nut Thins here in the States, as well as a host of gluten free flour combos provided by Bob’s Red Mill and Pamela’s bakery. I’ve been preparing for a drab new diet in Kuwait, without any kind of soft, puffy comfort pastry. Ah, but now I see I can even eat Pizza! This is just the best news. Thank you so much!

  11. Maha says:

    Thank you very much dear for putting these tips out.
    I am a macrobiotic counselor and just been diagnosed with some food allergies, among these and most important is gluten intolerance.
    I have been fussy about choosing a suitable place to dine and my new GF diet makes my dining options even harder. But, i am managing and definitely will benefit alot from your blog and tips on GF resturants.
    As for your response (above) about places where people can get GF diet in Kuwait:
    I found 2 stands in carrefour Avenues for GF items
    Al Raha is a good place for organic whole food but definitely not GF foods, simply because GF means preparing and packing GF food without any contamination from wheat or wheat gluten products, which is the case at Al Raha. So, gluten intolerant people cannot take the risk if they really want to go the right way.
    Firin is a 100% GF facility and products are safe for us.
    Mrs. Suad Al Furaih web site was helpful and resourceful about where to find raw material for GF products.

    Keep it up and looking forward to learning more as we visit your blog and updates.

    Have a blessed day


    • danderma says:

      I suppose if yout want a 100% gluten-free environment then Firin is the way to go then. Thank you and I do wish my posts were beneficial.