Ten Best Food Items in Kuwait

By | July 12, 2011

1- Hennenman Best Pizza: Nopoli Style Solo Pizza, Fast Food Style: LoFat, Gourmet: Pizzetta’s Truffle Pizza.

2-  Ouahigouya Best Burger: Fat Burger in spoons (according to Butootee).

3- Best Fries: Wazoo Fries from the Burger Hub.

4- Best Cookies: Chocolate Chip Cookies from the Baking Tray.

5- Best Eggs: The money bag scrambled eggs from The Cocoa Room.

6- Best Zaatar Fatayer: Dean & Deluca’s! Period.

7- Best Falafel: Falafel Sharaf in Sharq.

8- Best Koshari: Koshari Jo7a.

9- Best Kanafa: Al-6aibawi.

10- Best Red Velvet: Mine frankly :p  Kaifi!

Do you agree? Do you have some other bests to share? Who do you think makes the best food items in Kuwait?

O mino ygool yo3ana? La 7asha :p

26 Responses to “Ten Best Food Items in Kuwait”

  1. e7mood says:

    this is one interesting post !
    to me best:
    pizza is rostica
    burger is Manhattan burger (slider not OFK)
    fires johnny with relish on the side
    cookies chowe all the way
    kanafa is 6aibawi
    red velvet is wow

    just tweeted the link hope to have more thoughts on this

    • danderma says:

      Johnny’s fries? Really? Madry a7es.hom wayed yabseen…
      A7la shai kanafat el6aibawi <3 walaw ini sneeen ymkin mo maklat.ha bs '3air ya rabi '3air

      • E7mood says:

        Just try it with sweet relish over the cheese fries next time

        • danderma says:

          Hmmm never tried that before! Will do next time insha2 Allah :)
          I love their onion rings though <3

  2. e7mood says:

    yah forgot za3tar el jaloon !!!

  3. elberk says:

    best pizza: thin crust chicken BBQ of dominos
    best fries: nathan’s
    best cookies: raisin cookies and chocolate chip cookies of subway (heat it first), has way less oil than baking tray’s

    i’ll try your 5 and 6 ma7ib falafil i agree with your 8 and 9
    bss ismi7eeli best ref velvet in a restaurant is MELENZANE’s oo bakery is November

    • danderma says:

      bs baking tray’s kha6eera especially laman te6l3 out of the over 7arraaaaa :)
      lool ayho a7la malat november wella melenzane?

  4. Balkis AlH says:

    shawagteeeeni 3la falafil sharf , really its the best EVER
    Great list :))

  5. Ansam says:

    Wallah innich thowweeqa! I agree on some points 😉 EL daleel inni ham ana katba 3anhom – Loved your post (Y)(Y)

  6. noora says:

    solo pizza :…( 3 marat aro7 either za7ma mashallah walla
    closed! me want to try 

    fat burger MIL7777!!! it’s either elevation burger or johnny.. o bagelna njareb shake shack

    cookies agree (Y), o kanafa wallah chena kanafani awnas! less sugary

    dean and deluca za3tar is the best! b3d itha za3tar mixed
    with cheese even better 

    o fries johnny sure, o fast food Mc

    red velvet november, or crumbs

    best eggs prime and toast, they have one with hollandaise sauce, yaboooi!

    o koshari bet 3ami :p

    o salamtich 😉

    • danderma says:

      Solo lel7een ma jarabteeh? Yeswa el3anwa tra!
      Kanafani mafeha taste kilish :(
      loool Allah ysalmich 😀

  7. Yousef says:

    Fat Burger?

    Wain ra7 Johnny rockets? wain ra7aw elevation o shake shack!?

    I have to try the wazoo fries.. emshawegny min garaita ib dathra’s diaries :)

    • danderma says:

      Johnny comes right after it close call. Shake Shack OK but Fat o Johnny a7la… elevation burger ygol zafra
      Elwazoooo khayaleyaa <3 bs I take out the meat minha

  8. – Best Pizza: Rustica Pizza. Period.
    – Best Burger: Shake Shack
    – Best Cookies: Chocolate Chip Cookies from the Baking Tray
    – Best Falafel: Kanary
    – Best Kanafa: Al-6aibawi and Al-Aqsa both share #1 spot

    • danderma says:

      Rustica? Really? I strongly disagree with you. Shake Shack I wouldn’t know. Kanary is my 2nd best after sharaf 😀

      • Solo pizza is very very good but it’s lacking something where Rustica kills it. Who knows, solo could get better in time and take the crown but it’s too early

        • danderma says:

          Sorry, totally disagree with you. Pizza Rustica is fine but to me it doesn’t have that omph flavor that pulls me back so its the opposite in my case.

  9. Mr.foodie says:

    Best pizza ever is Organica pasta & Pizza – salmiya by far, talk about the thin crust , flavors , presentation, wow for the first time real Italian pizzas ……

    best burger : little rubys – sharq – whaley

    • danderma says:

      Solo pizza is as real an Italian pizza as any other pizza. It is exactly like the best pizza I had in Rome. I didn’t try Organica’s though
      I heard about little Ruby’s but I wonder why there isn’t much of a fuss surrounding it? Must get my husband to try it and see…

  10. shopgirl says:

    i agreee with all ur points! except for the following points

    burgers: ELEVATION simply amazing
    cookies: chowey gowey but i havent tried baking tray today i will just because of ur post
    red velevet: desserts!

    • danderma says:

      Elevation zafra according to my husband.
      You must MUST try a hot bubbling batch of baking tray’s cookies!

  11. Farah says:

    Best kenafa men “3al baaal” try it 😉