VIP Harry Potter Night with Crumbs Bakery

By | July 14, 2011

Remember when I posted about the Crumb‘s Bakery Harry Potter Competition (link)?

I was invited to the special preview of The last Harry Potter movie by the lovely Awra Al-Turkait the owner of Crumbs bakery, seeing that I’ve already been there before and tasted the Harry Potter competition cake as well (post) and (post).

The movie was yesterday 13 July 2011 in the VIP cinema of 360 Mall. We were the first to arrive there, it tells you how much I wanted to say farewell to Harry Potter with a pang surrounded by fans of the series.

By the time we said hello, took our tickets, and grabbed something to munch on it was time to watch the movie. Everything went smoothly as usual and everyone was happy. As we went inside I discovered I as lucky enough to have the best center back seats in the house! Thank you Arwa!

I settled down in my chair with my plain black coffee waiting for the movie to start. Which took seconds. I have to mention that I ordered the coffee at the concession stand but it was served to me in my seat, hot and steamy! Great service.

Then trays of the famous -and my beloved- chocolate cake pops were distributed it on us while we were seated.

We had a great time watching the movie. I never wanted it to end. I cried my eyes out and no one disturbed me. No screaming children, no smelly people, no one on the phone yapping. I will review the movie in a later post. though mo wagtah.

Then like all good things on earth the movie ended and we filed out of the movie. Wewere greeted by Awra’s little daughter with a bag chock full of yummy Crumbs goodies for us to take home. Thank you so much!

Guess what’s in the bag?

A crumbs mug filled with the little red velvet and chocolate truffle balls I love.

Movie magic indeed :)

Then there was time of the box! What’s inside.

What’s inside?

A big fat luscious gooey chocolate cupcake topped with vanilla frosting and a golden thing… what is it Harry Potter fans :p

The snitch! A lovely gold and silver painted snitch! How cute! I loved it so much.

I also met the sweet couple Hash & Mona and Mona’s sister from social slave and Mona actually recognized me and came to say hello! It was a pleasure meeting up with you guys :)

As we got out, happy and content, I grabbed my bag of goodies tightly planning to consume them the first thing on my birthday morning :)

Thank you Crumb for such a lovely good bye to Harry Potter. Thank you so much Arwa & Aseel for your hospitality. Insha2 Allah there would be more Crumb movie night events to come in the future :)

4 Responses to “VIP Harry Potter Night with Crumbs Bakery”

  1. noon says:

    wanaasaaaa, everything looks delicious 3alech bil3afiaa, i love her mini truffles that i always get when i go to nail it

    • danderma says:

      Allah y3afeech but still didn’t taste it :'(
      Two more days insha2 Allah!
      I love both the mini truffles and the cake pops <3

  2. Mona says:

    It was very nice to finally meet you! The movie was great and loved the Crumbs’ goodies 😀