Tetley Tea will be availabe in TSC Q8 by May!!!

By | March 30, 2009


According to a comment made by one of our readers, Rana, Tetley Tea will be available in TSC by May!!!!! Thanks Rana… and…


If you know me, you will know that i drink Tetley Tea only. I bring packs upon packs of tea bags to Q8. When i open a pack i stash them in my Cheewey Geewy Mark n Nat Cookie Jar, and will only use one tea bag every couple of weeks just so they would last me a year… and no one else is allowed to use them. Not even Bu Tootee!!!

Which one is Tetley Tea? Do u remember in the 90’s the tea with the round tea bag ad on tv in UK?


Yep thats the one.

It is my favourite tea. Nothing quite smells like it. Nothing tastes like it. Nothing quite looks like it as it has round tea bag instead of the traditional squrae design! The london trips i made during all my decades of existance on this earth are marked by drinking Tetley Tea…

Infact, I love it soooo much i have participated in the “Tell Us Ur Story” presented by Tetley Tea WEbsite. and Guess What?! They Published it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Here it is… Click on the picture to enlarge it 


Oooooh im soooo happy! Come May and i actually see it with my own eyes… i will make a big big tea party o invite every one i know to drink my current stash of Tetley Tea…

and It’s about TIME it arrived in Q8! It is being sold in Dubai and Bahrain for YEARS now!!!


0 Responses to “Tetley Tea will be availabe in TSC Q8 by May!!!”

  1. i dont like tea =S

  2. eleventhst says:

    It looks like TSC has been making you happy alot these days ;p hope u enjoy ur tea when it gets here!

  3. atoona says:

    awww, the story u put in the website is cute 😉
    lo ye7e6ona in their da3aya, 7adhum eb yerb7on more ;p

  4. Stand-Alone~ says:

    hmmm.. now you make me wanna try this tea and see what is specail about it…

  5. eshda3wa says:


    i love it too

    bs no where near as much as u do!

    yalah mabrook !