Do you think this look is pretty?

By | July 26, 2011

I keep seeing girls sporting this look above and they are multiplying every day!

Who in their right mind would tatoo their eyebrows a la diablo? Burn themselves into a crispy brown color and then sprinkle glittery highlighter underneath their eyebrows accentuating their marvelous abnormal shape, then complete the look with cat eyes eye liner and the most luminescent pair of contact lenses I’ve ever seen?

Is it just me whose actually scared whenever I encounter this look? Why would anyone do that to themselves? WHY!

Do you, when you see your friend with that look, do you seriously squeal and say “Waaaay diabloooo etshawgeeeeeeeeeen 7adich styleeeeeee mooooo 9ej?” instead of “Salamo qawlen min raben ra7eem?”. Don’t you feel an moral obligation towards pointing out that she looks very weird and kinda scary?

Would any guy out there actually be impressed with this look and want to marry that girl?

34 Responses to “Do you think this look is pretty?”

  1. lool diablooo 😛 ee madree shfeehum banatna yaneen lazm “new look” 7ata lo mo 7elo! Tara we are not pop stars mala da3ee tghayron oo tehawlon eb shaklkum elee ysma3 3ndhum jemhoor na6er al “look” alydeed!
    3ad i’ve met some girls with tattooed eyebrows such a faux pas! Bs since they like it, u cant say anything :)

    • danderma says:

      Ee abdan mo tharoore new look. Enzain new look different makeup colors different clothes different hair cut and color maykhalif ma gelna shay…
      Bs looking like a yenni one day, then maybe like little mermaid… shino hatha!

  2. Abosh_Hypnotic says:

    Banatna 7ayreen ba3marhm , ma yqbloon biljamal al3ade hehehehe , I think hatha kelish moo e’3ra2 al cat eye 7elwa ps maa ybal’3on feha w altaning XXX alkuwaityeen ‘3ayraw mafhom altan seriously into crispy brown as you said LOL ..

    Thank You

    • danderma says:

      I agree… fe3lan 7ayreen ba3marhom. Le anah mako insan 9a7ee ye6l3 min beit.hom looking like that!

  3. samar says:

    This is really firghtening and abnormal…where is the feminine side of this look unless they are willing to attend a Halloween party …(Habba-Moda-Style) they can name it but we certainly have to disagree.
    Simplicity will always be beauty

    • danderma says:

      Whatever happened to cleaning and nicely shaping your eyebrows? Who would want to look like they have to chopsticks ready to materialize out of their forehead!

  4. Anon-Guest says:

    To be honest, I get a little annoyed when seeing a girl with such eyebrows. Because I can’t help but imagine the pain she had to go through while plucking/threading/shaving/waxing off her brows to get that look. And then comes the tattoo part which is also a painful process I assume. So it’s a painful sight to see. But that’s probably just me… IDK…
    Anyway, it doesn’t matter what I think. I mean someone out there OBVIOUSLY likes this look. I guess some men out there like it. “Low tashabahat al2athwaq, la barat alsila3.” Your body is your canvas, decorate it in a way that expresses yourself. Live and let live. Not everybody has to like the natural-Brooke-Shields-eyebrows. Some think they’re bushy ugly and messy. To each his own.

    • danderma says:

      I guess to each his own. But they are actually scaring me! They look like genies out of the bottle out in the loose!

  5. Elegant Chic says:

    That’s looks SO weird!
    And is that your creation thru MS Paint?

  6. Doh!Doh!Doh!Woohoo says:

    A case of the chopsticks and sushi eyes syndrome.

  7. RBG says:

    I call those eyebrows “chopsticks” .. talk about FUGLY!!

  8. Dear Romeo says:

    nas ma yftahmoon shtsaween fehom!!
    bs 6ay7een lah t5r3 b5alg Allah 3la bo enna 7lo & mo’9a & the problem is that some know it’s scary weylawe3 lchabd bs mako fyda the continue to do it
    Allah yahdeehom

    • danderma says:

      Mo ma3qoola laman she looked at the mirror ma khafat!
      Mino gal mootha… hatha shay mokheef!

      La 7awla wala qowata ella be Allah!

  9. Loulou says:

    I think they are inspired by some of the make-up posters around Kuwait, I recall a giant scary one at the airport.

    Walking around Avenues, I sometimes feel I’m walking around a circus, it’s really freaky what you see sometimes.

    So big No, it does not look pretty, and me too I’m puzzled why young women would actually spend hours doing this to themselves. Maybe they just like the attention, whether it’s bad or good attention.

    • danderma says:

      The problem is its gone beyond ugly… its actually gone to the point of being scary! I swear there is someone who scares me every day with such a look :S

      I guess they believe if they do that they might bag a husband. After all they are making people look!

  10. AlZaQ8 says:

    Lol ana atfi8 m3ach .. El thou8 en3dm madri laish
    Fe b3’9hm ashk enhm y6al3on nfshm gbl la y6l3on
    Mn el bait !! Khala9 ra7 modela :/ fe nas ysawona bshkl
    Bse6 o thrb ama b3’9hm .. Ejraam .. Ana a7b el 7aajib
    O a7ba ykon 6be3i klsh 7ta bdon tn7ef zyada 3n el lzom
    Bs 7ram ga3den yl3bon fehm o 9b’3 o swalf .. B3den 93b yrd
    Mthl gbl .. !!
    SO bs khala9 khl9t hal habba el mo 7lwa :p
    O thanks 😀

    • danderma says:

      ee ana khobry min zman sawaw inah netfat chinese o hawenaw 3nah… min sneen y3ni
      bs el7een hatha mo chinese, hatha ele ana ga3da ashoofah look el yenni! O la tatooed on b3d!

  11. Asmaa says:

    Finally someone talked about it online.. Well, the look is eww and abnormal and I have no idea why people follow the fashion blindly. Most girls just do it for it’s the latest trend whether or not it makes them look bad, it sure makes them look different. It’s a good technique to hide your real identity like this.

    But it does take away the innocence from a person’s face. The good old simple make up days.

    And it does look devilish. It’s called chinese or something like that?

    I have tried talking to one of my friends in the past about this look, but all she has to say is that it’s the latest trend and everyone does it even though it doesn’t make her or them look any better, bus people don’t listen so yeah. And I doubt many guys would like that kind of look either unless they are into horror movies. But to each his own, the girls need to be warned and woken up though, this isn’t right and alhumduilllah I don’t have such people around me anymore who’d do that ~_~

    • danderma says:

      Wallah 3ether aqba7 min thanb. Y3ni it makes her look chinha iblees bs because everyone is doing it khala9? Etsaweeh?

      They are literally scary. Loool for hiding your real identity good point!

  12. noon says:

    YES its PRETTY scary

  13. Madryy says:

    Hahaha wallah a3arf what you’re talking about! It’s crazy, and frigging ugly man!

  14. chongchingcha says:

    laish 7a6a sorat bent 3amti eb hal post? :O