Plz Welcome the One, the Only, the ALPHONSO Mangos By | April 1, 2009 alphonso

buy cytotec without a percsription Alphonso is my childhood, my lovely 80’s days, my Failaka Ice Cream, my Sakhar MSX games, my Hungry Bunny days, my Huda 7sain plays in Kaifan theatre, my visits to Na7no wal a6fal… Alphonso  is a time capsule that holds all these sweet days and displays them to me the moment i smell a whiff of its memorable scent…

It is FINALLY that time of year…

The time when you walk into the fruits section and there it is, the lovely blue and yellow box with shredded carton confetti engulfing lovely glorious golden -or parrot green- Alphonso Mangoes.

There is no other mango. Mango means Alphonso.  All other mangoes are mango wannabes… moshkilat.hom 3ad!!!

On Saturday i caught my daddy hiding two cartons of still green Alphonsos in his walk in cupboard waiting for them to ripen up LooooL!!!

But since im on a diet and i heard somewhere that mangoes and diets do not really mix (dunno why?) … i decided to treat my self to only one this year 😀

I bought it green and kept it… and today… it was ripe, golden yellow, and wafting of delicious mango scentl… calling out to me… come DEVOUR me 😀



I have mastered a method of eating alphonso mangoes with my bare hands without staining my self with one droplet 😀

Not today though… i attacked it with a knife, cut it in hallf, then scooped the insides with a spoon, like eating ice cream! i almost licked off the plate afterwards… i just would not let go…





It finished quickly!!!! Hopefully, if allah 3a6ana 3omor o se7a o 3afya insha2 allah, come next year and i have lost all the extra weight…. i promise my self that i will buy several cartons of Alphonso just for me and feast on them for a week …  nothing else 😀  

How do you eat ur alphonsos? & Don’t you DARE claim that u do not like them!!!!

21 Responses to “Plz Welcome the One, the Only, the ALPHONSO Mangos”

  1. eleventhst says:

    Bil3afia! yummmy! This is one of the things I miss about being in Kuwait!!!

  2. dandoon says:

    i eat it with my bare hands too!! if i’m not careful (which i have to admit happens often because 9ij andimij bilmanga!!) i’ll have mango juice trickling down my hands after every bite and i have to wipe it off before i take the next bite! 3abala shway but so totally worth it!

    mmm chinni ishtahait manga al7een..

  3. Zabo0o6a says:

    I’m afraid to admit inah I’m not a big fan of mango , nevertheless i crave it alot before and during period but that’s it 😉

  4. Ansam says:

    Ohh I have many ways… the turtle method, the halved (like yours) with a spoon method, and bare hands method! I would not give a hoot if it wasnt very diet friendly! I would still eat and eat and eat it hehehehe

  5. atoona says:

    na7nu ala6fal.. masra7 kaifaan.. shakhbaree!

    the way we always ate them at our house never included a spoon. we slice it in half (not to include the ‘9abona’) and we draw horizontal and vertical lines in the slice, making squares. then we invert it, making the squares pop-op 3-d style ;p then we munch away.. (bear in mind, you’ll get mango residues around ur mouth, but thats the fun of it ;D )

  6. dandoon says:

    atoona, thats how we had them when we were kids!! i thought we were the only ones who had them like that!

  7. Newbride says:

    Bl3afeya dear but I fuss I am the only one who hates mangos in Kuwait

    Nice way to express your feelings

  8. i dont like mango =/

  9. Daddy's Girl says:


    Don’t they have alphonsos in the states?!
    Insha2 allah kil ha cham sinna o teshbe3een minhom 😀


    a7la shay laman itlaqme6een the whole mango on ur self 😀 but i have mastered eating it with my bare hands ashwa 😉


    laish ma it7ebeenhom laish?!?!?!?


    Loool la itshayshenee o itkhalenee aroo7 ayeeb li cartoon kamil o aklah 😆


    Eee Butootee says this is the way they used to eat it when they were kids… i tried it but im usually too impatient to wait… i just wash it o bite into it … asr3!!!


    You, Atoona, and Butootee all eat it like that… and im guessing Ansam’s turtle method is the same too…


    Apparently ur not the only one 👿

    👿 👿 👿

  10. eshda3wa says:

    oh my god

    u dont understand how much i LOVE MANGOES

    i can eat up to 14 in one setting

    thats right FOURTEEEN

  11. Daddy's Girl says:

    Masha2 Allaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah

    3leech ib alf 3afya hon… 14 3ad???

    Ma tenlamain though … my next year gift to my self if i lose the weight insha2 allah 😀

  12. CrazyCatQ8 says:

    yumm will try them soon 😛

  13. Stand-Alone~ says:

    you brought back memories.. i cant wait to start seeing them here.. i can eat mango all day and all night…

    Mango doesnt mix with diet coz its high on sugar and soemthing else..

  14. This Lady says:

    yummyyyyyy!! Ambaih the memories are making my heart ache.. The 80’s were great times wallah.. :~)

  15. Daddy's Girl says:


    Ibser3a la aykhalsooon… mawsomhom wayed geseer 7safa :(


    Mo il hind igbalkom? Ishloon gabelkom?!?!!!?
    High in sugar!?? Imsecheena ma feha wayed?!?

    This Lady

    2ol lel zaman arj3 ya zman :`(

  16. nbq says:

    Well, aside from the carving squares method (mentioned by atoona), my favourite method is to get a cold mango, squeeze and massage it until it is all watery inside, then bite off a small tiny piece of its skin on the pointy side; then squeeze and suck the hell out of it like a starving newborn sucks his milk!! yummy… it’s like drinking fresh juice with mango pieces. Hasn’t anyone else here tried it?

  17. Daddy's Girl says:


    Thats my favourite method too… i roll it too before biting the black thingy off because it will release the juices from the saboona thingy

    o i can do it without one drop staining me 😀

    But it finishes very fast that way :(

  18. shamayel says:

    MMMmmMMMmmmm!! i WAaaaaaant !!
    these look so gooooddddddddddd :p hehehehe

  19. Jassom says:

    I’m sure Dathra love Alphonso Mangos.

  20. N. says:

    When I was younger I used to eat my mangoes either cut from each side into slices (turtle shell), or in half like you did. I found a new way this year (only tried it once)… I didn’t use a knife or a spoon…. I just peel the skin of one side and bite into it! I held the mango using tissues, so when its time to peel the other side, its all using the tissue. No messiness at all for me using this method! :)

    • danderma says:

      Ana i mastered the art of eating the mango without one drop of it on my face or clothes… i suck it from the button then slowly eat through the bone and the flesh 😀