A big blog and blogging rant

By | August 4, 2011

This year has been crazy busy and hectic for me and my fellow bloggers. Events, openings, tastings, new products, post requests. The emails we receive are endless, the invitations we get can very well have us fed for the entire month.

Now that Ramadan is here, endless ghabga invitations are streaming in. Companies who had never contacted us before or been in contact suddenly wants us to be part of their employee’s ghabga! Why? Beats me! We are bloggers, there is a gathering, invite them over.

I would understand it if companies we have relationships with invite us for a ghabga but suddenly getting ghabga invitations out of the blue?

Its gotten out of control. This new habba called being a blogger. What the hell distinguishes us from the rest of the people out there? That we chose to jot down our memories online? That we have fancy cameras that we click away with? What counts as a blogger now adays? A fancy expensive template and a few words here and there? Its becoming a pandemonium out there: on one hand suddenly bloggers are elevated to VIP and Celebrity status even though they are yesterday’s news in the modern technology world. Blogging is a dying art tra. On the other hand everyone wants to jump ship, everyone wants to get the benefits, be recognized, be celebrated, feel like a VIP and be invited everywhere. Can you blame them? Blogs are popping out everywhere faster than popcorn kernels on the stove.

What’s even worse is, people who don’t want to be bloggers but deem themselves eligible to gather the bloggers around to tell them what to do and what to write. I didn’t mine the Pledge we the bloggers wrote out, because all of us are bloggers and we are in the same boat. I would accept something from my fellow blogger X whome I know and respect.

I don’t however accept a total stranger whome I’ve never heard of before gathering me and my fellow bloggers up like a herd of sheep and luring us with freebies and VIP cards and status and think they can gather us around and decide to organize us. Excuse me? Who do you think you are. I am a free blogger writing in a free medium. You cannot tell me what to say, what rules to abide with, and give me a discount card and try to benefit on my back by being the umbrella gathering all the blogs around.

I am not for sale. I am Danderma, a free blogger who cannot be told what to say and what to write by anyone. I am Danderma, not a kharoof. I am Danderma, I am unique, I am different, and I am free. Just keep that in mind the next time you try to insult my intelligence and freedom.

You are not kherfan either by the way. Everyone 3aqlah ib rasah o ya3ref khala9ah. Today we are bloggers and hailed for god knows what achievement we made. Tomorrow, maybe next year, o one will care if you are a blogger or not. Do you think this treatment will last? Do you think in five years time you would still be celebrated? I give it a year, if next year you get invited to any of the hoopla unnecessary ghabga’s you would be lucky.

Don’t over inflate your ego. Don’t make your self a kharoof embaa3 either. Think about it OK?

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  1. FourMe says:

    I’m the last of those ‘blog ranters’ out there. I flick thru blogs n all i see is buy this, buy that. La wil mo9eeba all post about it in the same day. Lo3at chabd much?
    I miss the olden blogs where everyone literally yaghslon chbodhom in their posts. Waaay wla habat ‘i wore this’ yakhtich shm9awra?? Khlajeen! Kilich 3ala ba3thich s7aila, wainich o wain elfashionistas..

    Dande tara feeni ba3ad t7l6om!
    Agoolich 3ad, blogging is failing BIG time, YES it is your own free space o kaifhom bs 3afya have some spark in u! Mo araf el copy cats.

    • danderma says:

      Te7al6emay yakhtich betich o mokanich… I won’t mind a review if I try something but it annoys me sometimes laman ykon 60 alf wa7ed emsawee review. Inama kil min ga3ed o yesawee tajamo3at 3la keifah… 9erna the leauge of extraordinary men!

      • Reem says:

        Awal shay ma y9er etgolen 3n enas 5rfan Ana motabe3a 7g a’3lb ilblogat oo isocial media event Bs elly ga3den ysawoona a’3lb ilblogat nfs ishay , wala Mara sheft a7d 3azmkom oo ktbtaw 3na Shay mo zain kla tmd7onhom y3ne ehma ga3den yt7kmon eb6arega ‘3air mobashra !! Ana adree 3N mno ga3da ttklmeen to be fair ehma ma galaw ena b3lmon ilblogger yshloon yktboon kl elly galoo ina fe b3’9 elmdwneen yktb very bad review fa ydsh fe mosa2la ganoneya ehma b3lmoonch eshloon ma ttrtakben hal a56a2 .
        Oo e7na ebshahar erm’9an t2kdee mn klamch gbl la tanshreena

        • danderma says:

          7bebtee mo entay ele yaya et3almene ana shino akteb o shino ele met2akda minah or mo met2akda minah. Ana mit2akda min kalame o adry ana shino ga3da akteb. Ermothan wella ‘3air ermothan. fa law sama7tay isloob 7ewar arqa min chithee, geltay 3ni chathaba ella shwaya.

          O ykon b3elmich mo kil shay ensaweelah review. Fe ashya2 bad ma nyeeb 6areha. Just so you know.
          ana ma gelt enhom kherfan. Ana gelt la en9eer mithil el kherfan namshi bedoon tafkeer. O b3dain in the end intay blogger? Etha el bloggers ma a3tarthaw intay shako eb 9ara7a?

      • doona says:

        I HEAR YOU GIRLS!!!

        i miss bloggers who just write!! tathkeroon ayam awal lama we all knew each other and what we were all about and who was doing what and going through what?? ayyam lma kina nt7al6am and we bitch and whine…and after everything we check up on each other? i really really really miss those days :(

        those were the golden days of blogging :)

        now its all reviews reviews reviews reviews reviews….and when youre done with that, its even MORE reviews. that is one of the main reasons i barely read blogs anymore. there are no more bloggers….just plenty of reviewers and “critics”, though i dont see much criticism bl mawthoo3 ;p

        i was contacted only by very few people and still i apologized because i REFUSE to become one of those review blogs.

        having said all that, i do admit that i am kinda curious to know what the hype is about. so lets see what this ghabga thingie is all about.

        • danderma says:

          Ee ana mani fahma what the hype is all about either. Don’t get me wrong I enjoy trying out new things but em9ahkat el salfa… what would I try in a strange company’s ghabga? The food they chose to cater for? Ana shako?

      • doona says:

        did wordpress just eat my comment???? I WILL KILL IT IF IT DID!!!

  2. Newq8bride says:

    Let me tell you something people are taking the blogging as a career ! All what they want is money , by adds , and other stuff , blogs are suppose to be you , what you like to write and what you like to do .

    Ana 3mree ma7ad 3azmne 3ala Shay , o some bloggers ma kamalw one year they’ve been invited o looyah o they like it .

    I believe mako rules , elee yabee yn3zm o yroo7 events keefa , wellee ma yabe ham Keeefah , for me Hal ayaam , I want to be invited , I want to go to gatherings or what ever but that doesn’t make me khroof !!! Because I want to do it :)

    Ana a7es kil shakh9 3ala ra7taa wellaa shryech ?

    • danderma says:

      Ana mo ga3da agool inah ma nabi nen3ezem. Bs ako ashya2 that makes sense o ako ashya2 that doesn’t make sense at all.
      B3dain mo 3la bu inah ana abi an3ezem o akoon themn majmoo3a asma7 7g a7ad, ayan kan, yamlee 3lay shino akteb o agool! Mo tharoory… ana aroo7 event eb kaifi o akteb eb kaifi ee… ana aroo7 3shan yt7kmoon fenee la2

  3. Elegant Chic says:

    For companies, it’s ‘FREE’ publicity… but that doesn’t mean they can order you around so as what to pen down.

  4. Yousef says:

    we were invited to everything out there, even before the whole thing got out of hand and amount of blogs exceeded the amounts of its readers.
    We didn’t like the idea of meeting people we don’t know, me and Mishary, and being introduced as the guys behind SOMEcontrast. We just didn’t like the kind of weird attention bloggers got, and you know what we did? We stayed put. We ignored all the mass sent emails, invitations, and all the other nonsense we received either through emails or invitations sent to our homes.

    We weren’t in it to get known. That was more of a something we had to put through a9lan. To us it was a burden to go out as bloggers and we did everything to minimize and avoid those kind of events. 3aks many of the current bloggers. Even back then we would joke about the bloggers who would eterazezon terezez ibkil monasaba.

    • danderma says:

      Wallah 7safa 3lekom you guys :(
      Bs em9akhat elsalfa… y3ni awadm ma a3rfhom wala y3rfoone wala baini o bainhom ay 3elaqa ydazezoon le invitation for ghabgat. OK I understand invitation for opening a store, a new restaurant OK something we can see and try.

      Bs y3ni ghabgat nass mali 3laqa fehom laish aroo7? A ghabga is a very private thing tara laish akawed feha nass ma a3arefhom? Mahe el jrayed ib takteb 3nhom…
      o el model el ydeed ele ta3alaw lee 3ndena o sajlaw 3shan n36ekom kha9om card o ingolokom la tgolon keet o keet… 3afwan inta shako?

  5. Nunu-San says:

    First of all, you need to calm down hun :*
    You can just simply let them know that you don’t do that with “strangers” and thank them for the invitation. its as simple as that 3shan you don’t get more of these kinds of invitations.

    Anyhoo, just wanted to let you know I’m back to blogging just as before, so you can add me to your blogroll (^.^)

    hugs and kisses.

    • danderma says:

      You are back :***

      Its not about the invitations. I usually ignore the unnecessary ones and apologize to the polite ones that makes sense. Its about the entire hoopla. So I have a blog so what. O b3dain?

  6. Blush says:

    What is the harm in getting invited? You bloggers even receive gifts in all different way’s so you post about so and so company so in return they are getting recognized by your increasing readers about them or about their new products coming up.
    Getting invitation for ghabga and other invitations is the point so you bloggers post about them later on. Advertisements through electronic media is increasing tremendously, paper advertisement are slowly fading out.
    If you receive invitation for what so ever reason it means that you are a strong blogger people believe in and that you have huge number of readers. Technology, social media and internet marketing is on the peek. Each day is different from the day passed by that is why previous year was different from this year.
    Since you are a blogger you need to enjoy everything about it. What and where is the harm in getting invitations?
    I love your blog and keep following it.

    • danderma says:

      No no you don’t get my point.
      I don’t mind invitations that makes sense.
      I mind invitations to private gatherings of people I don’t know. So I went to ghabga of company X or of ghathering Y. I know no one, there is no previous knowledge between us, now why would I be invited? SO I can say on my blog I went to their ghabga? Shako?
      also i do not appreciate being herded to be controlled. Period.

      • Blush says:

        My bad. I was wondering all this time why would anyone have a problem with invitations. Yes you are rite! Why go to private people ghabga, you will feel so awkward. That is very strange. I misunderstood sweety :(.

  7. Miyafushi says:

    Kaffo wallah!! You tell em!

  8. expataussiegal says:

    I agree totally and commend you on your stand. I am so sick of reading “I was invited here” & ” I received … ” followed by a positive review. Freebies, freebies, freebies, while the rest of us common people have to book and pay. However, I guess any publicity works for these companies .

  9. Farah says:

    I will probably get a lot of criticism for my comment seeing that most commenters are siding with you. However it is my honest opinion as I do not agree with the way you have approached this matter. Social media marketing is not that new however in the context of the Arab world the opposite can be said. To be more specific, the boom we are witnessing of social media marketing in Kuwait can be dated back to a year at most. People have still a lot to learn about the strategies and methods to fully and properly take advantage of it. And along the way learn about the ethics and etiquette. You cannot fully blame the businesses that are approaching you and here is why: by adding ads and attending several events with a following write-up/review you are presenting your blog and yourself as someone open to do such things. You are complaining about the lack of professionalism yet your blog lacks a media/ad section containing information as number of views, demographic, the business types which would most benefit from your blog and the kind of businesses that you would be happy to work with, etc. Not every business has a social media manager, when people can read this info clearly on your website with a set of rules of what you can and cannot do,you will save yourself the need to rant and unwanted connections. Your blog, your rules as long as they are presented somewhere. On the other hand, there should always be transparency and full disclosure of paid reviews, affiliate marketing links, free gifts, etc

    Also, you seem upset that everyone wants to get the benefits and feel like a VIP by starting a blog. Not long ago you were less than happy when you weren’t invited to the Shake Shack opening and followed it with a negative statement. Many must have felt the same when you were invited to other events and they were left out. There is space for everyone and anyone putting effort in a blog reserves the right to wish for some recognition. Those blogs not up to the standards will filter themselves out on their own. You generally sound like a nice person but this whole rant has a bit of entitlement in it. You shouldn’t forget the opportunities that have come your way through your blog.

    I hope my long comment doesn’t come off the wrong way. Good luck to you !

    • danderma says:

      First of all I wasn’t unhappy I was not invited to the Shake Shack opening. I posted a disgruntled post because we were told it was open to the public and when we went it was by invitation only. There is a big difference between wanting to be invited and going under the impression of being open only to find that is was an incorrect invitation.

      Second of all my blog is not a business. Period.

      I don’t need anyone to side with me, this is not a debate. This is my blog, my diary, I am free to complain and jot down my inner feels and struggles. I had a thought, something that was suffocating me. I did already lay rules in my blog for being contacted and approached, do you think anyone listens? Do you think anyone even takes a hint? Nope.

  10. Lama says:

    I really miss your old posts.

  11. Rembie says:

    Very True Words , Agreed .

  12. Shopgirl says:

    May I say that I LOVE ur personality and the way u express ur opinion ..ure unique and u should be proud of itself! What makes ur blog special to meis that u state ur opinion straight and blunt and that is exactly what we need!keep up the good work and ur on the right track girl!!, you go girl:)

  13. Thetime says:

    “I am not for sale. I am Danderma, a free blogger who cannot be told what to say and what to write by anyone. I am Danderma, not a kharoof. I am Danderma, I am unique, I am different, and I am free. Just keep that in mind the next time you try to insult my intelligence and freedom.”

    I have never seen such hypocrisy in any blog. So your sponsor did not make you sign a contract not allowing you to write about their competitors? aren’t you paid for that?

    You talk about intelligence as if your readers are rocket scientists. Most of your readers are friends and teenage girls. They will believe everything you say. At the end you will not “blog” everything about your life and blog.

    I can sit here comparing this post with your tweets and older posts to prove to you how hypocrite this post is ! However, no matter what I say you will say I am Danderma, I am not a kharoof.

    • danderma says:

      wow how empty your life must be to keep track of my previous posts and tweets and still come back to prove my hypocrisy? Don’t you have anything better to do that busy your self with a 2 faced hypocrite like moi? and wow keeping track of my ad sponsors and what they say I am allowed to write about or not? Especially since I presume you are neither my friend nor a teenage girl? Obsessed much?

      You should have opened your eyes and read carefully where and why that line was said. Its not my fault you mix papers up and don’t know how to read

    • Jasem says:

      Totally agree with TheTime comment.
      I wonder who was acting like a celebrity when she had a book signing !!!!!!
      Alot of ur readers know that u do post & recommend stuff that u don’t believe or didn’t try just to market some sort of product or a company coz the same article can be found in other blogs & u show ur self as an honest free blogger!!!!!! Come on plz

      And by the way ur reply to ur readers comment is soooo horrible, ur so full of ur self.

      • danderma says:

        Shako acting like a celebrity with my book 3la my posts ele with other bloggers. Shel salfa? Law sm7t lazim it3rf elfarg been being invited to try something and writing what you think about it and being asked to write about it. Things I don’t believe in… 7athretik dash dakhel mokhi?
        Yes I am full of my self. Na3am? shelma6loob?

  14. swera says:

    it was interesting reading people’s comments n ur reply to them :)

    and i get your point.

  15. Your blog can be whatever you want it to be. It’s your space and only you can set the rules.
    You can’t say that your blog is not a business while there are numerous banner ads on your page. You are contradicting yourself.

    • danderma says:

      What defines a business? A website can have ads, that doesn’t mean its a business. I don’t see it that way. If I do not see it that way then I am not contradicting my self. If I am contradicting your definition of a business that’s your problem not mine. I have no time nor the need to justify my definition of a business to you. Period.

  16. Newq8bride says:

    Ooh I just understand your point , akeed no one is going to any invitations of people they don’t know , bas walah etha kanat el invitation from a company or restaurants , for me I will go walah .

    Dear don’t get mad people ma y3jbhom Shay kil wa7ed ysawee elee y3jbaa

    Mathalan H&M ydzoon le akhbar but any news about kids or men fashion ma a7e6ha cuz I am not interested

    Shftay shloon ? Elwa7ed bkeefah 9a7 ??

    • danderma says:

      Kefich 6b3an. Fe nass tabi et7o6 fe nass ma tertha at7e6. Kil wa7ed 7orr!
      Fahamtay qa9dee el7een :)

  17. Summer says:

    I personally didn’t start blogging until two years ago. In that short time I noticed what you’re saying. It used to be different. No one really cared about blogs. They were like any other website on the internet. Now, it’s more like whether or not you belong to a certain group or how fancy the blog looks. I know a lot of bloggers that deserve the attention, but aren’t getting it. Even if that attention can be undesirable sometimes. The appreciation is needed.


    • danderma says:

      I agree. Some bloggers work really hard on their blogs yet they go unnoticed even though their topics are unique and loaded with character.

  18. mariam says:

    awal ma gareet radech 3la enas gelt akeed ur account was hacked !
    ll7en many em9adga ena enty elly rada 3la ilcomment !

    • danderma says:

      La ana ele rada 3lehom. Every single one. I have no tolerance for people who skim the post lines with a set idea in their mind and read what they want to read then throw trash my way.

  19. Nora says:

    Hi Danderma, I hope what I’m about to say doesn’t come off wrong. I think a blog is the person’s free space he/she do whatever they want with it. You explained that you don’t like getting invited from complete strangers, but it’s ok to get invited from places you’re familiar with and review them, While somecontrast mentioned above that he didn’t accept any invitation what so ever. So each blogger has different principals and styles, some bloggers are very original what you read in their blog you can’t read anywhere else (like your London posts, I loved them and wrote the places you mentioned down for my visits to London) and others are very similar you a read a review or a coverage of the same event over and over again and some are PLAIN yellow pages with ads filling up their blog :) Personally, I don’t mind any of that, I benefit from all. Versatility is good:)

    • danderma says:

      Nothing wrong at all with what you said. You are respectful and you stated what you want to say without an agenda. I suppose you are right. Its the ridiculousness of total strangers asking us to attend ghabga’s is what’s making me wonder why! Why are we so important that we must bestow upon them our presence.

      Thank you for reading well. I appreciate your comment dearly :)

  20. Abdul-Aziz says:

    i totally agree with u in regard of the various amount of ghabga’s invitations we r receiving, it’s constraining our daily life, i know. the thing is that companies just started to notice the importance of blogs in directing the media path. So we can’t blame them, we have to just apologize & that’s it. Blogs trends r becoming bigger & bigger and only god knows when this inflation will come to an end.