Tell me where to go!??!?!??!

By | April 3, 2009



Lunch Places List: Pizza Rustica, Rice, Dean & Deluca, Saso Lounge


What else?



and Saturday equals a FREEEEE DAAAAAAY

I am entitled a free lunch tommorow but im not craving anything :`(

Any suggestions?!?!?!??!?! Madry wain aroo7 :`( 

So i want to eat out. Sit down. Good view. Good healthish food -no junk-… and have fun… Also… what do i have for dessert afterwards??

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  1. Gee says:

    Gaucho Grill o enti mghamtha

  2. youre not craving anything??



    well theres this italian place eb marina waves il tetto wayed ymd7oona =)

  3. Yara says:

    Did you ever try Q cafe? last saturday i had lunch there with my husband… mako a7ad bil cafe just us! Loved their chicken caesar salad.. their food is good so is their atmosphere.. its near soug sharg dasman, jaber ilmbarak street, alshroug tower opposite dasman complex.. o right next to it is saso retolounge, it also has great food… check out their menu’s on

  4. Fawaz says:

    fish market…near kuwait towers

  5. Amy says:

    Go to dean & deluca at the avenues. I’m on a diet like you so yes the food there is amazing and healthy. My favs are tuna sandwich and the roast beef sandwich.

    Good luck!

  6. Amy says:

    Try Dean & Deluca in the Avenues you’ll love it just like me <3

  7. CrazyCatQ8 says:

    Sasoo .. Maki .. ummm choco bar LOOOL 😉

  8. eleventhst says:

    hmmm lemme see what i’m craving or what to try out from kuwait:

    the new Rice resturant?
    Pizza Rustica! mmm abii pizza!
    hmm…i also heard iltetto is good too!

  9. Daddy's Girl says:


    Lool good choice but im a vegeterian 😉 nothing much on the menu for me to eat


    Laa laaa arjooch la ityebeen lee 6ari il tetto yoboooy
    read my experience here


    Still im7arbetich… but mo lel abad…
    I tried Q cafe before did not like their food… while Saso’s food is good… it goes on the list…


    I do not eat fish… not since the last time i ate mayd fish in the 1980’s :(
    any where else?


    I love dean and deluca… though i love thier breakfast more than lunch… hmmm
    maybe i will do it a brunch!!!

    Definetly going on the list…


    Saso on the list
    o waaaaaaaaaaayed 3jbni Chocolate baaaaaaar 3jbneeeeeeee
    Though i like the inverted vegeterian sushi’s (rice out sea weed in)… wya some edamame… but not real tefeqfeq thing…

    Hmmmm Chocolate bar DeFINETLY on top of the list… chini i will skip lunch all together o go to Choco Bar!!!!


    Rice… Rozz imfalfal or 3aish bajela o shbent? Nice walla wa7ed yathreb bel khams…

    Or pizza rustica wedi ajarbah but i got mixed reviews about it…

    iL Tetto?!?!?!?

    Read my horrible experiencehere

    So rice o Pizza Rustica both go on the list now…

  10. Ansam says:

    I dont like Saso :-( and you want healthy! Hmmmm
    I liked rice and rustica, but not sure how “healthy” they are LOL

  11. eshda3wa says:

    my cousin told me about this italian place eb Burg nasser beldeera

    its on the 17th floor, says the view is amazing, o the food was good.
    bs i didnt try it so i cant vouch for it.

    and why not peacock?!
    the food is AMAZING
    bs no view

    and dessert u can always eat min crumbs ..or chocolat cheesecake lornzo!

  12. Daddy's Girl says:


    Shaklee walla baroo7 soob Rice o Rustica o ashoof ile ma 3ndah za7ma bg3ad 3ndah… then Choco bar…

    Loool mu shar6 healthy healthy… but y3ni mo theqeel ma yenwekel o junk like fast food 😀


    Ma abi a’3amer o ajarbah o y6l3 maqlab :(

    B3dain faj2a min bain kil il italians items on their menu u find “texas chicken sandwich” madry shako!?!? ishwaya 3asabt 3lehom

    Peacock rasmi o mako view :(
    But china 3ndohom a new indian place? sam3een a7ad ra7lah?!

    mmmmm the little tiny muffin on a stick from crumbs 😀

    bs ma a7eb ill cheese cake yobooooy… concept of cheese and cake doesn’t go along with me. With exception of Cheese Cake Factory… i would take a bite or two bs 😀

  13. eshda3wa says:

    tadreen caribu r getting cakes from cheesecake factory !

    another temptation im gna have to fight on a daily basis

  14. dandoon says:

    speaking of cheese cake factory, its available now in caribou cafe! bas tara majarabta fa madri itha it tastes “fresh” or not..

  15. zuz says:

    altasimo burj el nassar