Ishta Soufleé, Life with Cacao’s August Highlight

eSikhawini By | August 8, 2011


lollingly Last food post of the day :p One day in the beginning of Ramadan the door bell had rung and a lovely package was dropped off with my name on it.

The box came with a card with my name on it.

The box contained Ishta Soufleé, the August highlight of Life with Cacao. It is described of a layer of ishta cream topped with a crust of basboosa by Fahad Al-Fahad, the owner of the homemade business Lgaima Sweets.

The Ishta Soufleé had a very ramadanisque feel to it, just the perfect new dessert to try on the start of Ramadan. I heated it in the microwave and tasted it at once.

I prepared my coffee and sat down to take a bite.

How was it? Well the Basboosa was good, the Ishta was good. Together they were in harmony. Yet its not something very new. I’ve had basboosa with Ishta before. I guess its the presentation and way of cooking that is different in this dessert. But then it is good to have a familiar dessert in the menu during Ramadan.

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