New Rules for Contact Page

Rutherglen By | August 10, 2011

Sīkar My contact page has been updated with the following rules. I am still thinking of adding more rules but my head is in another cloud and I don’t seem to be able think much. I am sorry but I will not reply to any email or inquiry that doesn’t fit those rules.

Though I appreciate your input I would have to ask you to please not send me

  1. Press releases. Period. An exception is if there is a good cause or a charity involved.
  2. Requests to post something in exchange of money. 3aib. You can use al wasee6 for that.
  3. Scandals and other news of related nature.  I will not post about that either.
  4. Questions on how to get your blog rated by Alexa. Just post and they’ll add you!

2 Responses to “New Rules for Contact Page”

  1. Well i advice u to add a Disclaimer paragraph.