Danderma the Sniper ;)

Zeralda By | August 18, 2011

Colonia Mariano Roque Alonso

Be afraid, be very afraid, for I have taken a liking to big and heavy rifles, bullets, and the smell of bullet smoke or powder or whatever that comes out of it!

Last week the amazing Anony & Zowey called me up saying they have a surprise for me. Just be ready and bring your camera! I couldn’t wait for my surprise of course and I had a million scenarios in mind. When I got into their car and they drove me towards the shooting range I was super excited! At last I will get to try shooting! They have decided to take me there since its on my list of birthday wishes 😉

I must be the last one in Kuwait to to go to the shooting range so everyone is probably already familiar with the place. I however want to document my surprise! So first they took our civil id’s then we went downstairs and had to fill our information in a form.

The girls had tried the smallest bullet before. Not me. I  said I wanted to try rifles and not little guns. I wanted big fat bullets. So we choose three big rifles and the girls paid for them 😀

We went to the shooting range which had this warning on the door.

Thag kholgi awal shay but the instructors we had said it was OK to take pictures. They were very funny and helpful as well 😀

We grabbed out ear muffs and the rifles we brought out and loaded with bullets.

A little guidance and Voila! I was on fire 😉  See how far the targets were?

My favorite rifle was the one below… the one that didn’t need reloading. It was also the strongest. The moment you fire and the smell of burning smoke hits your nostrils… ya salaam!

Guess what? I got a bull’s eye!

Nice mo? Not bad for a beginner!

Even though I was mocked and nicknamed Rambo for the rest of the night I didn’t mind at all. I happen to love Rambo and Rocky and they are my two favorite movies. Also learning to shoot is an Islamic teaching y3ni fa I was kinda doing something Islamic in Ramadan 😉

I also found a store that sells rifles later on that night in Kuwait city! Now if that is not a sign I don’t know what it is. I love shooting. I will go back insha2 Allah and practice some more until I am allowed to buy my own rifle. I want to keep it with me to protect me. Ma tadroon b3d the guys up north ga3deen yargeloon hal yomain. At least we learn self defense.

Thank you girls, Anony & Zowey, for the lovely and amazing surprise :* You truly made my day <3

12 Responses to “Danderma the Sniper ;)”

  1. noon says:

    oooh, thakarteeni! i went there once and they gave me a bullet for my necklace! i have to find my paper victim picture and share it !

  2. Jacqui says:

    Wain your rifle 3an Miro! Chan yebteeh weyach bl dewaniya o remaiteeeeha 😛 Hehehe

    Btw ana lal7en ma re7t el shooting range ma3a ena eb kha6ry wayed ena aro7 :(

    • danderma says:

      Et9adgeen yabeelah 7g bacher!
      Awadeech afa 3leech bs 3ogob el 3eed 😀 My treat…

  3. swera says:

    shalla5tay obo elli yabah, maboga mokan mafi bullet 😛

    7adda eb 5a6ry! na6ra ba3li ewadini :)

  4. Pink GirL Q8 says:

    wanasaaaa abeeeee
    walla 5osh 9weba mshallah 3lech :)

  5. Summer says:

    I’ve been there a few years ago except I tried the smaller guns!! It’s not as easy as it looks like in movies! but I got bull eyes too!

    • danderma says:

      That’s great ! eee In movies they shoot like its a piece of cake! The thing is heavy and when it fires your body lurches back!

  6. LOOOOOOOOOL yaaah yaaaaaaah!!!! loved the pic!!!! ;**