The Two Monkeys I saw in Chocolate Bar…

Attili By | April 6, 2009

Palani image060 We ran away from Rice as fast as we could on Saturday… and we decided to cool off by indulging ourself in… CHOCOLATE BAR!

It was a free day after all!!! Mo?


Anyways… it was still early… 3 somthingish… we stroll into Chocolate Bar asking for a table next to the window… i love the one in the corner of the two windows in the back… yet the one next to it was available so we are told to go ahead…


me and butootee, side by side walk towards the table… images of the yummy chocolate cup im about to order are flying infront of my eyes when suddenly…




Two monkeys infront of us!!!


Of course they are not real monkeys. o i know it is not correct to call people names… ana mo ga3da a3ayeb 3la khelgat allah. Lakin… if u had seen those two girls and what they did, you will call them something else. I cannot call them that… so i will kindly settle for monkeys!!!


The two munchkins were sitting side by side, wearing 7ejab bu angles ilee masmooooot 7eeel across their forehead it looks like a straight line from the folds of an envelope… they were veeeeery thin, they were younger than me (early 20’s), they were wearing bright red and maroon lipstick that doesnt really match their very tan skin shade…


and they were eyeing my poor husband in the dirtiest lusty look i have every seen in my whole life!!!


You know the look when a man undresses a woman with his eyes? That kind of dirty look i have never seen before on a woman?


These two MONKEYS had it in their eyes… their eyes oogling… their mouthes open… regardless of the tall goat walking beside her husband…


I give them a look, straight in their eyes… i can see them u know?


They both look me, straight in the eyes ib kil il waqa7a il available bel denya, as in, yeah we are watching him ishtabeen? Then they keep gazing lustfully at him while he pulls a chair and sits down, i stand a bit back, still looking at those two monkeys, and say to them loudly… “i want to see akhrat il khazza maltkom shino????”


Of course they do not reply…. they are too busy looking at my husand…


Come ON!


Ok so he is a little bit more handsome than the average Q8y man. Nothing like Enrique or Ricky Martin or whomever Hunk out there.. But HE IS NOT THAT HANDSOME Y3ni!!!!


O yes he is more handsome than me… i have seen -and heard- many people before wondering ishyabee feeha hal jaikara????


Fa had those two monkeys been beautiful, i would have forgiven them and let them be… after all… some pretty girls think  to themselves that she has the exclusive access rights to handsome men and less pretty ones are mere insects who do not deserve a 2nd look from a handsome guy…


But those two monkeys?! Jyakeeeeeeeeeeeer!

Jyaker Jyaker Jyaker a3yez o agolokokm Jyaker!!!! Y3ni ana a7la minhom 50,000000000 marrraaaaaaa!!!! Fa 3la shino yal 3oya intay wyaha hal khazz il qabee7 il wasekh o hal theqaaaa


Min ayna lakonnaaa hatheeheee il theeqaaaaaaaaaaaaaa


Este7aw 3la wyoohkom? Lo obokom terthoon 3leeh? Lo ryayelkom terthoon 3lehom?!??! La 6b3an…


Intay wyaha yal monkeys taboon rayel?!


Bedal la it.hobeeen bel sekeeek itkhozreen ryayel il awadem ib kil qathara o waqa7a ro7ay doray wyaa omich min isteqbal leen isteqbal… chood wa7da min hal 7reem takh6ebich 7g waladha!!! Ma tabeen? 6gaaag ilee ye6egech lakin la ityeen it3eleeen 3lay ana o rayleee!!! Nagsetikom ana mo?!


3aib 3lekom!!! 3aib!!!! shino hal nathra il qathra?!?!?!?!? Ma7ad bey6el ibwayhich aslan 3la hal nathra il qathra ilaaaaa ile baye3 o imwaleee…


O la7ad yegolee laish 6al3a min betkom!? 3yal in7ebes bel bait?!!??! laish hal ashkal te6l3 o tetwanas o takil kakaw ib choco bar o ana an7ebs bel bait!?!??!?!?


We sat… they would not take their eyes of him… leen darajat inah 3yonah gamat itdame3 o burn him maskeen… sarakh ib wyohom “shino hathaaa? Ma it3rfoon tazkoroon allah?” …. o ohom wala bel baaaaaaaaaaal… still staring…


Fa we changed our table… in7eshna minhom!!!!


B3dain 3ad Faqfaqnaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa bel kakaaaaaaaaaaaw Laaaaaaaain gelna bs 😀


O il khedmaaaaaaaaaaaaa 3ajeeeeeeeeeeeba


though busy?! Though a million tables?


Ila inah every one was served promptly!!!


O i was 3/4  happy….

23 Responses to “The Two Monkeys I saw in Chocolate Bar…”

  1. Ansam says:

    who ever said jaikara 3annich ma 3inda nethar!! Hatha awalan.. thaneyan cheba7 ashkal! Sij monkeys and they should be locked up in cages in the zoo! ge6ee3a!!

  2. nbq says:

    I was @ the avenues around the same time with the wife and kids for lunch…. we checked out Magic Planet as well.

    Was that you sitting near the IKEA men’s musallah waiting?

  3. Zabo0o6a says:

    Yeah halshewathy wayed zaydeen halyoumain , allah yahdeehum bs !
    Bagoolej shay bs la t6geeni , ga3da agra elpost o 6ool elwagt afaker shino 3ad 6lebat men choc. bar :Pp
    O what you got simply hits the spot !

  4. Najla says:

    Bil 3ax, il mafrooth tistansain ina i6al3un rayich! Chan 7araiteehum oo gemtay itidal3ain 3alaih? 😛 Nas matisti7i, madre wain ahalhum 3anhum!Yama bitshoofeen 9adgeenee!!! Ikhthay w khalay and enjoy yourself!

  5. iraqiyia says:

    tedreen hay yemkim bekol dowlaa ako heechy namathej teyabes el gloob :S
    walla ma adry sheno hal jor2a el 3ajeeba 3al banat..sarat wiyaya heechy mawaqef, bes walla asteghreb..any esta7y men khayali o heechy shkoolaat bay3a el awal o el taly !!

    Allah yeb3ed 3ana o 3ankom awlaad el 7aram :) im glad you liked the icecream 😀

  6. it breaks my heart to see what this country is coming down to wallah =\

    which is exactly the same comment i said when i read this post:

  7. newbride says:

    looooool waaaay amot 3alaa sawalfich walah . ambeeh 9ij ashkaal el monkyes looooooooool

    entay 7lwaa o khlaaaa9 malich shgel feehom

  8. Ambay ! They were doing it on purpose ! ! !

    Allah yhadehom insha Allah.

  9. eshda3wa says:

    3/4 is pretty good

    ooo yah yah yah

    boltooot 6ala3 moo hayen!

    yam3awda egray 3alaih lay9eer feeh shay min e3yoonhum

  10. Q80 BOY says:

    omg, wtf is wrong with these monkeys?? If i were u, i would have went to their table (with bu tottee), sat down and stared back, maybe even ask the waiter for a spoon and start eating from their deserts, that would have made them freak out and never do it again!! where do they get this confidence?? is there a shop in the avenues selling confidence??? when will they learn some manners?? btw glad u had fun at the end and didnt let these monkeys ruin ur free day!

  11. zuz says:

    3ama eb3ain ebleeshom:S!! qellat adaaab!!! bel3afiaa lool , i dont belive in free days though;p, la2any akfer kofer mo 6abe3y :S

  12. Daddy's Girl says:


    Thanx 7beebty walla 3yonich il 7elwa :*

    bs it’s true i am more on the jaikar side…
    Ge6e3a min ge6e3a… 7eta il monkey yestankefoon yetshabehoon fehom!!!!


    I usually take my spot by the IKEA prayer room while Butootee prays but on Saturday we were actually just settling in our new table when it was time to pray… fa no i guess not…

    I like the Magic Planet though…


    LoooL 3alam thanee intay :p
    Mo 7a6ait el first part of the order in the begining ??? Bs sej spot on for food deprived people 😀


    Itsadgeen ur method works but ana a3rf nasfee a3saaaaaab o ma a3rf asawee chithee :(


    Ameeen ya rab!!!
    It was not only an ice cream it is a chocolate cup with little bits of crunchy stuff o melted chocho topped by the ice cream 😀


    Mo moshkila ma tadreen shino yaboon???? bel thab6 shino ma tadreen? Rayel? Floos? Wealth? shino ilee ye6afee hal ynoon ile fehom?!?!?!?


    Loool b3d 3mry 3yoonich il 7elwa :******

    Delicately Realistic

    It.hagayn on purpose 3shan ye7eronee???


    Ibroo7ah magrood imtafakh min il 7sasyea
    Lo itshofeen 3ad rasah mankoosh o sha3rah imnataf chinnah dyaya imnatefa laho feeh sha3ar walaho imsale3 yet nos nos o ma yertha yemash6a b3d!!!

    3yal lo labis o met2antik o lo yertha ye7e6 gel chan ishsaar???

    Q80 Boy

    LoooL tabenee ag3ad wyahom?!?!?!?!?
    Ay freak out hathola ma yeste7oon cham ymkin ye6egon isb3 !!!

    Itsadeg… ur right… i think there must be some where in Q8 that sells confidence!!! Well Said!!!!


    Allah ye3afeech hon..

    Ana 3adatan min asawee free day aseer maynoona… but this time i first made it for lunch. Not much of a breakfast… o by the time ur done lunching o desserting ur soooo full u cannot eat until dinner 😀

    Try it and see

  13. shoosha says:

    yemken 9amkheen ma yesme3ooon ;p
    7aaraam thalamteehum ;p

  14. Daddy's Girl says:


    Mecheenaa thalamnayhaaaaay :p

    Honey r u a chicken nugget?

    Samkheen?!?!??! Semkhan 7bebty mo samkheeen LOOOOOOL

    Sej sej tha7aktenee LoooL

  15. Abdullah says:

    oh my god ? what is this ??

    #1 why the hell are you comparing yourself to them ?

    #2 never say that your have a less of a perfect look.

    #3 never compare yourself to your husband.

    #4 DO not explain yourself to anyone.

    #5 If anyone does this to you, you better give them the 411 on how to B slap ok ?

    #6 They think having a husband is a luxury dont they ? they do not understand the hard work that comes with it ?

    #7 I understand and feel the pain your eye had to go through looking at un matched facial colors with rouge and red fugly-ness.

    Welcome me to your blog, i love it. HAH !

  16. FourMe says:

    Nas may3arfoon el3aib wla el7aya 7asby alah 3alaihom! this new generation is really bad alah yahdehom :/

  17. eleventhst says:

    I hate people like that! No respect at all!
    At least your dessert looked good!

  18. Seattle Dude says:

    ya7leelhom el little bishes!

    walla lo ana minich ow fee shabab esawoon chethee walla et9ik hosha!

  19. q80thug says:

    “” Ok so he is a little bit more handsome than the average Q8y man. Nothing like Enrique or Ricky Martin or whomever Hunk out there.. But HE IS NOT THAT HANDSOME Y3ni!!!! “”

    هاهاهاهاها. قاعد اتخيل زوجك اذا قرا هل جملة

  20. Daddy's Girl says:


    You are very very welcome 😀

    Im trying to analyze them ashoof what right to they think they have to feel so superiour and give him that kind of look y3ni…

    and ur so right… marriage is not a picnic!!! apparenly some girls think it is just a paper to be signed and a party… and BAM high divorce rate!!! Marriage has so many hardships!!!!


    Ee madry shino hal generation!!!! Allah yaster min the generation they will produce!!!


    and Tastes even better than it looked 😀 YUM

    Seattle Dude

    Lo wa7da thanya ma tamsik a3sabha chan ikfakhat.hom easily ib akbar ma 3ndaha tra… qellat adab!!!


    Actually he did read it bs ma gal shay i7leew maskeen 😀

  21. eshda3wa says:

    law y76 gel chan gamaw ekh6ofoooh wintay ga3da !

    latkhaleena y76 gel

    khaleeh kisha a7san

  22. intlxpatr says:

    They were just RUDE! I agree with Abdullah – don’t compare yourself – not to them, not to your husband – you are unique, and special, and what you and Bu Tootie have created in your marriage is also unique and special. Their boldness, their crude rudeness – love it that you moved away. It’s best, just move away from ill-mannered boors.

  23. q80thug says:

    “” Actually he did read it bs ma gal shay i7leew maskeen “”

    Husband, if you are reading this then all i have to say is :