My new toy The Canon Eos Macro Lens By | September 11, 2011

gabapentin purchase online uk I’ve been wanting to buy myself a Macro lens for my Canon Eos for a long time. But I was a bit skeptic as I thought to myself I had nothing much to shoot let alone any photography experience. Two days ago I couldn’t resist the urge to buy it anymore so I did! Is it worth it? Check out the pictures below and judge for yourselves, I didn’t do anything but shoot with the new lens, bs!


12 Responses to “My new toy The Canon Eos Macro Lens”

  1. iMaGiNaTiON says:

    It’s so amazing , I should consider buying one for myself. Congratulations

    • danderma says:

      Thank you! It is isn’t it? lovely shots without even a prior knowledge or doing anything fancy!

  2. Lama says:

    I loved the 5th one. ladybug with an apple

  3. Yours Truly says:

    Wa3aliya 3al lady bug yannanteeha kel sa3 7a66at-ha mokan! 😛

  4. Blush says:

    From where did you get this beautiful location? I mean that ladybug and the apple tree. Its beautiful.

  5. alia says:

    WOWWWW , where did you get it from confashion? and how much;P i got one when i traveled to china which should have a strong zoom, but i hate it, the focus becomes very chalenging.

    • danderma says:

      Confashion? Ana Danderma :)

      Did u buy a Canon Lens?

      • alia says:

        LOOOOOOOOOOOOL abaih sij sorry cuz i was reading the two blogs at the same time, and no i didnt get the canon lens, i have a nikon btw, bas akeed they have a macro lens too, shawagteeny i will try it soon (ma biga shay 3al ma3ash ! :P)

        • danderma says:

          LoooooooooL :p
          ana nezal ma3ashy o already sharyat li another lens :p 9ayer obsession! Not a macro though!