Things 2 Get 4m London: Moroccan Oil Hair Care Range

Yuzhnoural’sk By | September 11, 2011

When my little sister asked me to get her the Moroccan oil hair treatment and shampoo from London I was intrigued. I haven’t heard of Moroccan oil before and I wasn’t very excited about the thing.

To my surprise everyone is going gaga here in the UK for the Moroccan oil range. I would go to buy the stuff from a salon and it would be sold out. I have actually assembled the collection below from three different salons because all three had ran out of one thing or another! Even the hairstylists I asked highly recommended the thing to me.

I got myself the oil treatment in the brown bottle of course, must check out how to use it. I also got myself the shampoo and the conditioner. My sister swears by the shampoo and the oil treatment by the way.

I got the hair mask which is supposed to be used once a week.

I also got myself the travel range: a small compact beauty bag with a tiny travel sized sample of each of their products: The oil, the styling cream, the shampoo, the conditioner, and the mask.

The Price of every item is £30. Kind of expensive but I wonder if it was sold in Kuwait how much it would sell for.

In conclusion the Moroccan oil hair care range is the latest IT hair product. If you stumble across it grab yourself a bottle and try it out. I’ve tried all the items and my favorites are the styling oil and the mask. The shampoo and the conditioner didn’t go that well with my hair to be frank but it did work for my sister’s hair.

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  1. N says:

    I hate to burst your bubble, but I feel obliged to say this. This brand is made in Israel (plz check and confirm from the packages)… and I am actually pissed I found that out BEFORE I got to use it :(( because now i would feel too bad/guilty to buy it..

    my best friend who’s currently in london was getting some for herself and me, and when she found it overpriced and hard to get she was checking if it’s American only to find out this.. I am just wondering how they got the nerve to just give it such a misleading name!

    • danderma says:

      It is?
      Are you sure? I just checked the bottle of shampoo and it says made in Canada?

      Maybe its different items are made in different places? Like Cadbury chocolate? I will have to research this, thanks for letting me know…

      • N says:

        you seem to be right, i checked the contact us on the website says Montreal Canada.. hmmm weird.. anyway, you bought it already, please write a review when u’ve used them, and i will let u know if i got a confirmation of my friend’s claim

        • danderma says:

          Sometimes products are produced in different places for the same brand. Since the demand is very VERY high over the Morrocan Oil items the retailers are ordering the supplies from as different places as possible. Or maybe the owner of the place she bought the items from is Israeli and wants to support his people so he imported the range from Israel rather from Canada?

        • Om Lujain ` says:

          I just noticed my Morrocanoil intense hydrating mask is made in Israel…. I know I may sound wrong.. and awful.. but should I stop using something that is amazing for my hair for that reason? At the end of the day.. half the labels out there are in one way or another connected to Israel.. if I boycotted anything affiliated to Israel.. something tells me I would have next to nothing to use….

          • danderma says:

            You can always buy the ones made in Canada. After all like you said every thing is connected to Israel one way or another. Use the ones u have at home but when u buy them next buy the Canadian ones.

        • Om Lujain says:

          I just read the link provided by Expataussiegal… I never read so much hate.. arghhh… anyway….. madri what to say…

          • Om Lujain says:

            From what I have been checking.. the company is Israeli owned and run… whether its made in Canada or Israel… you will notice on ur hair masque (I see it in the pic).. on the top right.. u will see the symbol בס”ד details on it can be found at…

            Anyway.. I really wish I never read the whole Israel connection.. lol… A part of me believes what I stated earlier.. and a part of me feels guilty… :s

            BTW-. I got your book! Actually I had my husband pick it up from the Kinuwhatever bookstore in Dubai Mall.. I am excited.. and should have it 2morrow.. 😀 😀 😀 If you don’t mind.. I would love to write a review on it after I finish reading.. lemme know if its ok.. Thanks!!!!

          • danderma says:

            Aww hon thank you! Insha2 Allah you like it and of course you can review it 😀 If you do sawelee da3aya because not many people in KSA know about it. Who knows maybe Maktabat Jarir would start stocking it after your post 😉

  2. dalal says:

    hello danderma wher can i get it exactly in london ?plz

  3. Om Lujain says:

    I have been using these products for little over a year… and they are amazing!!! Enjoy!

  4. Om SaloOom says:

    The hair treatment is available in the boudior salon ma jrbta bs ymd7ona 😉

    • danderma says:

      I tried it at home today. 9ej amazing!

    • Dima says:

      The bodouir saloon pricing per application is 18.oo Kd if I’m not mistaken. (highlighting the word application)
      You can find the Moroccan Oil products range in Amazon much cheaper that provided pricing in Salons per usage.

      • danderma says:

        Per application 18 KD?! PER APPLICATION?

        • Dima says:

          Yes! Tried it once and I admit it was superb yet the rip off is too extreme to accept another trial. I instantly purchased them from amazon instead and recommend everyone to do the same.

  5. Hi, This looks like an interesting purchase :)

    Does it reduce hairfall?

  6. Zubaida says:

    Google argan oil, which is the main component of this product !
    Very simillar process to the kopi luwak coffee, disgusting !

    • danderma says:

      Here is what wikipedia has to say about it. I doubt anyone would use it if it was produced from goat’s waste…

      Before modern times, the Berbers or Amazighs (indigenous people of Morocco) of this area would collect undigested argan pits from the waste of goats which climb the trees to eat their fruit. The pits were then ground and pressed to make the nutty oil used in cooking and cosmetics. However, the oil used in cosmetic and culinary products available for sale today has most likely been harvested directly from the tree and processed with machines.

  7. Wicked says:

    My Moroccan friend -who has the most gorgeous hair ever- actually laughed at me when i asked her about this product . I remember I was in NY and everyone was raving about it
    So i followed her advice and got organic Argan oil from wholefoods to treat my hair and wash it off with baby shampoo .. couldn’t be happier with the results , even though i have a severely damaged hair from dyes and highlights

    she uses garlic infused argan oil which she makes at home but i’m not into the idea of something garlicy in my hair

    • danderma says:

      Really? The secret ingredient is that Argan Oil -with keratin too- … I wonder if its available for sale in Kuwait. Must go look for it!

  8. Om3li says:

    اشلون النتيجه بعد هالمده من الاستخدام؟ انا من زمان قاريه عنه و يوم شفت موضوعج تذكرته. انا بديت اصبغ توني فمن جذي قاعده ادور اشيا تفيد الشعر بعد الصبغ

  9. Rony says:

    Pleaseeeeee could u tell me where they sell morrocon products in london, pleaseeee

    • danderma says:

      I’m not really sure but you can always try and chec Momo’s restaurant in Regent street. As for the Moroccan Oil hair range you can check hair salons.

  10. shanima says:

    i am living in kuwait. how can i get morroccan hair mask (brown) from kuwait.

  11. Rana says:

    Hello…I was looking for places to buy Moroccan Oil products here in Kuwait when I stumbled on your post from 2011. I read the comments and was wondering if you have any idea whether Kuwaiti customs would allow the products in, if I purchase them via amazon.
    Thank you

    • danderma says:

      I don’t really know if they will allow it or not but sometimes people order in beauty products online and they are allowed in and sometimes they are not. I guess you better be safe than sorry and wait for someone to bring it in personally.