10 Reasons Why I miss Kuwait when I am in the UK

By | September 12, 2011

1- Your hair starts drying in the shower even before you are done showering, with the water being so hot and the air even hotter. It takes forever for your hair to dry in the damp UK weather :p

2- The UK water and my hair DO NOT go along. Period. My hair become a frizzy loofah. Kuwait’s water restores my hair immediately.

3- We have Qaymar, Labnah, Khobiz Irani, KDD Mango Juice, Cocktail Juice, darabeel, alphonso mangoes, and Liban (buttermilk). They are all not available in the UK -except in specialty shops y3ni-.and I miss them dearly.

4- Pizza Qaysar! I miss it! I also miss our local restaurants: The Burger Hub, Pizzetta, Prime & Toast, The Cocoa Room, Lenotre, The Chocolate Bar, Cafe Bazza, and Nino! Truly miss them! Why won’t they open in the UK? Cilantro did!

5- Believe it or not I miss Cinescape. Its just the collection of movies in Kuwait is better than the ones in the UK and movies tend to open up in Kuwait before the UK for some reason. Do not miss the crowds, screaming babies, burnt popcorn, and the censorship though.

6- I miss the independence of having my very own car and not having to share it with anyone. I miss my long drives with my own songs blaring.

7- I miss the smell of Bukhoor. Even though I have my own bukhoor kit that goes wherever I go but I am always too afraid of lighting up bukhoor and having the smoke of incense set of the Smoke detector. I’ve been told several times that its OK but I still am too chicken to light bukhoor. Mali kholg loya.

8- I miss how normal daily stuff we need and require are I normally priced in Kuwait. Gasoline, Soft Drinks, Groceries, Fruits, Sandwiches, etc. Also that we have no taxes and how we have free dental facilities especially for emergencies.

9- I miss the sound of prayers Athan, especially when its maghrib time and if the mo2athen has a beautiful voice, so serene! Its just different when you hear the athan and you get up to pray than when a clock ticks and you know its time for athan.

10- Sometime, not always but sometimes, especially when I’ve been gone for over a month, I miss the Arabic language and Kuwaiti accent: Arabic news, Arabic TV, Arabic radio, hearing Arabic chatter here and there.

See, there is a silver lining in returning back home even if its hotter and less fun :p What do you miss most about Kuwait when you are abroad?

30 Responses to “10 Reasons Why I miss Kuwait when I am in the UK”

  1. duh! says:

    Kuwait Cinema better than UK cinema? are you for real? LOL..Rise of the planet Apes. Smurfs at the top of my head TOOK them forever to come out in Kuwait!!! been out in UK since august! :/ what are you talking about?

    • danderma says:

      Yes I think that Kuwait’s cinema in general is better in terms of getting movies before. Sometimes the UK gets movies before Kuwait but a lot of times its the other way round. and I am talking from my own experiences, duh!

  2. Zooz says:

    My hair has never looked greater like it does in UK weather! Their water gives my hair volume and shine that i soon loose once i set foot back home:( i wish we had UK water/weather *sigh*

    • danderma says:

      Ur lucky! My hair always becomes horrible in the UK!

      • Naheda Ismail says:

        I agree about the hair being better in Kuwait, their water makes mine dead flat & sort of ‘flabby’ if I can call it that.

        • danderma says:

          My sisters and my mother suffer from the same thing when we travel to the UK. Their water and our hair doesn’t mix at all.

  3. Ophy says:

    walla sara7a .. lately i miss nothing!… nothing as nothing .. la akil wala amakin wala 6al3at :/ 7atta ppl .. most of my trips kil il ppl ili i care about eykonon with me 😀

  4. افتقد وايد شغلات و اهم شي يشد ني لها الحنين

  5. Nawnaw says:

    Dont laugh at me but The only thing i really miss are my bathroom & my bed ,, that all i miss , i usually travel to the state, so ilove there jam3ya more , & i prefer there cinema more

  6. Naheda says:

    Security. I can only feel safe when I’m in Kuwait. It is HOME.

    • danderma says:

      I know how that feels. But I don’t get that feeling in the UK though. Only when I travel anywhere else out of Kuwait.

  7. 7amood says:

    you left for a week and you went nostalgic.. how would you feel if you have left in 2007 and know that you wont be able to go back until summer 2012?

    counting the dayysssss!!!!!

    • danderma says:

      You didn’t go back at all, not even for holiday?!
      Ma boga shay insha2 Allah less than a year to go :)

  8. LOL that is so true ! ou i miss 7aleeb kakaw kdd lama akun msaafra…its better than every other chocolate milk bil 3alam !….ou believe it or not i sometimes miss the kuwaiti weather ;p

    • danderma says:

      Ee I believe 7leeb kakaw KDD is irreplaceable! But the Kuwaiti weather I don’t miss, sorry :p

  9. Stupid says:

    “movies tend to open up in Kuwait before the UK for some reason.” LOL. All i asked you if you were SERIOUS since Smurfs and Planet of the Apes and hundreds of other titles came out Kuwait more than a month after the UK.
    What a creep. Yes don’t publish my comment just because i made your point about Kuwait Cinema look stupid.
    Stupid useless blog anyway. You are boring.

    • danderma says:

      Hey mind your language! I did publish your comment and replied to it you vulgar impolite creep!

      • Naheda Ismail says:

        Movies open on different dates in different countries based on their production & marketing companies but nowadays most of them try to open worldwide on the same day to prevent piracy, e.g. Star Wars: Episodes II & III, the latest Harry Potter movie and sometimes movies open in Kuwait before the States because of the time difference. Having said that, if the marketing or production company is british, it premieres first in the UK but we’re not far behind them unless we want to save BIG movies for Eid. Things have changed a lot to the better after Kuwait National Cinema Company became Cinescape. And for those of you who think this blog is boring then don’t bother to visit. On the other hand, we enjoy every thread.

        • danderma says:

          Exactly! X-Men for example opened in Kuwait before the USA! Shrek 4 opened in Kuwait way before the UK! Generally speaking I find that a lot of the time cincescape get blockbuster movies before or in conjunction with the UK…

  10. AD says:

    You are absolutely right when it comes to the first two points heheh ;p
    I noticed that too not only in London lol it’s every where ;p

    • danderma says:

      Lool laish bel ba7rain el sha3ar ay9eer ayanin! Mayhom wayed 7elo 7g elsha3ar o elbashra. 7eta el eczema itroo7!

  11. Vulgar says:


    allah y3enkom

    hal sanah a5r sanah le b 12 ed3oo le enny anj7 D:

    w ana 79lt al maw83 hatha bel 9edfa bgoogle w 8lt 5l aktb shy

    o allah yrdkon belsalamah ensha2allah

  12. naser says:

    I miss Kuwait too I’m currently studying in California been there for 2.5 months and I miss the closeness of our fireej and how I know all of them. I also miss walking around my neighbourhood at night without having to constantly look around its a very safe place.

    • danderma says:

      You have a long road a head of you but do try to enjoy your studies abroad. You will miss those college days! Best of luck :)

  13. RoockieSkills says:

    I miss E.S.F and all my friends and teachers, I’ll also miss the milky way chocolate bar (the one with the cowboy picture). My friends and I usually got bullied, but now that we think back on it, it was a lot of fun :)