The day Bu Tootee entered what looks like a Far3iya by Mistake!

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Last week Bu Tootee was invited to a wedding…


The groom is one of his college friends. He is a sweet guy who called Bu tootee several time personally to invite him. The thing is about his wedding, is that it is a pure Bedouin Wedding.


& the thing about bedouin weddings is they are usually held far away and that they start late. Also, since the hosts are so generous, it is unheard of to leave before you had your dinner. So if you go early, you cannot leave until enough people have been gathered and dinner is served. Once, a friend of my husbands attended a wedding where dinner was served at midnight o they were not allowed to leave beforehand!!!




Bu Tootee allah yesalmah asked where the wedding was. It was in Salat Afra7 in El Reqa


So he prays at home, drives to the Reqa, enters the area, and starts circling around looking for the wedding venue… and he couldn’t find it anywhere…


He searches and searches until finally he finds one… he parks, goes out, and enters the hall…


He is met by a group of men heading towards the center of the hall, in the center there are three very old men wearing their beshts and holding long canes (3asayat)… when the men arrive to those elders, they say “masak allah bel khair” only or something equivelant… nothing like “congratulations”… and the groom is no where to be found!!!


He says hello, the elder men are bewildered to see him. They say hello, he did not see the groom so he thinks to himself  “he must be praying”… and he goes and finds a seat near the three men.


Now the hall is silent. Every one is watching him. He is watching them back. The three elders stare intently at him and at the same time, all three are knocking their canes to the floor… you know the gesture? When they slam it in a certain rhythm to the floor?? Tak… Tak… Tak…


They do not take their eyes off him… Tak … Tak… Tak… He calls the groom, no answer… Tak… Tak… Tak… he sms’s the groom “Wainik! Why aren’t u in ur wedding?”… Tak… Tak… Tak… Still no one around him is talking, all are silent and staring intently at him… Tak… Tak… Tak… he finally thinks to him self that he might have made a mistake?!?!?!?!? If so, what is he sitting in now exactly??? Tak… Tak… Tak….


A young man comes and sits next to him and looks at him… Tak… Tak… Tak… the atmosphere is thick with anticipation and dread -from his side of course-… Tak… Tak… Tak… Bu Tootee casually asks the man “Why don’t they name this hall in the name of the Area? There is no name for it?”… Tak… Tak… Tak…


The man replies “It is named after the area… it is named after Area -insert area name cause i don’t remember it-“….


Bu Tootee realizes that in his search for the Wedding Hall, he ventured out of the Reqqa and entered another area!!!!!!! and he has stumbled upon some sort of gathering where he is currently unwelcome and every one are very very tense for his presence… tak… tak… tak…


He is 6b3an scared now… taw il nass!!! Tak… Tak… Tak… and realizes the whole time while he was calling and smsing the groom they must have thought he was trying to contact someone equally unwelcome!!!! Tak… Tak… Tak… He pretends he had recieved a phone call, says “hello? i can’t hear u? Wait a moment so i can get a better reception” … and he flies out of the hall… almost running to his car, starts it hastily, and drives away!!!!


He managed to attend the wedding and the dinner was at 10 pm by the way…


and we think, well, every one who heard the story anyways… think he had stumbled into a far3ya and they thought he was sent to investigate and report them, hence the elderly’s anger and the hostile, silent atomsphere!!!! Zain Ma in6ag!!!


What do u think?!?!?!?

13 Responses to “The day Bu Tootee entered what looks like a Far3iya by Mistake!”

  1. zuz says:

    loooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooool hahaha, i can soo relate to this;p, once a friend of mine invited me to her wedding in al-qairawan sob el magbara;/ and i went FAAAAAAAAAAR away from her area o dashet 3ers nas badow;p! bas they were so welcoming;p!!

  2. Gee says:

    qemat fashla !! ;p

  3. eshda3wa says:

    law imfaten 3alaihum dag 3al shur6a 😛

  4. dandoon says:

    sorry but LOOOOOOL! yeah it was probably a far3iya! zain masawaw fee shay!

  5. Q80 BOY says:

    lol, it MUST be a far3iya !!!

    i’m just imagining the groom reading the sms messages sent from bu totee and thinking what the hell is wrong with this guy? not knowing that he’s stuck with suspicious men who think he’s from the maba7ith.

    or maybe they were gathered to watch DHW but they were embarrased to watch it infront of bu totee

    no one will ever know the story behind this incident

  6. Checkmate says:

    LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL mo gader awagef thi7ik.. khairha eb ghairhaa=p zain ma in6ag..

  7. Ansam says:

    LOL! Thats hilarious…. I do not wish to be in such situation… my heart will be going boom boom boom along with the tak tak tak!

  8. Zabo0o6a says:

    Loooooooooooooool !
    chan ba5arteeh wela garaitay 3alaih zain 6ala3 menha bel salamah 😛

  9. Daddy's Girl says:


    Waaaaay u were alone?!?!?!? Ana lo minich chan abchi!!!


    Lool he is just grateful inah 6l3 bedon ma yen6ag!!!


    Lool oho ma bo’3a illa el salama 3la 3omrah maskeen


    Ee walla ashwa inah 6l3 bedon ma yen6g!!!

    Q80 Boy

    Loool il groom mo fathee ga3ed yestaqbel il mohane2een ay groom hatha ilee ib yom 3ersah beydez sms?!?!?


    Aham shay aham shay inah el 7amd le allah ma 6agooh….


    Oho 3la ma astaw3ab il wath3 ilaa his fright caught up with him!!!! He says he flew to the car afraid to look back and see them following him o stopping his escape


    La itkhafeen ma ye7tay tebakher 6l3 khar3at il far3iya ib buffeh il 3ers :)

  10. Maskeen 9ij mawqif ma yon7asad 3alaih 😛 Yallah at least he’ll have a good story to tell.

  11. MC says:

    That is hilarious! Maskeen…it sounds like something I would do.

    Once, I accidentally got out on the wrong floor of an office building, and ended up waiting at the company reception for fifteen minutes while they tried tracking down someone who in the end didnt even work for them.

    He worked for the company one floor up :p That’s what happens when I get distracted on elevators :p

  12. Change says:

    that sounds scary.. bas.. *cough* y3ny shino far3iya..!!?? *cough* :$

  13. Stand-Alone~ says:

    LOOOOOOOOOOOL!! maskeeen… zain ba3ad he left with no harm done…