Weird Email Asking for Money on My Contact Form…

Oakland Park By | September 14, 2011

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Banfora Every single person with email on earth must have received a scam email at least once where a person with an internet and email access is posing as poor and in need for money. Usually those spammers are pretty easy to point out and ignored at once.

However I had received this very weird email from someone who didn’t email it to me directly. They went to the contact form on my blog, filled out their information, and asked me for $1500 so she could finish her last year in college to become an architect because she is an orphan and can’t work anymore to put herself through college because she is too tired and school is so demanding and she sold out all her jewelry!

Did anyone else get the same on their contact form? This is no generalized email sent by some auto bot sitting somewhere. This is an actual person who went to my blog, looked around for the contact form, and decided that I have $1500 to give out. It scares me a little. Also it angers me. Yet it also produced some guilt in my chest: what if its real? She is a real person in need and here I am accusing her of being a thief?

What do you think?

25 Responses to “Weird Email Asking for Money on My Contact Form…”

  1. mephisto says:

    I don’t usually comment on stuff, but I got an email from a guy asking me about sonething I completely didn’t understand, so I replied to him in arabic and english and asked him to try and explain it, he went to the form again and wrote in arabic, after a quick googling I got his answer and replied to arabic.
    he was like:
    ليش ما قلتلنا انك تتكلم عربي الله يقطع سوالفك هههههه

    I was like “seriously ? Do I know u ?”
    My point is, contact this person to see if this is a scam or for real, try to be very careful

    • danderma says:

      LooooL lazim u write in your emails “I speak Arabic, English. Me no German!” mini o raye7!
      3lamhom hal awadm?

      Kint abi adez laha email but my husband yegool ako something about capturing emails madry shino o inah its better to ignore? Madry 3ad 9ej wella weswas :p

  2. Fayda says:

    احدث طريقه للنصب
    يرجى اخذ الحيطه من الايميلات المشبوهه

  3. Cookie Baker says:

    I believe you need a proof, though I’m not really sure how she can prove it to you.
    You have the right to know if it’s true or not before you spend your money on it.
    If she was an orphan as she said so, maybe just maybe… her orphanage has an official website.
    May I know what was the payment method ?
    I can assure to you that there’s uncountable online spammers so beware.

    • danderma says:

      She didn’t say! Just that she wants the money. Maybe she planned on Paypal?
      Of course if she was that desperate she could have sent to papers or something. But then why me? Of all people on planet earth and on other countries, why me? Why my blog?

      • Cookie Baker says:

        Yeah…. the same question comes to anyone’s mind, I think u should forget it.
        May God bless your kind heart :)

  4. Summer says:

    Don’t trust whoever sent you that email! and don’t feel guilty! if the girl is really in need she would find other ways to get money!

  5. Om ALzain says:

    If may I ask from which country she is ?
    If she is from europe or states the universities usually give students loan !

  6. Kuwaitiful says:

    I got the same email, must admit it was fairly hard telling if it was spam or not. Never had someone fill in the contact page and pass the human test with spam before.

    • danderma says:

      What! You too? Ga3da etdoor 3la blogat el q8 wa7ed wa7ed!!! Shelsalfa?
      It sounded like someone had genuinely typed that down. She is a real life person for sure… why the Q8y blogs though?

  7. Pink GirL Q8 says:

    OMG i recieve the same email @@
    3la 6ool delete e6raraaa elektroniaaa 7sbi allah 3lehum telgenhum a’3na menaah men hal na9b 3la almsakin

  8. Naheda says:

    Your husband is right. Just ignore it. When you reply, they have a way of hacking into your computer & get hold of all your stuff.

  9. Rainy says:

    i think she is using ur top 100 bloggers list .. but it was so wise ena u posted about it .. ya3ni sometimes maybe fee a7ad 9ij need help.. o lo ana fee ur place i would feel guilty because i never so spam by filling the contact details!! but maybe she needs more than 1500 $ 3ashan chethi she contacts more than a blooger!!

    • danderma says:

      Et.hagain? Chood… but its a top 100 bloggers list not top 100 investment bankers in Kuwait list! Ele galaha el bloggers millionairiya o moga9a mino?

      Chood… she said if not 1500 maykhalif ele ye6l3 wyakom rathiya! I wonder eshtabee bel floos?

      • Rainy says:

        ya 7elwich ya danderma always you made me laugh with ur reactions .. ehheh .. just ignore o etha 9ijya she will get upset men ur post o will contact you again

        • danderma says:

          Lool laish ish gelt?
          Ma a3teqed she has time to read a post I think she is emailing people left and right asking for money!

  10. noon says:

    ever since i did my ” pack a bag” campaign and spread my email, i have been receiving TONS of emails on my junk from africa, some want money and some want to transfer unwanted money to my bank account!! i took few screen shots and im actually preparing a post for it, its still on my pending posts 😛

    • danderma says:

      Haw? They must google the word charity and you come out a lot or something! Waiting for ur post!

  11. piscean says:

    I got the same email! On my blog email as well! Signed by a ‘D K’ :/ It’s good u posted this..I was about to respond to them urrrgh :@