10 Guilty Comfort Food Combinations of Mine

By | September 18, 2011

1- A bar of Cadbury Dairy Milk with Walnuts and a bottle of water. I would take a mouthful of chocolate then a swig of water. Its amazing.

2- French fries, fat and homemade. Stuffed inside two pieces of toast and drenched with ketchup. Its the best sandwich ever and I only have it if I am really really sad or really down and need a pick me up cause its dangerously addictive.

3- If I want to pig out I would go and buy my self a falafel sandwich, preferably inside a round white bread, with a cocktail juice. Very 80’s meal, very nostalgic, very fattening!

4- White cheese fatayer with Orange Sunkist juice in the white plastic cup. Just the way we ate it when we were kids at school. Very hard to find good white cheese fatayer now a days though.

5- Americana chocolate Swiss rolls with KDD mango juice. Reminds me of the 80’s Fridays spent watching 7kayat 3alamiya. That was a favorite snack of mine back then .

6- If I’m happy I eat. My best celebratory meal is walking into a Godiva chocolatier and buying my self a big box of carefully selected chocolate pieces. Then I would go home, get some black coffee, wrap up on my couch and savor the box, one piece at a time. Yum!

7- Strawberries with canned whipped cream. Like the ones I have in London every other time I visit. Its just so good!

8- Every once in 3 or 4 years I get a packet of Cream Chantilly, whisk it according to directions, then empty a small can of tinned mixed fruits and eat it. Of course the Cream Chantilly will have leftovers so I would eat that with a spoon <3

9- There is this drink in Starbucks, the frappucino with chocolate chips inside. I usually order a coffee frappucino or a caramel frappucino with coffee, no whip and tall. But if I want to indulge I would order a tall Chocolate Chip frappucino with whipped cream and extra shot of coffee. Haven’t done that in a long time though.

10- Plain Spaghetti!  This is what I allow myself to eat when I am very sick with the flu. Boil PLENTY of Spaghetti, then sprinkle salt on the strands and eat them alone. Believe it or not they taste even better than Spaghetti with sauce.

What are your guilty comfort food combinations?

21 Responses to “10 Guilty Comfort Food Combinations of Mine”

  1. Q80BOY says:

    mac n cheese :p

  2. Shee says:

    Walah u reminded me of the good old days….the 80’s!! u always do actually :)
    No. 3 and No. 4!!! sooooo 80’s for me! i miss those days…and i can’t stop drinking sunkist!

    • danderma says:

      I can’t drink Sunkist now without a cheese fatayer madry laish. But I love the nostalgic metallic taste in the plastic cup!

  3. Hmmmm… Very interesting combinations… My comfort food is burgers chocolates… Pasta… More chocolates and much more chocolaty desserts ;p

  4. Sn3a says:

    fruit tart
    pringles with yogurt
    fa6ayer z3tar with chocolate milk

    yummful post danderma

    • danderma says:

      Pringles with yogurt? 7elo?
      Ahh fa6ayer z3tar! Yum min zman mo m akla fa6ayer z3tar!

      • Luma says:

        Mmm theres this shop in hawalli infront of alqadsiya club o they sell great zaatar fa6ayer, isma “barioche” and they deliver..

        I remember ayam highschool we’d always order in zaatar from “alramlawi” bs dunno where it’s at :)

        • danderma says:

          Ee 3araftah! Bs wala marra jarabt minah,,, ako b3d za3tar el malaki mal fatoosh kaifan min zmaan mo makletah bs latheeth <3

  5. Naheda says:

    Fries & bread and wash it down with tea
    & of course chocolates of all kinds, bars, mousse, cake, & ice-cream

  6. Pink GirL Q8 says:

    yum yum
    9obz irani + kraft cheese + mrabaa
    corn flakes + hot tea & milk + kraft mabshor 😛
    waied b3d bs maniiii katba y3t o eli aktebaaa ‘6eeeem 😛

  7. giggles says:

    cadbury flake cake with kdd strawberry milk :)

  8. N. says:

    I LOVE your combos! Reminds me of my childhood too!
    I like glass cheese on white lebanese bread with KDD chocolate milk
    When I’m craving chips I almost always go for the oldies… bufak bu safeena, smiley faces, etc. I like to eat them while sipping on Shani sometimes
    Can’t remember anymore… you covered some good ones!

    • danderma says:

      I used to like glass cheese on lebanese bread bs now a days I cannot enjoy el taste madry laish?
      Allah bufak. I miss bufak :)

  9. a la Mocha says:

    McDonald’s french fries with Chocolate Sundae as a dip. Salty ‘n sweet.. a killer combination. 😉