Habba Alert: The Bow Tie

By | September 18, 2011

Did you know the bow tie is back?

I read the line above on a website selling ties and bow ties and I snorted. When were they ever fashionable? Apparently I am mistaken for I have been seeing them around K-Town for two days in a row!

Big colorful ridiculous bow tie on an immaculate outfit worn to a place where its guaranteed you will be seen by half the Kuwaiti society. I don’t even know the things name in Arabic, aside from what I call wardat fa6oo6a that is. I sincerely hope it won’t catch on like Men wearing a head band habba thing but you never know with this society! Now I long for the days when shaved bald heads where in style! At least they were macho, not ridiculously clownish.

Guys, would you wear a Bow Tie in public?

20 Responses to “Habba Alert: The Bow Tie”

  1. Nezar says:

    Absolutely NOT!! Especially not in K-Town. :)

  2. baba3od says:

    hehe maybe fog dashdasha !

  3. FourMe says:

    Bring back the gar3a dudes.

  4. QABAQ says:

    The bow tie is cool, but not for kuwait. Los angeles maybe. and why do you compare a bow tie with a head band! last time i checked, a bowtie is actually for men! macho men wearing tuxes!

  5. Chirp says:

    my coworker used to wear it to work, every single day.
    Hes a 50 year old Kuwaiti man.

  6. Faj says:

    Personally, i find men wearing bow ties hot. Again, i dont know if it might be okay here, bas barra laish la. It’s a statement piece.

  7. The Bafak says:

    HABBA!!!! danderma darling bow ties are not like UGGS, men have been wearing bow ties since the 17th century and you labeled them it as habba! that is so predictable from someone who recommend coffee flavored frozen yogurt 😛

    • danderma says:

      I don’t remember KUWAITI men wearing bow ties and going out to restaurants. I know men wear bow ties min sinat deqyanos.
      What on earth does this have to do with my recommending coffee flavored frozen yogurt? What is that supposed to mean exactly?

  8. Styles Mag. says:

    If your gna use the history of Kuwait as a label for what men should or shouldnt wear then we’re in trouble, bcs fashion in kuwait is only recent, Kuwait as a whole is only recent. 7amdellah Kuwait is a fast growing country and people should keep up with it! in fact you should support those who are fashion forward! whats wrong with seeing men letting go of their A&F Tees and sweats when they go out?? the clash here is unbelievable, you RARELY see a girl dressed down n almost NEVER see a man dressed up!

    • danderma says:

      Fashion in Kuwait is only recent? Do you think they were wearing rags before? Maybe you don’t consider the Dishdasha, besht, and different types of 3eqal from the very elegant white to the current one being used as fashionable but to me it is. In my opinion the best dressed man in Kuwait is one who wears an immaculate delicious dishdasha with ghetra and 3eqal with all the trimmings. But that’s my opinion.
      If a guy wears a nice pair of jeans with a handsome jacket with an appropriate shirt, or whatever fashion implies now a days while he can pull it often there is nothing wrong with that.

      Wearing a nice modern suit with a tie for work or a tux with a nice subtle bow tie to an event. Again nothing wrong with that.
      Wearing a huge bow tie that is so colorful, so ugly, so ridiculously looking over an ensemble that you cannot pull off just for the heck of it is NOT fashionable. Its not nice. and is plain ridiculous. If the guys looked fashionable and pulled together I wouldn’t have had this post up in the first place. They looked ridiculous, pain and simple.