A New Addiction: Yogen Fruz’s Coffee Fro Yo!

By | September 19, 2011

Yesterday I was craving some Frozen Yogurt badly. Butootee suggested that instead of trying my usual favorites why not try something new? Say the new place in Jabriya, Yogen Fruz?

Sulkily I agreed. De3la o I like my stable favorites. Anyways I go inside the shop and take a look at their combo’s and immediately I am at loss on what to choose!

Now can you guess which one did Danderma go for? The coffee one of course! It was AMAZING! So amazing in fact my Butootee on the way home announced that he feels like he is in a French cafe where a good coffee is being freshly brewed. That’s how strong and good it smelled -and tasted-. I would like to try the Chai Lattee too! O the mint chocolate chip insha2 Allah.

I wonder if they open for breakfast tomorrow? Butootee took this smoothie thing which he didn’t like but I tasted and it was pure pureed berries. No more, no less, and not bad at all.

The Coffee frozen yogurt is HIGHLY recommended. My current all time favorite Frozen Yogurt <3 Try it and see!

10 Responses to “A New Addiction: Yogen Fruz’s Coffee Fro Yo!”

  1. giggles says:

    3alaykom bil 3afia, shakli bajareb their chocolate. wain 9ayer in jabriya?

  2. عليج بالف الف عافيه حبيبتي
    دام قالت دندرمه حلو يعني لازم نجربه ههه :>

  3. Pink GirL Q8 says:

    kent ehnaak ams al’6eher ana 3la 6ool a5e’6 al coffee 3ajeeeb 7e6ay 3leh digestive b3d waaaay mo 9eej 😛

    • danderma says:

      9ej? 7safa ma sheftich el sa3a cham?
      Y9eer et76een 3leeh a’3rath? 3bali may9eer inah ready made o khala9 :p

  4. alia says:

    Does it taste more like yoghurt like Pinkberrys, or more like normal icecream like cherriez ? 3indy yam3a today ou widdy ajarib a new one bas khayfa ekoon 6a3ma wayid yoghurty