The Traffic Cone Massacre en Route to Work

nomographically By | October 2, 2011

La Plata

Every day when on my way to work we get held up for a long time in the Jabriya exit to 5th ring road. Rude drivers usually attack other drivers standing in line waiting for their turn to get out, therefore a police car and a group of traffic cone were set up to help organize traffic and stop the angry rude drivers taking others turns.

How successful was that? See for yourselves… 

For the love of god! What the hell is wrong with people? How many drivers had actually decided to run over those cones just because they can? The cones were there for a reason yet that reason apparently is not good enough for drivers in a hurry and too good to stand in line and wait for other cars to pass in an orderly fashion.

I am amazed wallah! Poor traffic cones, 7safa 3lehom :(

9 Responses to “The Traffic Cone Massacre en Route to Work”

  1. QABAQ says:

    Kuwaiti drivers… no comment. I might go to jail if i express my feelings and sadness i think. so am going to stay quite. Breatheeeeeee :p

  2. FATSAMURAI says:

    I knew the one in the last picture, always did his duty without complaining.

    Such a shame, he was so young.

    RIP traffic cone

  3. Oleana says:

    Unfortunately people don’t respect the law here because the law is not ENFORCED the way it should be. Such a shameful act!

    • danderma says:

      Very shameful! You should have seen the cones this morning, not one of them is standing upright!

  4. M says:

    Unfortunately Jabriyah has become an area of high traffic and broken streets because of all the infrastructure work that theyve been doing for ages now and will not finish anytime soon. I live on the street between NES and Fajr Al Sabah, and main street which leads to all schools is just terrible, cuz theyve been digging and doing the work all summer and still have not managed to finish by the time schools started! Just to get out of my street and onto the highway is a hassle

    • danderma says:

      God help you! I know the place, its one of the worst places in Jabriya, traffic wise :S