No-No Moment: A car that took 2 handicapped spaces

Whitehall By | October 3, 2011

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Holguín You can’t really get lower than this. I was in Jabriya Co-Op a couple of nights ago when I saw this driver who not only was he parked in a handicapped parking, he actually was parked so that he took up two handicapped parking spaces!

Why? Why why why? What gives you the right to allow yourself this action? What does it take for people to understand that this is a handicapped parking and that cars are supposed to take one parking space per car! Why is that so hard to fathom?

If I had the authority I would have revoked his driver’s license! Sadly life goes on and this kind of behavior will go on while the rest of the nation weep over their tea estekana’s about why we are still behind as a third world country and why can’t we be more advanced like the civilized world. 7esbya Allah wa ne3ma el wakeel!

14 Responses to “No-No Moment: A car that took 2 handicapped spaces”

  1. Thats the biggest NO-No!! its ridiculous when people are healthy and only think about their selves!! selfish & ignorant!!

    it really gets me mad

  2. Traveleer says:

    Sadly, Jabriya Co-op shoppers re the worst offenders ever. they just don’t want to parka few meters further to do their shopping. Eveytime I see them my blood boils but what authority do I have except a look of digust at them

  3. Elegant Chic says:

    Why-oh-why!!! 😡

  4. Elegant Chic says:

    Could you please check your mail? :)

  5. Nezar says:

    People here are simply ignorant, lazy and careless!! They have got no feelings or whatsoever …all they care about is themselves. Why people do that? Because nobody is around to violate them. Heck, even sometimes you see the police parking in a handicapped space. If the police are not following the rules , how can you expect others to do so? What a shame.

  6. Low lives exist to make you feel good about yourself.
    And grateful for your parents for making sure you don’t turn into such idiots.

    Yeah I say that to myself to lower my anger level. ;p

  7. Q8Path says:

    That’s Kuwait attitude. I don’t really when the people could respect that parking spot.
    Most of the locations, they closed this spot and the security guard open’s for the disabled people only.
    Allah Kareem.

    • danderma says:

      Bs 3ad hathe 7ala? Lazim security o gates to force people away from these parking spots? Lee meta?

  8. danderma says:

    Exactly. El nass tekhaf ma tekhtesheesh I suppose. Nothing to be afraid of means doing whatever u want!