Fabulous News: Abdul Kareem Got a Sponsor!!!

By | October 10, 2011

Many of you, hopefully most of you, remember Abdul Kareem. The brave little boy whose cancer was threatening to cut off his leg and his life if a knee replacement surgery that is not available in Kuwait (post). We wanted to spread his story in hope that some generous soul would be willing to sponsor him for his surgery and save both his leg and his future.

The good news is that many people have responded positively. The even better news is that Abdul Kareem has got not one sponsor, but many! Yes, many generous souls were willing to fully sponsor Abdul Kareem’s treatment paying a full 30,000 KD! A sponsor was chosen and Abdul Kareem will be OK! He will be taken to Jordan, he will get his knee surgery, and insha2 Allah he will live a long happy life with two legs. Who knows maybe he will become one hell of a football player too!

Thank you! Every single one of you. Every one who spared a moment to read about Abdul Kareem’s ordeal, every one who tweeted about him, every one who repeated his story to anyone who would listen, everyone who came to me asking to gather up money for Abdul Kareem, and everyone who already gathered up money without being asked and was ready to fight for Abdul Kareem’s leg and right to live.

My fellow bloggers? Do I need to thank you? I think you are as proud as me today. Thank you, everyone of you, Thank you 7aji Dude, Pink GirlBlog 37, Q8 Stig, Frankom, Fashionista Q8, Kaifan 5, Fro Yo Nation, Dear Romeo, UCFQ8, The Side Talk, The Mask Tales, Qurtoba Valley, Triple Sisters, Um 3azooz, Q8 Path, Couch Avenue, Nezar’s World, Crazy Yet Wise, Oleana, Shit we come up With, His & Hers, Pices Chick, Grapevine, Hi Kuwait, Banana Q8, Ansam, Halloum, Q8 Blend, and everyone I have forgotten!

Q8 Rain especially, you are an angel. It wasn’t for your idea to go to NBK’s Children’s hospital in the first place then no one would have known about Abdul Kareem’s case.

29 Responses to “Fabulous News: Abdul Kareem Got a Sponsor!!!”

  1. Nezar says:

    Hi Dear,

    That is really great news. I am really happy for Abdul Kareem and glad that all of us were able to get the word out soon for him to get a sponsor in such short time. So Thanks to the sponsors & many thanks to everyone who helped in spreading the word or even tried to help in other means.

    I hope that we will b able to help more people soon, even if it was by just spreading the word. Someone will always b listening & willing to help.

    Take care. :)

    • danderma says:

      Me too! Me too wallah me too! Thank you so much!

      There are other cases who are in need. Insha2 Allah this won’t stop at Abdul Kareem.

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  3. swera says:

    mashallaaaaaaaaaah waaaaay wallah kash sha3ar yamby! ya far7at ahala!

    wallah enty elli maga9artay, u spread the story o nshallah jezaaach 3nd allah ya rb! im soooooo happy for him 😀

    • danderma says:

      Wallah mo ana! The girls ele ra7aw o shafaw o galoolna! o thank you for your post wallah! Alf el 7md le Allah!

  4. Rainy says:

    first of all don’t thank me .. i’m thanking God for giving me the idea of doing party .. now i really believe that God work in mysterious way .. second I’m really proud of being blogger .. now i can say that i have a community to belong to it.. really guys lo ma alah then each one of you chan this will never happen

    “ايد وحده ما تصفق”

    Thanks to You and all the bloggers and Tweeps even the readers .. and as i told you and this is just the start..

  5. alnoury says:

    mashalla alf 7mdellla gawakom allah

  6. Thank you God!!! And thank you Danderma & Q8Rain for bringing this little boy’s struggle to light. Because of that, this angel will get a second chance at a healthy life. You guys rock!!!! 😀

  7. fatsamurai says:

    That’s a relief, Q8rain well done buddy!

  8. Elegant Chic says:

    This is GREAT news!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 😀
    God bless the sponsors!

  9. YUUUUPPPPPPYYYYY .. Now That’s KUWAIT that i know :*

    great great news .. hope he get well soon .. allah e7af’6a o egawma bel salama :)

    o big thank you to you danderma for initiating this and give us the chance to try to help :)

    God bless you all .. God bless you bloggers .. i’m proud to be one if you .. if you allow me :)

    • danderma says:

      That’s the Kuwait we know… well said bro, well said!
      Thank you for posting about it. O shino you allow me you are already a blogger! khalf Allah 3leek!

  10. Om ALzain says:

    الله يشافيه ويشافي جميع المرضى وانشاء الله في ميزان أعمالكم

  11. Om ALzain says:

    عندي سؤال بالرياضيات ،في وحده شاريه عبايه بمليون و200 ألف درهم تعتقدون كم مريض مثل عبدالكريم يمكن يتعالجون بقيمه هالعبايه؟!!!!!!!!!

    • danderma says:

      Hmmm million o 200 alf derham yesawee million dinar china moo? Taqreban 90 Abdul Kareem. Then again ako awadm who buy yachts o cars o private planes for more than that money and they also give to charity. You never know ymkin she gives to charity b3d?

      Elmohim el walad emsaicheen got a sponsor!!! Alf el 7md le Allah :)

  12. Jacqui says:

    Now let’s see people saying that Bloggers are lazy buggers who get stuff for free and cash raining on them everyday!

    I am so proud of what was done and so glad to have heard the good news! Enshalla he comes back healthy and the cancer goes into remission very soon! I know I didn’t believe that something truly magical would happen so soon bs now I am a believer! Thanks to everyone out there who spread the word because without our joined collective power the story wouldn’t have gotten this outcome!

    With Bloggers Unity comes GREATNESS!

    • danderma says:

      Totally agree! Where are they now? The ones who keep shooting daggers of accusation that we sold our souls to companies?
      Amen to his safe return and complete recovery!

  13. noon says:

    omg! i just teared! im beyond happy! il7imdilaah alf !! 😀 inshalah ya rab ygoom bilsalama and i hope ill get the chance to see him! ya36ekom alf alf 3afiaaa !

    • danderma says:

      Alf alf el 7md le Allah! Insha2 Allah rabbi yesm3 minich enshofah o he is all better o walking o in remission!

  14. Marzouq says:

    Alf 7amdilla! I was honestly very happy when I heard the news! I’m still curious as to why it has to be a one shot donation, that sometimes hinders the situation bes 7amdilla there were many people that read online and managed to spread the word! Alah esahil 3alaih inshalla! And thank you and Q8Rain for starting this off!

    • danderma says:

      Me too I can’t understand. Somethign about money laundering and licensing and how we can’t gather charity without a permit from the ministry!
      Its not me, its Q8 Rain and the other girls who went there and wanted to do something about it :) Alf el7md le Allah!