10 Things That Never Go Out of Style in Kuwait

By | October 12, 2011

1- Hamburgers! In the 70’s and 80’s it was all wimpy, hardeez, and hungry bunny, in the 90’s it was Mcdonald’s, fuddruckers, Burger King, and Johhny Rockets. In the 2000’s we first had the locals B+F, Burger Hub, and Slider Station and now the new burger franchises which keep on coming and coming! Get a Burger franchise and you will be rich :)

2- Henna! No matter how many new beauty products and hair friendly dyes are invented. No matter how many hair treatments are used. The disgusting 7enna is still a favorite amongst Kuwaiti women! Its messy, it smells really bad, it gives your hair an orange hue, is impossible to wash out, and makes your hair as dry as a witche’s broomstick! Yet women still use it! Why? Beyond me!

3- The 3baya! Even though it evolved from a 3bat raas to 3baya islamiya and gotten all jiggy with tons of crystals but the black fabric is here to stay. I personally a7eb 3bat el raas. Reminds me of the 80’s jam3iya Look: Farg 3adel, Big Sunglasses, 3bat raas on the shoulders, an Egyptian dara3a in a vibrant color, and a wooden gobgab! Classic!

4- Mesabee7! No matter what era we are in, our men will always have an expensive mesba7 flying around in their arms. Not necessarily for prayers per say but its a must have acceossory. Now, cham wa7ed fekom inbag mesba7ah el kahrab bel dewaniya?

5- Bukhoor <3 La Jo Malone wala Air wick. Foggy bukhoor with its oriental scent always win <3

6- Bye Bye London Play! Almost 90% of the Kuwaiti population have seen it and those who haven’t will have to see it because we still rave about it and laugh over it and use its names and phrases as quotes.

7- Pizza Qay9ar! The ultimate celebration food! Until this day I manage to find a plate of pizza Qay9ar in gatherings and buffets. Never ever goes out of style 😀

8- Ke7el elhnood. Even though there are a million posh brands of expensive makeup out there, the best most used Kohl pen is the one sold in the little Indian stalls in traditional souks. You can buy a dozen with the price of one Estee Lauder Kohl pen and they will give you the blackest best kohl rimmed eyes you’ve ever drawn.

9- Banak! No matter how many new munchies are invented and out every day, people would still buy banak from the guy 3nd el dowwar. Still block the traffic and buy a clear bag filled with salty little fellas that can break your teeth into two. No matter how many times you explain how banak is made, it is still bought and consumed when in season. Not a fan, ashwa!

10- Leggings! The fashion world has already left them behind, yet the Kuwaiti women still use them excessively! The fatter and more voluptuous the woman the more fond she is of leggings. They are using white and flesh colored ones b3d with really short tops and you have a live demonstration of the girl’s jiggle test result as she walks around. Araf! Bs 3ad! El Ra7ma!

What else do you think that would never go out of style in Kuwait?

18 Responses to “10 Things That Never Go Out of Style in Kuwait”

  1. Hafsa says:

    Hahahahahahhaaaaaaaa….I must say what a list you have drawn up..very very true and hilarious!!!…I love Kuwait to bits with all this and more…
    One I would like to add is the screeching cars…For when I was small till to date…I hear the screeching maddness disturbing the stillness of the nights and the tire marks and rubber smell…but it makes me sleep with a smile that I am in Kuwait…Missed it the 3-4 years I was in Oman…

    • danderma says:

      Screeching cars? I never noticed that sound before, I must be on the lookout for it?

      • Hafsa says:

        you must have lived in a peaceful neighbourhood all your life :p
        Another one to come to my mind is the car craziness of Kuwait…every member of the household above 18 has a car hence the line up of cars parked outside kuwaiti houses is like we have when we have a party..:p Allahumma zid fa zid..:p

  2. Gergai3an, libs il3abat bil 3aza, ow il3ayadee bil 3eed. Do u agree???

    Btw i bursed out laughing when you wrote “you have a live demonstration of the girl’s jiggle test result as she walks around. Araf! Bs 3ad! El Ra7ma!”

    Hilarious but soo true!!!

  3. enigma says:

    How is banak made?

  4. Elegant Chic says:

    Superb list! 😉

  5. mona says:

    Darb il-zalag:)

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  7. Nunu-San says:

    I love this post!!!!
    Thank you for sharing (^.^)

  8. Nawar N. says:

    Check your sources! Henna doesn’t make “ALL” hair go real dry ! and some people like the smell especially when washed off the hair and mixes with the scent of good quality incense (bukhoor) and the hue differs as well depending on the hair. So if its repelling to you, it aint to many so why trash it!

    • danderma says:

      Are you the henna spokesperson or something? I am not trashing it, I am simply stating my opinion on it. I am entitled to. You should learn to respect other people’s opinion o have an open mind!