Going to Hajj This Year…

By | October 16, 2011

This year my Butootee has decided to go to Hajj insha2 Allah. Its his first time going to 7ajj to “explore” before he takes me in the years to come insha2 Allah 😀

So he has done his homework and searched for the best 7amla to take him to Mecca especially considering he is going all alone. He chose a small 7amla called Labeek and will be sharing his room with two other men he doesn’t know. So recently all we’ve been doing is preparing for his trip.

First he had to go get his 7ajj vaccinations which took us several days going from one medical center to another until we found the right one. Then we had to go buy him the 7ajj e7ram’s. He bought 3 only but I think we need to buy him some more. he bought white slippers and a black belt so I guess his e7ram outfit is complete? Bought the dettol wipes as well and the 7amla gave him a big bag and a handbag that must be packed and ready to be shipped on October the 27th.

What else do people buy to prepare for 7ajj? I remember hearing about a scent-free toiletry kit for 7ajj but I don’t know from where to buy it. Tried Al-Shaye3 and they only had the deodorant. I suppose he needs towels mo? and a clean change of clothes for when he finishes his 7ajj rituals. What about socks? Or blankets?

Have you been to 7ajj before? Is there something you recommend we buy? and from where?

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  1. giggles says:

    allah esahel 7ejat.hom inshala, i did not go to hajj but my family did and they took the things you mentioned in your post in addition to these;
    – 9abon ragi maiykon fe re7a
    – an umbrella etha il shams 8aweya
    – a light throw from ikea without e5yo6 just in case it gets cold at night
    – socks but the men did not use them they used sandels with echra5 that you get with the e7ram from mujama3 il negra in the basement
    – shampoo without re7a
    – a creme for rashes
    – a small light
    – a small ches for the jamarat

    • danderma says:

      7yate thank you so much! This is really helpful!
      9aboon elraqqi mafeeh ree7a? Tawni adry ma a3teqed ini sheftah min qabel…
      3ndi el light throw mal ikea ele bdoon khyoo6 I will pack it for him… y9eer a3a6rah 7agah wella mayjooz?
      Sandels with what? Echra5 shino?
      Min wain shampoo bdoon ree7a?
      Y9eer y7e6 cream?

      • giggles says:

        la maiy9er et3a6ren il throw, the sandels etkon feha 6abga/straps one on one for example like the shoe straps in this pic in the link bas lazim bedon e5yo6 http://www.designerstudiostore.com/lacoste-shua-strap-od-women-sneakers-shoes.html as for the shampoo bedon re7a ask the pharmacies you might find it there or check ma3rath mustlzamat il 7ajj in 52 degrees maybe you will find something there. my family took the cream for rashes liltharora but they don’t remember if they used it or not, take the cream just in case but ask sheikh il den in the 7amla awal etha e9er aw la2 before using it.

      • iLSuL6ana says:

        Allah yetqabal mina inshallah :)

        You can get the the shampoo’s soaps ,cream unscented oo wayed ashya2 from Boots pharmacy, they have 7ajj packages :)

        • danderma says:

          7ya Allah elsul6ana :) Mashkoora hon maga9artay!

          7ajj packages in Boots pharmacy? Thank you! will go grab him some today insah2 Allah :)

  2. Dear Romeo says:

    Wanasaaaaaaa!! Allah eyaser amrah w ytamam 3laih ;D
    I’ve never been to 7ajj before, Allah yakteb lenna 7ejja!!
    Mum went last year, I’ll ask her about the things he needs to take with him
    I remember mum ma 79elat scent-free toiletry kit ela b6l3t eroo7 :S

    • danderma says:

      Ameen insha2 Allah! Thank you hon :)
      Weeh latgoleen… chood elshaye3 kan 3ndohom o khala9 3yal? I will try boots…

  3. Q8Path says:

    Allah eyaser inshallah in your trip.

  4. fatsamurai says:

    Haj mabroor enshallah, last year me and my brother went.

    Get him spare e7ram and sandals and as for soap I think I got it from mansooriya coop just go into any souk and ask for it and you should find it.

    Also I hope that in mozdalifa they put them in the new facilities…. otherwise 5ale y2awe 2albo as we lebanese say it.

    Also I hope your husband is tall otherwise he is gonna suffer. I know this from experience heh.

    • danderma says:

      Erm? Laish shino ako bel mozdalifa? Ana khobry as3ab shay 3arafa mo?
      He is not very tall but not short either, average height. Laish?? Share your experience brother!

      • fatsamurai says:

        Lets just say that the sanitary facilities in Mozdalifa need to be increased a lot and upgraded, hopefully the new facility opens this year (They where testing the new facility last year and sadly admission was based on nationality I want with an expensive hamla so I know)

        3arafa is not sa3ba enshallah, basically you stay there for a set amont of time then leave and most hamla’s have there own tents and sanitary facilities so he should be fine.

        As3ab shay is in my experience 1st day of jamarat,again it was hard for me cuz im very short and had to get really close to the 3akaba (tell him to leave his top e7ram with someone cause its just gonna hinder him and he will lose it most probably) and the Last tawaf (if he is going with some friends it should be easy me and my bro and a couple of friends formed a train and it was easy but we went early, if he has 7areem with him though then allah y3eeena)

        PS la ynsa e5wana mn el do3a2

        • danderma says:

          That’s really useful information! Thank you for sharing! Insha2 Allah 3ogob hal mosa3ada ma yad3eelik may9eer :)

  5. Zooz says:

    You can get him QV products from the pharmacy (shampoo, body cream, shower gel). They are all soup free and fragrance free.
    I recommend that he also packs a pair of sneakers (which he can wear after “fak el e7ram”) and Deep Heat cream (to relieve any muscular pain from excessive walking).
    Good luck to him allah ysahel 7ajhum o ytegabal menhm ya rab o yakteb lech troo7een el 7aj inshalla:)

    • danderma says:

      Deep heat cream! 3ad oho bro7ah ma y3aber yamshi dgeega o yetsakrab! Great tip!
      Thank you hon so much :* Ameen insha2 Allah :)

  6. Hafsa says:

    Yup, I have been to Haj a few years back and hubby went recently ALhumdulilah..an amazing experience..May Allah accept it from all, ameen!
    As for preparation…here goes:
    -Since its a winter haj and it rained when hubby went so a small water proof tent to sleep in just for the night in mudalifa as no tents there unless his hamla provides…you can buy those simple tents for 5 kd in Lulu hyper Qurain…
    -Fleece blanket..
    -a small sleeping bag unless provided by the hamla…
    -tell him to keep a few pairs of the haj slippers (the kind which have an upside down V..as thats the only kind allowed for men in ehram…and slippers can get lost and break etc…
    -I think 3 ehrams are more than enough..make sure to buy the thick towel material as its a winter Haj…
    -an extra belt won’t be a bad idea also..
    -a small cloth mesh bag to put the stones for throwing at the shaitan in jamaraat…tell him to collect 7 times 7=49 plus extra so around 60 and then wash them through the bag ..as some stones can be just balls of sand so he will know if needs to pick more just in case…
    -Religious books about the manasik of Haj with all the duas…HAj is a big big 3bada and one must study as much as they can from before so that they can perform the rituals correctly and fully inshallah.

    Also a tip hubby says to all going for Haj…start walking!…walk walk walk from before so u build your stamina and the Jamaraat place is huge and requires a lot of walking…so walking and getting fit from before will definitely benefit!
    Thats all I can think of..I will ask hubby more and get back if I missed anything..hope it helps!

    • danderma says:

      Great tips hon! Can the bag for Jamarat be with stitches wella may9eer too?

      Ee he started walking recently, 3ad he is one lazy couch potato :p

      Thank you hon so so much :*

  7. Dana says:

    taking alot of stuff aint’ usefull.
    7amla provides you mostly with basics bags for arafa and rami and mina.
    i’ll try to write down what we used ALOT;
    – toilet paper, either u take or buy from there, wherever u go, keep a roll with u.
    – Simple products, deodrant, soap and etc.
    -slippers for moving around the hotel diff than the shoe you move around there. lots of dirt so try to take 2 for the comfort of ur foot.
    – socks !
    – your own Quraan and Ad3ya booklet
    – toilet seat papers if avalable, and yes many.
    – dates and small sweets always in ur pocket.
    – klinex.
    – wear t-shirts and not sleevless. u’ll be glad and clean most times.
    detol wipes and antibacterials wont do you much, what i know that nothing with a smell/ perfume.

    • danderma says:

      Toilet paper?
      Hmm but you can use dettol wipes to wipe things you want to use not on yourself right? Like opening a door or wiping a toilet seat for example? Will have to make sure…

      Thank you hon so much, you’ve got a great list 😀

  8. Nunu-San says:

    Wanasa! Allah ysahhil 3alaih o yetqabbal minnah winshallah its gonna be a good experience. Wil fal 7ag elli ma ra7aw (^.^)

  9. N says:

    sorry I cannot go over the comments, you will DEFINITELY find unscented stuff in boots. If you dont find a Hajj specific package, you will find it in the allergic section akeed (no scent)

  10. noon says:

    alaah ytagabal inshalaah o yroo7 o yerja3 bilsalama, i want to go to 7aj, im just waiting for the right time

  11. Elegant Chic says:

    Wishing him a safe journey! :)

  12. shesalfah says:

    Allah yetqabal mina inshallah ^_^

    Wish you both all the best

  13. newq8bride says:

    enshalah i am going this year , and jj too , plz post about the list that butootte is taking with him , jj mtwaheg 7ddaa ma nadree shno nakheth

    • danderma says:

      Laa? Zain insha2 Allah bacher i will post about it. Taqabal Allah moqadaman o etro7oon o etrdoon bel salama 😀