Habba Alert: 7ejab Bu Tafkha Version 2!

Lens By | October 17, 2011

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where to buy accutane online acne.org When the 7ejab Bu Tafkha came out a few years ago, the amount of ridicule those who wore it got was overwhelming, yet they didn’t care and the girls sporting the look grew by rapid numbers.

Petrolina Slowly the look began to diminish. BUT…

http://cowmanauction.com/store Well in the past few months I’ve noticed a revival of the 7jab Bu Tafkha with a new twist: Part the front of your hair, pile it up high in a subtle bukla, place the 7ejab on top so it shows 1/2 your hair on top, and keep the tafkha on the very top back and make it a very big huge one! They look even worse than before! 9ar hawdaj mo tafkha! Yoboooy!

What the hell is that look? Doesn’t their heads hurt with all the weight on top? I wish I could draw a better picture but this is the most my artistic talent could get! What on earth is wrong with a simple plain 7jab? or 7jab bu kleenex! 7ar! Ya nass 7ar! Ma tkheshoon? The think is so heavy and bothersome a woman almost slammed into my car the other day because she was adjusting “Her pretty 7ejab look” while driving, tadroon el anaqa kanat ra7 tekhtereb if she didn’t fix it in the street w3liya. So this post is in her honor.

It doesn’t look like 7ejab Bu Tafkha is going anywhere soon :(

22 Responses to “Habba Alert: 7ejab Bu Tafkha Version 2!”

  1. Rainy says:

    watch out someone will tell you why are u putting my cousin photo .. looool … wala i wear hijab recently and i don’t like the over taf5aaa .. it’s not elegant at all

    • danderma says:

      Loool ee remember?
      Madry y3ni oho broo7ah eldeera 7ar o qatta o qamta… wa7ed bel yallah 7jab khafeef o ham yekhteneg, hal door 3 6awabeq 3a rasah min foog? Laaish? o yaraitah 7elo b3d! halagaa!

  2. Halloum says:

    haha I`ve seen that! HORRIBLE! The first version was more merciful to the eyes.

  3. noon says:

    lol1 theres a girl at work that looks exactly like her!

  4. Elegant Chic says:

    Now that’s an awesome painting! 😀

    Have seen that! LOL 😆

  5. Elegant Chic says:

    Do check your post box! 😉

  6. Mouna says:

    This is not hejab,it’s anything else but not hejab!!
    Allah tester Ala alyay.

  7. Rummy says:

    It’s been around for a long while b 9ara7a. Absolutelt a trun off and awful

  8. Sherifa says:

    Hahahaha my number 1 question is what the hell do they put in there ??????? Just wondering

  9. Toomzie says:

    NOOOO!!! NOOOOO!!! hahhah!

  10. Me says:

    laish 7a6a sorat bent 3am eboy? sheleha.

  11. Om Lujain says:

    ermmm…. ebsera7aa.. I don’t see how the term ‘hejab’ can even be used here.. lol… my God… if you don’t want to wear a HIJAB… just don’t wear it.. this really is a hot mess! wai3! Thank GOD for our religious police here.. lol.. no one would get away with such atrocity 😛