Come & Meet the 2nd *GOOD* leqaymat … & My burned Hand!!!

buy modafinil now By | September 21, 2008


Ok you do remember my previous post about the worst lqemat ever?

So… I tried to buy lqemat to my taste from several places, Arth il Qemma (6af), 3washa (Also 6af), Danish Bakery (Actually very golden o appetizing but a bit.. bitter?), Ameer El-Omra2 (Whats up with the name? fine, not good, just fine), Sableh (Ya lahweeeeee)…

So whats a fasting girl who loves to cook got to do?!

I research online, and search and search, and found many tips on how to make lqemayt, which appear in every tradition… Indian, Greek, Jewish, Egyptian, Lebanese and Middle East in General. So if almost all people on earth do eat lqemat, i must have a 2nd go…

and i did! i used a little  amount of the packet of Hoing Loqmat il Qathee (100 g of the 500g mix)… added some cardemom (hail) powder and some saffron to add a bit of taste, o made a perfect 3jeena! Used a bag and oil in both my hands with a deeeeeeeeep dish of hot oil (well half a bottle of mazola oil heated for 100g lqemat seems like a waste sra7a.. what are people to do with the rest of oil once done?)

Elmohim, I seem to have kinda mastered the art of makiing round crunchy lqemat. The only problem was i thought they were burning fa took them out very soon. Y3ni things were going fine. I will post pictures below… All went well… taste was yummy with my own home made sheera infused with saffron and rose water… they are almost all round. They are yummy … here are the pictures… but read the rest.


There is always a but…

with the last few lqemat, one of them decided to jump into the oil rather than slide into it.

Which meant the wicked leqaymataya made searing hot oil jump out and SPLASH into the nearest object there is… my right hand :(

I wanted to post a picture. But sra7a its too gruesome. Ishwaya itkhar3. Huge deep burn. It has been hurting me for days now o its is an ugly 2nd degree burn in a very critical part of my hand. Id3olee allah yesahfeeha o il pain goes away… o allah ye3afee ilee ikhtara3 il meboo cream bu re7at sebal. Thankfully we have no monkeys nor elephants living around in Kuwait wella chan all of them ran after me thinking i was a giant peanut or something. I smell like mokasarat all day long…

but i ate my yummy lqemat :)

o Mom is still screaming her lungs out at me… o baffled as to why i cant just accept the fact that bakeries do make good enought lqemat to eat o khalas. O im forbidden to enter the kitchen for a while (forever to mom) … actually i wanted badly to eat lqemat again today, o promised my hubby i would wear plastic gloves .. he wouldnt hear of it.


3 Responses to “Come & Meet the 2nd *GOOD* leqaymat … & My burned Hand!!!”

  1. Lama says:

    Sorry about your hand dear, I hope it is better now.

    keep trying until you master the legemat making( your mom will hate for this comment :) ), and then have your own 3awasha shop. and Call it Legemat Danderma.

  2. delicatelyrealistic says:

    Re7ta simsim mo sbaaaal!!
    O selamat !!

  3. yara4ever says:

    looooooooooool b3aaaaaad 3omri m9aaaaaamima 3ala elqaimaat 😛 hope ur hand is better now :(