Hajj Preparations: E7ram with Velcro Strap

By | October 25, 2011

The most important thing to buy for a man going to 7ajj is his e7ram. Butootee had already bought 3 normal e7rams but he heard that there is a certain type of e7ram that can hold itself up and doesn’t need a belt or pins. It has velcro strap that is stapled on and sticks together quite nicely.

So we went to Mubarkiya and asked around. The only place that seemed to sell it is an old and well known shop “Al-Mosallam”. There were two kinds one Chinese and one Kuwaiti. One of them sold for 5 KD and the other which we got was for 7.5 KD and we chose it because it closes better. Lets just hope Butootee still gets to go to 7ajj, given that he is flying on Kuwait’s ariways who cancelled all their 7ajj flights :(

If you are still looking for an extra e7ram you can go and visit Al-Mosallam store in Mubarkiya to get yourself one. Tel: 22431322.

6 Responses to “Hajj Preparations: E7ram with Velcro Strap”

  1. love the functionality of it. did you check if its still a “valid” and “allowed” e7ram!?

  2. Hafsa says:

    Love it..will def go and get some for hubby as we go to umra often…
    Whats this about kuwait airways I am hearing???..why did they cancel haj flights??..weird! Kuwait airways is full of surprises and this has to be the strangest yet! I hope your husbands hamla will find an alternative…what is the hamla saying about this?

    • danderma says:

      They are saying nothing so far so will have to just wait and see and act like its going to be resolved soon.

  3. Dee says:


    ya36eech el 3afya 3ala the post bas i called the number oo 6ala3 ghala6? :/