Are you Having a Hard Time Waking Up in the Morning These Days?

New Iberia By | November 1, 2011

For the past week or so I’ve really had a very hard time getting up from bed. It doesn’t matter what time I go to bed: 10, 11, 12… the result is always the same. I would have a very deep almost dreamless sleep and nothing on earth would wake me up. When I eventually wake up I would wake up tired and sleepy and most likely I would nap in the afternoon and sleep early that night too!

Surprisingly I am not the only one! My husband, my work colleagues, my friends… all suffering from the same symptoms! My theory is the weather: the good weather has more oxygen and the change in weather have blown off our biological clock or something? Does that make any sense?

Are you having trouble getting up in the morning? Do you have any idea why? Most importantly, do you have a solution other than sleeping early?

18 Responses to “Are you Having a Hard Time Waking Up in the Morning These Days?”

  1. Just A Bunch says:

    woooh, can’t help you there! To me, having to wake early is simply one of the worst feelings ever! HATE IT! Luckily, I don’t work so I don’t have to wake up way early as working people do, but alas, sometime, I feel those nasty feelings (of being forced to wake up, grrrrrr!!!!) when I stay up late & have to be up for an early event/class… so y3ny, maku faida!
    but u know what my horrible sleeping patterns have told me? that too less sleeping is just as bad as too much sleeping; the key is balance & sleeping at night time is perfect.

    btw, I guess your theory about the weather is right, I often feel like oversleeping, or not waking up right away when the weather is cool/cold. The bed just feels so warm, you know! You don’t wanna leave it to be hit by the cold breeze outside!

    • danderma says:

      Maybe but I don’t feel the cold/warm debate when I wake up. I just feel that my eyes are to heavy and my head is spinning out of control?

      I tried my best, I slept in regular intervals, I made sure I am early to bed, its just no use :(

  2. Rummy says:

    Yesss same here and I thought I was having a disease or something…

  3. B says:

    Yes!!! I pass out by 12 max and I just can’t seem to wake up in the morning! My eyes are sooo heavy and automatically shut when I try to wake up – it’s so frustrating! I feel very groggy even 2 hours after waking up, madri shfene mani gadra a9a79e7 even with coffee. I need a solution :(

    • danderma says:

      Me too! If you find a solution let me know! I can’t possibly sleep all day long y3ni!

  4. shopgirlq8 says:

    cut off the caffiene tea(i know you are a BIG fan) and coffee that will make you more relax when you sleep and tense free… and skip the afternoon nap

  5. Hafsa says:

    eeee me tooo…I can so relate with u on this…could be the weather or cuz I am fasting the first 10 days of zilhij thats why maybe in my case but whatever it is I want to sleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeep!:p

    • danderma says:

      I don’t think its the fasting because many of use are suffering while not fasting. Definitely the weather!

  6. swera says:

    waaaaaaaaaaaay eeeeh! ambeeh i can’t seem to move my head up! it’s as if it’ stuck to the pillow! i hv to do things early morning bs seriously i can’t wake up! & im always late to work, & it starts at 9! ooffff

    i think it’s the weather wallah!

  7. giggles says:

    ee 7eta ana nafs il shaiy kil youm e9er feni chethe

  8. noon says:

    on the contrary, i wake up really early with this weather, like 5: 30 am! its like i dont want to waste a minuet not enjoying this beautiful weather even if i didnt sleep well 😀

  9. Sarah says:

    I’ve read that vit D deficiency can cause fatigue and sleepiness, check it out. I had a very low vit D levels and when i took the shots i became more energetic early in the morning. don’t know if that’s your case though.

    • danderma says:

      Just received my Vitamin D results and they are good so its not the Vitamin D for sure…