Why I’ll Never Ever Write a Love Letter Again… EVER!

Omutninsk By | November 1, 2011


When I was packing my husband’s bags for 7ajj I had this overwhelming feeling of wanting to surprise him with something when he unpacks. I thought about stuffing the No3man dolly but then I was afraid No3man would decide to stay in Mecca and never want to come back. I thought about writing him a love letter, then I immediately remembered WHY I have sworn never to write the man a love letter again. As a matter of fact I have blogged about it in May 2009 (post). I thought of sharing this post again with you guys especially to the readers who didn’t read my blog back then.

No more love letters for this guy, lo shino! Ryayeel el q8 mo mal love letters!

BY  | MAY 8, 2009



OMG I’m sooo EMBARASSED … i don’t know where to hide my face!!!!

You see, during the end of 2008, my Butootee was going for a 3 day 3omra trip with a friend.

It was the first time he leaves me alone and travels from the day we got married. I was extra emotional. I was crying. and i decided to write him a nice love letter for him to remember me by. It was very gushy, lovey dovey, and absolutely not meant for anyone’s eyes other than his…


I remember stuffing it in his Passport Bag. I remember him texting me later regarding this lovely letter that made him very happy… He went, i cleaned out his private room and threw most of the stuff away without his consent (and his knowledge until this day).

and today, i guess i got the punishment for throwing his stuff  -apparently-

You see, he stuffed the love letter into a book. O forgot about it.

He gave the book to his travel mate.

His travel mate. lets call him A, put the book in his own bag, and apparently he did not fully unpack it yet.

Last week, A’s mom needed a bag cause she is traveling, decides to empty his bag and check his books and papers and whether he needs them or not. When she falls upon MY LOVE LETTER!


and the woman is FURIOUS! She thinks its a letter to her son from his girlfriend, not a good situation and intensified by the fact that her son is an only boy over several girls.

and she calls him over, screams and yells at him for having a girlfriend who sends him letters, although my husbands nickname is there I don’t know why she overlooked his name for her son’s namee?

He, embarrassed and baffled to where the letter came from, swears over and over that he has no girl friend, and he doesnt know where that letter came from.

Problem is the guy loves fool (beans)… and i was saying something like (don’t forget to eat tons of fool) becasue the hotel they are staying at provides good fool for breakfast (in my defence it was a long love letter and i was running out of things to say y3ni)… his mom reads that and BAM it confirms her theory of foul play -pun intended-!

Thank god the letter was not signed by my name, it was only signed by “ur wife”… i hope the lady didnt think the boy was married behind her back b3d!!!!

and of course he read MY LOVE LETTER!

and so to prove to his mom that the letter means nothing and he is not hiding it for safekeeping, he tore it in front of her eyes :`(

My love letter… read by other people, and torn into pieces…

and then the guy puts two and two together and thinks it’s from me to my husband…

and now Butootee, laughing, nonchalantly tells me!!!

and i feel like hiding!!! Like never getting out of the house again!!!

Wakhzyaaa  Wazkhzyaa Wakhzyaaaa

and since he is not so good at keeping our correspondence private, I am NEVER WRITING HIM ANY LOVE LETTERS EVER AGAIN!

I just pray i never run into the guys mom!!! Wakhzyaaaaa

18 Responses to “Why I’ll Never Ever Write a Love Letter Again… EVER!”

  1. Kuweight 64 says:

    Oh this sounded both funny and terrible. Oh my god…what a worrisome and embarrasing experience you had to go through! You love your husband immensly and he knows it – that should do right? – No more love letters. As a teen of 13 years, a very-very long time ago, I wrote in my diary the exchanging of love letters between my friend who was 16 and her boyfriend. My mother found my diary while cleaning the cupboard…went through my notes and you can imagine the rest….LOL…She didnt want me to be friends with the girl and the girl’s mother was informed and the friendship between this girl and her bf was broken. I felt terrible. However, she was absolutely sweet person, who is now leading a happy married life and holds no remorse towards my silly innocent childish act of writing about others’ private stuff in my diary! After that, I don’t do diary writing anymore . LOL. P.S. I love the way you write…you have a great way with words and expressing them…..

    • danderma says:

      Oooooooops ur story is more disastrous than mine! I hope ur friends wasn’t furious!!!!

  2. Just A Bunch says:


    I CAN’T STOP LAUGHING! *rolls on the floor*

    waaay, I’m so glad I stumbled upon this post! MADE MY DAY!

    Thank you for sharing this! From now on, I shall tell all my married girlfriends/relatives not to send their hubbies any love letters!

    OMG! ahahahaha! I couldn’t stop laughing out loud wallah! aham shy il foul play – pun intended! ga6a3atny min ethi7ik! HAHAHAHAHA!!

    Dandarma, you soooo reminded me of my best friend just now! I so need to send her this! ehheee heee hee haahahahaha! xD xD XD!!!!

    btw, please, don’t take this the wrong way; I am in NO WAY laughing AT your little misfortune, but merely laughing at the main topic, and the way you wrote it is amazingly comedic (wa5iziah – fool – just crtacked me up totally! xD)


    • danderma says:

      loooooooooooooooool ur comment is flowing with laughter… its actually making me laugh 😀
      Much obliged 😉

  3. Just A Bunch says:

    hee hee I still can’t stop laughing! My jaw is starting to hurt! loool
    I just wanted to make you feel better just in case my last comment was a bit too strong! lool I just wanna say that everyone has an/some embarrassing moment/s in their lives where they just feel like evaporating and vanishing and never to be heard from or seen ever again, but so little of us have the courage to actually share it with others, let alone share it to the WHOLE WORLD! You got courage, girl! You really do & now, just because of your little warning here (which TOTALLY made my day, as I already mentioned! hee hee omg, here I go again! xD) hopefully, lots of women will be aware of the the consequences of sending a love letter to the wrong hands!

    P.S: I soooo know how it feels like when you run into someone like the mother or your hubby’s friend! hee hee so hopefully, you never EVER run into them ever again! hahaha! xD

  4. Just A Bunch says:

    I’m glad your laughing as well! payed you back! raddait lich iljameel! hee hee xD

    loool y7lailich wallah wo y7lail sewalifich! xD

  5. Hafsa says:

    AMbayyyy…pooor you!!!…ufff! I can’t imagine how embarrassed you must have felt….but your husband is a good sport for finding it funny..mine would have felt equally embarrassed ..lol!
    I rem when hubby went for Haj, I did leave a small note for him full of the special du3as I wanted him to make..and told him to open it in arafat and read it then and make those du3as…nothing lovey dovey but just a small personal note which he felt was a very sweet thing to do..:)

    • danderma says:

      Now that’s an idea, a surprise list of all the do3a2’s I want him to say on my behalf :p

  6. enigma says:

    fool?? FOOOL?? in a LOVE LETTER??

    Honey, you SUCK at love letter writing!!

    that was hilarious allah yfashl ebleesich

    • danderma says:

      Trust me I weaved it through the love letter nicely. Writing is the one thing I can do well!
      But somehow rej3at 3lay raddee :p

  7. giggles says:

    that was embarrasing 3ad ana gayla laiy allah ketabli il zawaj inshala bakteb love letters to my hubby bas shakli 8ayart rayey after your post hehe i think i will stick to love notes 😉

  8. lool too cute for words

  9. sherifalqassar says:

    hahhahhahahaha laughed so hard totally made my day cuz my day was so boring . ya im one of those ppl who didnt know ur blogger back then. maskeena 7ada embarrasing lool bas this shows how much your in love husband its so cute wla