What Can You Buy with a 5 Fils Coin?

Guararema By | November 3, 2011


We were talking about currencies and how they break into coins when the subject arose regarding the purchasing power of our local Kuwaiti coin. We racked our brains and realized the cheapest thing we can come up with is a loaf of Iranian bread for 20 fils! So the 20 fils can purchase something, the 1 fils is rarely seen anymore. What about the 5 fils coin?

Do you have any idea on things we can purchase with a 5 fils coin? That we can actually pay for them with the 5 fils?

17 Responses to “What Can You Buy with a 5 Fils Coin?”

  1. Nezar says:

    والله صعبه ب5 فلس… 10 فلس ممكن… على قولت رفيجي كانوا أول لمن يشترون بفك من البقاله يحطون وياه دقوس ب10 فلس… ما أدري اذا في أحد للحين يسوي جذي

  2. Hafsa says:

    hmm interesting question…5 and 10 fils…nmaybe in the past when the world was cheaper..now I think u can only use it to make up the 1.975 kinda totals I guess…

  3. Marron Glace says:

    Whats with you & the coins ? loOol

    Well I’m not sure what can we buy in this amount !!

    I think it might be better to cancel it as they did with 1 fils

    No more coin post for the next two months hhhhh

    • danderma says:

      I just have a ton of them lying around, they are driving me mad :p

      • Marron Glace says:

        loool please don’t be some people don’t have what you have
        so if you don’t need them you always can donate to poor people
        don’t say FASHLA !!

        There is nothing wrong with it its call money , or put them in
        the jars where there collecting coins to give it up to
        jam3eyat 5aireyah if you wish to get rid of them .


  4. ala3alam says:

    box of cucumber in summer for 10 fils

    • danderma says:

      9ej? It is for 10 fils? mo 9ar ib 500?
      Then the 10 has a value. The 5 is totally useless!

  5. Lemonyyy says:

    Fe el 3elch elburtqaaaali elle yinba3 bil baqaalaa wel fer3! Lol etha ma kint ghal6ana eb 5Fils! ;p

  6. H says:

    collect 3 (5) fils and donate a meal for africans in al3on elmobasher (abdulrahman alsumait charity org.)
    collect 4 (5) fils and buy khobza eranya 😉

  7. c says:

    gabil i used to buy something like gum… now gum is over 100 fils
    so sad – kilshay wayid ghali!

    You know shino ey7ir? I remember wayid chocolates in the jam3iya from my childhood and they were priced at 50 or 100 fils.. and then discontinued from here…and came back as kakaw landan and sold for obscene prices.

    Ams i craved maltesears…. i remember it being 100 fils…i got it for 220 ams… laaish!?

    So I cannot think of anything to do with a mere 5 fils

    • danderma says:

      I remember when I wanted to buy a lousy pack of m&m’s and the cashier said 250 fils!
      I was like what? when did that happen exactly?!
      El deniya naar!

  8. viper says:

    I’m guessing you can buy one quarter of an iranian loaf..or can ya..?