10 Actors I didn’t Recognize as Children

By | November 17, 2011

You know when you watch an old movie and you realize isn’t that little kid familiar and then you go oooh this is XYZ? Let me give you my list…

1- Amanda Seyfried: Who starred in Red Riding Hood and In Time. I was watching Mean Girls and my husband insisted that the third dumb girl was her. I googled her and he was right! She looked different !

2- Taylor Lautner: Or Twilight’s Jacob. I was watching Cheaper by the Dozen 2 and the little neighbors boy interested in the naughty girl looked very much like a young Jacob! 3ammo google confirmed it, he was!

3- Elijah Wood: Better known as the hobbit Frodo in The Lord of the Rings. I was watching a 1994 movie North yesterday when there he was, Frodo with his big innocent blue eyes! Y7leelah he didn’t change much since then!

4- Sean Astin: If you saw and liked the goonies you would know he was one of them. He also is Frodo’s companion Sam in LOTR. He still has the same solemn expression, just became very fat.

5- Kirsten Dunst: She starred in Spiderman. Then I saw Jumanji and there she was, all tiny with her hair in plaits. Her face didn’t change at ALL!

6- Kristen Stewart: Or Bella in Twilight. I was watching the Panic Room on DVD the other day and the kid looked familiar, a bit blonder that Bella but google confirmed it, it was a young Kristen Stewart all right!

7- Hilary Swank: Academy award winner. I was wondering who in his right mind would cast her a role in a movie. Then I saw the old movie The Next Karate Kid and there was a very young and much prettier Hilary Swank! Now I understand.

8- Angelina Jolie. Who doesn’t know Angelina. One day there was this very old -and bad. and cheesy- movie, Love is All There is, about two Italian lovers to be separated by their families and there was Angelina, young, fresh faced, with cheeks! How cute!

9- Christian Bale. Or as I now call him the broody Batman. I saw a very little broody boy with the exact same expression in pictures of the 80’s movie Empire of the Sun. His expression never changed ever since he was little! Wow!

10- Paul McCrane: Or better known as Dr. Romano in ER. I loved Dr. Romano and hated how they ended him role in ER. Then I watched the 1980 movie Fame and there he was, exact same face but a with a full head of orange curls! 24 years later and poof its all gone!

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