Help: Where to get 7ajj Themed Chocolate?

By | November 7, 2011

As my Bu Tootee is now officially a “7aji” and as customary for 7ejaj I wanted to throw him a big reception with dinner for his family and friends. However he hates being the center of attention so he refused point blank but said I can get him 7ajj themed chocolate to distribute.  Now I’ve never done this before and usually I only trust my own taste but I have no time.

So help me please, where do I buy him a good quality good wrapping very elegant modernish not khabba chocolates for distribution that would take my order for next Monday without complaint? and not obscenely priced with bya3 el ward wrapping?


6 Responses to “Help: Where to get 7ajj Themed Chocolate?”

  1. Jenan Jamal says:

    Also we have a 7ajji in our home, my Bro, we bought him small boxes from Baya3 al wrd written (7aj MaBroor o sa3i mashkoor) it was off white boxes the written was in black. we filled it with plain chocolate from Cube Qamardeen Chocolate from Coconia (i think the shop name spell like this)

    • danderma says:

      3yzana aroo7 bya3 elward :( abi a7ad ysawee o y’3alfa o eyeblee eyah lel beet…
      Allah yraje3 okhooch bel salama inshallah o yetqabal 6a3tah :)

  2. zoza says:

    Try Chocopolis, arraya center, m2 … I can send you samples or pictures of designs.

  3. Pink GirL Q8 says:

    try rohr at olympia they have more than 40 chocolate flavors o alcollection mal al7aj eshaweg o alchocolate frish men swiss :)
    and get this offer 😉