Book Review: Steve Jobs by Walter Issacson By | November 13, 2011


On the first Friday of the past long holiday I dropped my husband off at the airport then went into That Al-Salasil bookstore and got me a copy of Steve Job’s just published biography. Although I have about a hundred unread books in my library I made the choice to read Steve Jobs book in my long lonely vacation and as it turns out it was the perfect choice.

I wasn’t a fan of Mr. Jobs nor a follower when he was alive. I didn’t crumble into a heap upon his death. As a matter of fact I am not much of a fan of his products -aside from my iPod that is- and I hate his computer systems. However, when I began reading his biography written by the man who made books about Albert Einstein and someone else I can’t recall, I couldn’t help but to develop a deep sense of awe at what has been an extraordinary life, good and bad, of a barefoot long haired filthy hippie who literally changed the face of the world and reshaped it into what it is now.

According to the biography, Steve Jobs was a bad person: Dirty, Egomaniac, Disloyal, a Pushover, Rude, Tyrant, Foul Mouthed, and downright crazy. He walked around barefoot and even enjoyed soaking his bare feet in toilet bowls when he is stressed g63! Yet he did give back to the world. If I learned anything its that I shouldn’t categorize people into black and white sections. There is always the grey area, and there is always a grain of good in people that must not be overlooked.

The biography is around 570 pages long and is not an easy read. However every word is enjoyable and sometimes I simply couldn’t put it down as the story line just took my breath away. Highly recommended even if you are not a Steve Jobs fan!

7 Responses to “Book Review: Steve Jobs by Walter Issacson”

  1. swera says:

    & i thought biting my nails when stressed is smth awful 😛

    i got more tempted to read the book, was planning to buy it bs mako wagt kellesh :S

  2. Jacqui says:

    That’s like a major spoiler :/ Ma a7ebech kelesh khalas! Em7arbetich!

    I bought the book read a few chapters then put it down bcos I got lazy and sucked into my TV Shows bs this week I plan to finish it.

    • danderma says:

      La la mako spoilers! I said nothing that wasn’t known :p Don’t worry you are still in for a great ride!

  3. NOON says:

    got the book too :) def. not an easy read ! but the words and how they describe him make the boo great looking forward to finishing it.