Joey Doesnt Share Food!!!

cytotec to buy in canada By | August 24, 2008 jtbn

Remember the golden days… when we had new episodes of friends to look forward to?

I am a big friends junkie by the way…

I, being a UK person and not a US person,  have never set foot in new york before. Yes i know what a pizza in britian or italy is like, but never a new yorkean one.

O im the kind of person ile loves food. When i see a show where people eat food, i crave what they are eating. Except for meaty stuff since im a vegeterian y3ni.

Anyways, can you count how many times did joey tribbiani eat pizza in Friends?

Do you remember that huge, bubbly, goey pizza he used to bring, o every one would take a piece or a slice, and we would have nothing over here but call 2465050?!?!?

Well not anymore!

Yesterday at the avenues, 3ogob ma la3at chabdi min il sales person, we found a new pizza place. Now dont get me wrong, i am not that much into “reviewing food” as im not a food critic y3ni. But we tried to pizza place in the new food court. By the way in the scale of food courts, avenues new one rocks! i hate food courts and im insulted if im told to sit in one, but so far if u sit far away near Johnny rockets, it becomes bearable.

Anyways, its a new pizza parlor , nina pizza or something, i didnt catch the name really but its between crums and antie anne’s pretzels. Ma 3ndohom ila margharita, pepperoni, veggeterian, and supreme thingy. Fa i took the margharita as i believe that the pizza must be a plain margharita pizza in order to feel its a pizza. Nothing on top. Perioud. bs 6b3an this is my beliefe. and the PIzza was GOOOOOOD

I was imagning myself in friends apartment, sitting with them, eating this pizza, hogging a whole pizza box for my own, and screaming at anyone who comes by “Joey Doesnt SHARE FOOD” … now i feel what u mean joey…

and if you have guessed correctly, not im not matchstick thin. Not even close. and i love pizza. and chocolate. and i have rules regarding eating pizza in Q8… never eat pizza in here. Only in UK or Europe. It is just aisnt pizza. Just like Joey would say regarding low fat mayo “It is not mayo” … but from now on… i am making an exception. This pizza is good.

oh and if you do not like the taste of cheddar cheese. Then dont try it.  

So whats next? Im planning a new kind of Qraish, just for me special qraish. Wont eat anything for a day. Friends Episodes, notibaly ones with pizza. Buy one margharita pizza for my self from that place, o a jug of diet coke. o Sit alone watching it o eating my pizza 3laaaaaaaa ra7tee until the wee hours of morning 😀

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  1. Lama says:

    Hmmmm ,,, ;P

    I liked this Pizza place :) I tried the Veggi one and it was nice.

    I think it is called New york Pizza, :)

    the downside ,,, they serve Pepsi,

  2. danderma says:

    It is good right?!

    I have no differentiation between pepsi o cola, I only drink diet o its doesnt taste nice.

    the only cola i did drink that i recall was GOOOD u know what?

    Remember Like Cola? hehehe a7ebah shasawee

    7safa they dont make it anymore

  3. yara4ever says:

    shawagteni now i want pizza and coke :( 3ad 9arli yemkin 4 years mo sharba pepsi or coke… 7-up i do drink, bs mostly i order water in restaurants ta3awadt ;/ now when i try to drink pepsi or coke it burns my throat ;/ o enty methli about the margarita pizza .. aslan some places in italy only do margarita pizza and ur only choice is regular or extra cheese :)

  4. danderma says:

    another thing in common between us! Pizza to me = Margharita Pizza… anytihng else and it strips it from its pizza quality. Sometimes i add mushrooms but in very rare occasions now adays…

    sej latheetha try it before it loses its touch … I read the name again a few days back its nina or narnia pizza thing madry leesh il ism mo rathy yathbet ib my mind?!

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