Do You Know How to Use a Meswach?

By | November 16, 2011

Part of my 7ajj soo’3a was two different sticks of Meswach. My Bu Tootee had actually returned home with several boxes of Mesaweech as souvenirs!

I have never succeed in using Meswach before. Bu Tootee says you have to bite it and chew it and use it as if its a brush. However all I get is pieces of wood breaking in my mouth. They say its very healthy and beneficial for dental hygiene bs I don’t think anyone in the modern days knows how to use it let alone actually using it.

Do you know how to use a Meswach?Have you ever tried it before? Any tips?

12 Responses to “Do You Know How to Use a Meswach?”

  1. Q8Path says:

    Its really easy to use.
    Just open it – wash it with water, and clear your teeth :)
    Just try to clean it whenever you what to use it again in-case for any external bacteria :)

    • danderma says:

      Mo el moshkila when I clear my teeth all I get is chunks of wood o etefatat o mako shay yenthaf :S

  2. Om ALzain says:

    شوفي يادندرمه أول شي تشوفين لج طريقه تعقمينه:)
    ثاني شي تمسكين طرفه بايدج وبالطرف الآخر تدعكين أسنانج
    (رأس العود)

  3. Bo-7amood says:

    Taqabal Allah Inshala O hajj Mabroor o Thanb Maghfoor Inshala.

    First you have to shave about 1/2 cm or less from the wood cover or “Skin” with a knife not too much just a little and make sure that the shaved part is thin not too thick otherwise you’ll end up brushing with a less fibers.

    o Good Luck i hope it helps :)

    • danderma says:

      Thank you :)

      OK after cutting the top b3dain? you just go up and down on ur teeth? kella ye6l3 khashab o doesn’t clean anything!

  4. 7amood says:

    same as the ones i am using..

    i use them everyday here in the u.s. … it helps to cut cravings when i am fasting.

    • danderma says:

      9ej? how do you use them then?

      • 7amood says:

        clean your teeth with it.. and keep it in your mouth since the chemicals it releases fight cavity and leave a good smell.

        think of the marlboro man biting on a hay straw..bite on it slightly and keeep it at the corner of your mouth.

        its normal for the wood ‘skin’ to break off in your mouth..

        • danderma says:

          But then all you are left with is pieces of wood floating around in your mouth and you have to spit them out mo?

          • 7amood says:

            mo ga3id agoolich takleenha akil! 😀

            wood wears off eventually. i have been using my latest miswak for 3 days and wood is still intact.. if wood is wearing off awal ma tista3mileenha then you are biting too hard. its normal to swallow the wood.. if you insist on biting hard on it 😉

            happy miswakng!

          • danderma says:

            Loool OK thank you! Happy Miswaking to you too!