Cham boosa itboson lama etsalmoon?

By | November 17, 2011

Tra wehga!

When two women greet each other in Kuwait, how many types of kisses are there?

Ako only two, one on each cheek. Ako four, two on each cheek. Ako only one on one cheek -very rare-. Ako one on the left cheek and then multiples on the other cheek. Wa haloma Jarra!

If you greet a woman there is almost always that awkward moment when one of you pulls away done with the kissing while the other one is still in the process of planting kisses. Fashla o not cool!

I, although a person who loathes greetings and kissing, usually go with two kisses, one on each cheek. This minimizes the number of kissing and will ensure that if there is any awkward moment it won’t be my doing. Sometimes I can sense if someone wants to continue kissing and I go with the flow. Sometimes I don’t, I pull away, and someone is always left with a kiss lingering mid-air.

What is your greeting kissing style? How many kisses do you plant? and if its more than two may I ask: for the love of god WHY?

20 Responses to “Cham boosa itboson lama etsalmoon?”

  1. M says:

    In lebanon its 3 kisses, so we always know :p

    • danderma says:

      So its a standard thing :p we don’t seem to have a standard here yet!

    • fatsamurai says:

      True three kisses, however having grown up here if its someone who is dear to me and i havent seen in a long time its 3 kisses and then multiples or three kisses on right shoulder. i dunno if its a kuwaiti thing or just my family.

      • danderma says:

        Shoulder? Haven’t seen anyone kiss anyone on the shoulder before.. china I’ve seen once but not 3…

  2. Sn3a says:

    left, double right ;p for close ppl
    for others only two o bl’39b cuz i don’t like touching ppl ;pP
    i guess one kiss is for men-men only

  3. 7amood says:

    up up down down left right left right X O 😉

    seriously though.. i think it is better we do not have a standard. it adds humor to the situation and distinguishes us from others.

  4. Tahani says:

    I usually do like you two kisses, but once even that backfired as i was heading to the other cheek, there was a graze of lips, lool soo embarrasing! but we both acted as if nothing happened.

  5. Elegant Chic says:

    I usually greet people either with a smile or a handshake and only hug my parents, brother and close friends.

  6. Nawnaw says:

    Ita hard to pridict, i wish that its just stop at hand shacking o 5la9

  7. nyn says:

    ysar ymin ymin ;p bss moshkla ilolder ppl sometimes it’s left right right right right ily ilkhad ytkhdar

  8. ShoSho says:

    Asasan ohwa 4 kisses, one on each cheek.. that is the traditional one..il7een 6al3een 6al3a ma3a madri cham boosa on the same cheek.. min ween yaybeenh????

  9. Shouq says:

    I think yours is is the average (1 on each cheek)…I do one only o khala9!
    but seriously, there should be a publicised agreement on how many kisses per cheeck per country that applies to all occasions, mo 3 fil 3aza, 15 fil 3roos, 2 7ag alayam il3adia…yeqareroon o yekhabroona & until then eveyone gets 1 only