They Say this is Al-7aram’s Floors Scent Mix

By | November 21, 2011

My Bu Tootee always raves about how the Holy 7aram smells. He says when you put your head on the cool marble floors you smell the most amazing scent ever. I’ve never been there before fa I wouldn’t know but whenever he speaks fondly of the smell that makes him remember beit Allah I feel I want to smell it too.

This year when he was in 7ajj he asked one of the cleaners about the mix they use to clean and scent the 7aram floor and the cleaner showed him. He says they use the Drummer + Al-Sirti’s Ward 6aifi mixed together to wipes the floors which gives them their unique scent. So when he came home we wanted to try it.

According to the cleaner, in a bucket you add 3 full cups of Drummer.

Then you add a cover full of Al-Sirti ward 6aifi. I didn’t have Al-Sirti so I used al 7aramain’s but I am going to go and get myself some.

Into the bucket then add water.

Voila! We tried the mix and according to Bu Tootee it is kinda similar but not the same to the scent of al7aram. Maybe we need to lessen the amount of water and increase the amount of ward? I will get the brand of ward they said they used and experiment eshwarana :)

If you know Al7arams floors scent mix please do share!

8 Responses to “They Say this is Al-7aram’s Floors Scent Mix”

  1. giggles says:

    mashala 3ad it does smell really good and the smell is so strong when i was there for umrah after 9alat il fayer we sat on the stairs inside the 7aram facing the ka3ba waitng for the sunrise and you could smell the floors from there. thanks for sharing with us the smell’s mixture :)

  2. reham says:

    واخيييرااا عرفت الخلطه مشكوره ما قصرتي لان سالت الي ينظفون بالحرم قالولي بس درامر

  3. Ryder says:

    Assalamu aleykum,
    I totally understand your husband, i am in love with Kaba and everything about it, so please tell me where i can buy drummers and what al sirti is? I live in europe so hopefully they sell it somewhere naar me of somewhere i can order from, i hope you can tell me

    • danderma says:

      Thank you for your comment. Unfortunately I don’t think Al Sirti is available in Europe. It is available throughout the Gulf though so maybe if you know someone you can ask them to bring you some?

      • Ryder says:

        Assalamu aleykum, ok, what about THE drummer? Is it british or is it something you can only buy in THE middle east?if so very unfortunate cause dont knowhow anybody who liveshow over there, i am from turkey but live in Holland, snif snif

        • danderma says:

          Hmm drummer maybe available in the UK and Europe. Its like Dettol but its yellow and has a picture of a British Guard drumming on a drum on it.