Habba Alert: 7ejab Bu Tarchiya!

http://catherinecrouch.com/strong-wounds/ By | November 22, 2011

I first noticed this 7ejab style when I was in the airport this last Eid holiday. A Kuwaiti lady with her children were rushing in to check into their flight and she had this look. Its not the turban look no. Its a cotton 7ejab wrapped exactly like every one else except that its folded at each ear in a way that the entire ear shows. Of course on each ear lobe there was a huge gleaming earring. Showing the earrings is the purpose of this look after all.

I dismissed it as one lady with that look. But then over the Eid holidays in the malls I’ve seen more and more women wearing that exact same 7ejab style! Cotton, covering everything except the two ears peeking from below the two folds on the side, and huge earrings to decorate the ear lobes, reminding me of the old song in fereej el3atawiya “Tarchiya weya Tarchiya 9arat Tarachee el sha3biya!!!”.

The look is weird and I don’t like it. I’d rather people stick with their turbans if they wish to show off their ears. O ykon a7san if they take off that little piece of cloth and toss it somewhere else. Ya tet7ajeboon 3adel ya malah da3i hal halagat.

Next thing we’ll see is two horns peeking min t7t el7jab. Y3ni new look!

14 Responses to “Habba Alert: 7ejab Bu Tarchiya!”

  1. Kaaaaaaak, are those women for real! this is just crazy!!! seriously if you wear a hijab respect it by wearing it properly not in weird styles :S

    • danderma says:

      Ee wallah… et6al3een athoonich o foogha tarchiya eshkoborha takh6ef el ab9ar esh7aga? Yoba go6ooh mo ella!

  2. Mephisto says:

    انا اتفق انه الهبات قاعدة تغير معنى الحجاب, و اتمنى ان البنات ما يتبعون هالهبه و يلتزمون بالححاب العادي. انا من ناحيتي اقول انه الحجاب العادي احلى.

  3. Simply Indifferent says:

    Ee wallah just take the whole thing off o fokkona!
    Wenty el sajjah the next habba alert would be covering the hair with……a wig!
    à la Orthodox Jew style

    • danderma says:

      Eshda3wa ma sawooha lel7een… mo 9abreen chinna sawat.ha?!
      Madry laish em2atheen roo7kom 7a6een kherja 3la ras.kom y3ni 7jab!

  4. Rainy says:

    looooool thanx god ena tawni met7ajba and im enjoying the reqular 7ijab it’s stylish if you wear it in the right way …. you think the next haba is Bold .. 5ooo mako sh3r o barad o yegroon yalbsson saaaaair methel shababna 😛 ehehhehe

  5. Haha says:

    Lool yeah they exist, but rarely, this kind only shows up on weekends and they travel in packs lol

  6. Dear Romeo says:

    a3othoo bellaaaaaaaaaah
    hatha shino b3addd??

  7. Aisha says:

    LOL! Asta’3for Alla el 3atheem .. lwain ya3ny weya hal stylat e l shanee3a!!! ga9een 3ala 3amarhum awanhum met7ajbat!! its like they r trying to seek attraction through the weirdest styles :S ..
    this style without the earrings reminded me of my aunties indian made LOL!!

    Alla yahdeehum bss ..

    • danderma says:

      Allah yhadahom bs lo yer7moona min hal balawee wel halaheel inkoon ebkhair… talawoth ba9ari