A drive in Mecca Street

By | November 24, 2011

One of the things we enjoy doing is taking long car drives, exploring new things and finding absurd things. Last weekend after breakfast in Ayyame in the Village we drove around f7a7eel and Mahboula and reached the famous Mecca street which is equivalent to share3 el ma6a3em in Salmiya. I saw many interesting things o thought of sharing them with you. Enjoy 😀

Very long name for a baqala!

A big saloon has this very beautiful made up lady as an ad. If I was an MP I would ban such pictures from being shown, ra2fatan b7al el nass!

If you love this look let me know and I will give you the name of the saloon :p

Another saloon… queen of Africa!

9ootik we9al cafe. Bu Kharshad shakhbarah chinna ekhtefa?

Arth el ma3raka. I sincerely hope its like Salmiya’s Arena and nothing else like ne3el o syoof or something.

El fara’3 o 3arafnaha. Walaw inah its debatable. Why is 7arf el’3ain wrapped around a laptop ballah? Haven’t they heard that the Holy Quran is now available on laptops o that ako one million Islamic websites all over the net? God I hate those ads!

I have more… stay tuned :p

12 Responses to “A drive in Mecca Street”

  1. manoora ur neighbour says:

    Ma saadeeg hathee el lady, abstract art wisal f7ai7eel, wow

  2. Simply Indifferent says:

    Ya elahy!

  3. Rainy says:

    wooooow i love the look .. hunni can i get the address to terrifying the girls etha za3loni looooool …. wala tha7akteeeni

  4. Veil and More says:

    One word: YIKES !!
    Looool danderma your gorgeous freaky lady reminded me of this:


  5. Dear Romeo says:

    OK. They are either blind or blind, no other option!! This is supposed to attract customers ya3ni ??

  6. aaa says:

    The area past 6th ring is actually really nice, I lived in Mishref all my life so never explored it until recently 😛 There’s The Village nearby (although whenever I wanna go with my wife it’s all guys) and Mahboula and them are nice, in some of the restaurants you seriously think you’re in America.

    • danderma says:

      I actually have a lot of fun when I go there but sometimes you see things that are just too weird!
      As for the restaurants we once went inside Applebee’s and it was so filled with Americans we felt a bit out of place with my husband’s dishdasha 😀 But in a good way as if we were in the USA :)