Amricani Cultural Center… A Place to be Proud of in Kuwait

Kurakhovo By | November 30, 2011

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I was invited by the media team of Dar Al-Athar Al-Islamiya (DAI) to attend a special blogger’s night held in the historic Amricani Cultural Center, once known as the Amricani hospital, which has recently transformed by DAI to become a cultural and exhibition space and is two months away from opening to the public.

As we parked our car I took in a moment to soak the beauty of the old still standing building. A place where many people had healed in the past 100 years, many had died and many had been born! I’m a sucker for history and historical buildings. I once had wanted to become an archaeologist had my mother not stopped me. That’s how much I love history.

So you can imagine my happiness to have attended yesterday’s bloggers night. To actually have a blogger’s night in the first place! Never have I felt so blessed to be a blogger to be frank <3

When I walked inside I thought I would see a normal building, or maybe an old style building. To my surprise the reception area was very modern. Minimalist modern. My favorite style of modern.

As we walked into the lounge, or estera7a, which was the meeting point my eyes were all over the place. Not only am I walking on the premises of the old Amricani hospital, which is exhilarating on its own by the way, I am also inside one beautiful display of modern architecture. My eyes were all over the place!

A section of restored rare books. My heart was pounding!

This is definitely not the usual old and stuffy museums. Not that I mind them being old and stuffy I think its part of their charm but this is different!

Danderma, fashionably late as usual, arrives to see them talking and a brief of the night’s agenda is being dished out.

We then were taken on a guided tour on the premises, I kept marveling at the beauty of the well preserved architecture.

First we were taken to check out the current exhibition held in the Amricani Cultural Center. It was so beautiful it deserves its own individual post coming after this one.

The entrance to the exhibition.

Inside, professionally done!

Afterwards we were taken downstairs to view what the Americani has in store! First we went through a winding display of the old Amricani hospital equipment such as the old OR room! Yummah!

Surgical stuff, a3otho be Allah!

New born babies cribs! How pretty! I wonder if any of my parents were born there and put in those cribs? The hospital was open until 1967 after all. I’ll ask them today.

Dental Equipment! Old ones!!! So pretty! Check the gauges, the chair, the light! Why is there a fan on top?

Check out the tiles!

Old eye checking devices. I don’t like them! They look like torture devices :S

A blown up old letter from Sheikh Mousaed Al-Azmi to a friend in Bombay asking for some glass tubes to help prepare smallpox vaccination.

What do you know! A mini auditorium to show movies! There were two movies played that night, each is more mesmerizing than the other!

Healthcare in Kuwait Visual show! Very entertaining!

Teeny Kuwait Towers. They are less than a centimeter long!

After the breathtaking tour we were taken back to the lounger where we started in the first place to wrap up the evening.

As I walked inside I was hit by the most beautiful coffee aroma ever <3 There were also cupcakes.

We were asked to write down something, this is what I wrote!

Also given a goody bag chock full of DAI’s publications which I happily flicked through! It looks like something I would get from museums abroad in Europe! Well done!

I didn’t want to leave! I wanted to hide inside and stay inside until everyone has gone home! I want my future house to be designed by the same interior designer who had done the Amricani!

Historical Building, Culture, Exhibition, Rare old Jewels, Rare Books, Modern Design, Coffee, Young Enthusiastic Smiling Kuwaitis! What  an exciting night! I left with such a proud feeling in my heart. I’ve always dreamed of having such exhibitions in Kuwait where actual history and culture was presented, not only cupcakes and fashion disasters! Now we have a place to be, a place to be proud of. I am so gonna get myself a membership at DAI!

Thank you DAI media team for your invitation. You truly made me proud!

For more information about DAI you can check their Facebook Page (link) or follow their Twitter account @DAI_KUWAIT or follow them in Instagram @DAI_KUWAIT

2 Responses to “Amricani Cultural Center… A Place to be Proud of in Kuwait”

  1. Thank you very much for this wonderful post! We were so glad to have you with usand we hope to see you in future events!

    We just would like to correct one thing: All items at the Story of Amricani audio/visual exhibition are replicas, and not the real things, unfortunately.

    • danderma says:

      It was a pleasure to be there. I’ve never been prouder! Even if they were replicas they are such great ones they just give the feel of the real thing :)