Do You Remember This Cartoon: Gummi Bears

By | December 2, 2011

I was in Virgin Mega Store the other day looking at DVDs when I saw these in the Disney Section! I was so happy two see them! My friends the Gummy Bears from the 80’s!

I used to love this cartoon! Love how they had this big magical book that contained all the answers! Loved that the girl in the cartoon had boy hair and looked so good in it instead of always having long hair adorned with a stupid girly flower. Loved their adventures and especially loved their song!

My favorite Gummy Bear was the angry fat one. Come to think about it I’ve always loved the grumpy angry cartoon characters the most. I think its because I identify with them at some level and they are the least silly of all :p

Do you remember the Gummy Bears? I wonder if the candy Gummy Bears was made after them?

7 Responses to “Do You Remember This Cartoon: Gummi Bears”

  1. Muhammed says:

    I do remember it and I liked it a lot (for me, it was during the 90s that I start watching it) I did not enjoy it at first, it did not have action or anything that would hook a boy like me at the time, but slowly I started watching it when I had nothing else to do and it started growing on me and I loved their adventures. I love the potion that they drink and made them jump very high!

    Yeah I wounder about the name connection with the candy, but that’s not possible because the candy where first made in the 1920s in Germany and then spread world wide (according to Wikipedia)

    • danderma says:

      Oh OK maybe then the cartoon is inspired from the gummy bears candy?

      • Muhammed says:

        It honesty could be. I’ve seen a lot of movies or TV shows that where inspired by things I wouldn’t have imagined.

  2. Muhammed says:

    Oh and if you want, their is a torrent file in the internet that contain all the episodes of the show. You can find it anywhere but I personally went to btjunkie,org and found it their.

  3. Jacqui says:

    I remember them and loved them! Btw I think you should download an app for your iPad called “Kartoon Zaman” it’s a bit expensive 4.99$ but it’s got all of our old favorite cartoons and if you’re in a wifi range you can stream ALL EPISODES! it’s awesome!