The Danderma Cupcake By | December 5, 2011

buy Pregabalin online in uk In March 2010 a little home business contacted me for a review (post) on my blog and I gladly accepted. Who wouldn’t want a box of hot bubbling molten chocolate cakes when it was the prime habba of the time? The name of the business was Butterfly Sweets. Then in September 2011 I received an invitation for the opening of the first store for Butterfly Sweets. I was happy and I was proud. The owner did inform me that she loved my blog so much, she will name a cupcake after my blog, calling it Danderma’s Cupcake! Sure enough I went there recently and did find my Danderma Cupcake printer on their menu 😀

Thank you so much Butterfly Sweets for such an honor! I am truly happy! Not everyday do I get to have a product named after me now do I? I will be ordering them and reviewing them soon on my free day 😀

If you want to try Danderma’s Cupcakes or any of Butterfly Sweets scrumptious desserts especially their molten cakes you can visit their facebook page (link) or call 99551311 or 23831100 for home delivery. Don’t forget to order Danderma’s Cupcakes 😀

2 Responses to “The Danderma Cupcake”

  1. Dear Romeo says:

    Yaaaah Yaaaah Yaaaah!! Mn gadech Dandi
    Danderma perfume & now Danderma cupcake :) Allah yzeed w ybarek