New Nespresso Coffee Capsule Flavors

Puyang Chengguanzhen By | December 7, 2011

Tamana My husband’s friend was recently in Dubai when he saw the new Nespresso capsule flavors so he very generously brought my husband all three new flavors to try given that he knows my husband’s obsession with Nespresso’s coffee.

buy modafinil belgium The three new flavors are: Cherry, Vanilla, and Chocolate! Yes CHOCOLATE! I’m not sure if they are sold in Kuwait or not yet but from what I’ve heard they aren’t. If that’s the case we are lucky to have them at home in our Nespresso Capsules Collection.

I am not a cherry loving person so I will keep those for Bu Tootee. The vanilla didn’t entice me much to be frank but the chocolate was calling me, teasing me, and screaming to be brewed immediately. How could I resist it?

So I wasted no time making my self a cup of the new Chocolate flavor coffee. It has the slightest hint of chocolate flavor when you sip it. If you add milk it will not taste like mocha at all so its better consumed as an espresso with a hint of dark chocolate. Mmmmm it was about time Nespresso made a chocolate flavored coffee capsules!

I highly recommend the Chocolate Capsules for now. Thank you Bassam for your generosity, you truly made our day :)

9 Responses to “New Nespresso Coffee Capsule Flavors”

  1. Hmmm .. i tried them all .. and loved them all :)

    the chocolate was awesome .. the vanilla as well .. as for the cherry .. if you don’t like cherry you will not like it :)

    • danderma says:

      I loved the chocolate and I will try the Vanilla later on today. As for the cherry I’ve never been a fan so I will just stay away :)

  2. Cherie says:

    yummmmy i LOVE Nespresso’s coffee.
    bal3afyaah 3likom

  3. ATHBA says:

    Yep! They are available in k-town, got them like around 3 wks ago…3alaich bl3aafya =)

  4. baglady says:

    I loved the chocolate flavor. I drink it by itself without milk (lactose intolerant). I tried the vanilla flavor, and it was okay. Might taste better with milk as a latte but I can’t drink milk. Didn’t try the cherry yet.

    • danderma says:

      I tried the chocolate alone without milk. I am not lactose intolerant but me and milk do not really go very well hand in hand.
      I am thinking it might taste well as a Mocha…?

      • baglady says:

        Great idea trying it as a Mocha (maybe using soya milk instead). Tried the cherry flavor yesterday, and I didn’t like it, but my husband did. I found it a bit sweet plus I am not too crazy about cherries.