Competitions: Win a Philips Lamea

Corfu By | December 7, 2011

Two years ago as I was browsing Boots aisles in the UK I stumbled upon a new product called “Philips Lumea”. A compact handheld light emitting device that can be used at home to remove excess hair once and for all.

At first I was skeptic. It must be a sham or something like it. Could it be? A laser like hair removal at home? It was simply too good to be true. The price tag of £440 didn’t make matters any more appealing. I stepped away.

Then by the time I went home, I got myself a Philips Lamea.

I thought to myself that it may work. Why would they sell something, market it as a safe to be used at home IPL hair removal system when it wouldn’t work? This is the UK after all and if it doesn’t work I can always go back to Boots and demand my money back, mo?

Back home I used it and let me tell you this: it is worth every penny in that £440! That’s like 44000 pennies. The device works! It really does! You can notice results from the first time around! It is also very safe because the light thing doesn’t go off unless its completely attached to your skin, you cannot fire it in the air for example.

Do you know what that meant? No more waiting for doctor’s appointments. No more paying endless dinars for endless painful sessions. No more body touching by cold strangers hands. Best of all its yours, all yours, and you can use it on whatever body part you wish whenever you wish at your own convenience in the haven of your own home at any time of day, be it at the crack of dawn or the middle of the night. So it stings a little, no pain no gain, but take it from someone who had tears streaming down her cheeks when she underwent laser treatments, it is like one quarter the pain!

Now the good news is, Philips Lamea has finally made it to Kuwait! It is being stocked by X-Cite Al-Ghanim and sold for around 180-190 KD. Initially I was contacted by X-Cite Al-Ghanim and offered a Philips Lamea device to try and post about. I never did that before and to be frank I didn’t feel comfortable doing so but I have tried the Philips Lamea and I personally swear by it.

So what did we work out?

I will have a competition. I will post more about the Philips Lamea tomorrow morning insha2 Allah and end the post with several questions. The readers who answer the questions right will enter a draw to win one Philips Lamea, the Philips Lamea I was offered to try. Its there, packaged and gleaming and waiting for some hair to kill off, so if you want to have one for yourself and trust me when I say this, it does work, then make sure you participate in the competition tomorrow morning for the chance to win a Philips Lamea and get rid of the laser session appointments once and for all.

Stay tuned 😉

19 Responses to “Competitions: Win a Philips Lamea”

  1. Dear Romeo says:

    La3t chbdi mn laser sessions, 3ad Ive been thinking of getting one of those home laser machines lately

  2. newq8bride says:

    Woow that is amazing , I heard about it but I wasn`t sure if it’s working or no , khlas I trust you 😉 and I will be waiting

    • danderma says:

      Wallah ana 3n tajrobti el shakh9iya efregat! A7la shay laman el hair ye6l3 o you stroke it o y6ee7 o teftakain min wayha 😀

  3. FourMe says:

    Inshallah ma tsweena mn fayr Allah! Tara 3 hours difference. Aby tara, mali khilg loyat doctors, aby aswy at home.

  4. Hafsa says:

    Wow…your review has made me want one soooo badly…wish me luck!:)

  5. Fatemah bbas says:

    Hiiiii……. I’d like to participate also and try my luck ….. :)

  6. Mona says:

    I saw all the ads and wondered whether it worked or not… the mystery is solved! Thanks :)

  7. Blush says:

    yaaaaaaay, I can wait to take part in the competition, I wish I win Ya raab, :p. By the way its nice to read your blog after a long time and see there is a very interesting competition coming up . Waiting for the competition to start!