And the winner of the Philips Lumea is…

Hayward By | December 9, 2011

Well we’ve had so many participants masha2 Allah. I really wish I had as many  Lumea’s to give to everyone who participated because  I hate to see you guys not win :(

I had a hard time correcting the answers. Many of you were mistaken with the actual price of the device confusing it with a price I had said in a previous post. Obviously the correct price is what was printed on the device which is 400 pounds regardless of what I said in previous posts. That was the tricky part.

Anyways the results are final. I assume that whomever wins is an actual person and had provided an actual email. Just in case that was not true I will draw a back up winner. If you study outside Kuwait then you can ask one of your family members to pick it up for you. If you live outside Kuwait then you will have to provide the pickup and shipping.

 I have assigned numbers to the correct answers as per their answering order. So the numbers are as follows…

1- Swera

2- Ridhima Rastogi

3- New Q8 Bride

4- Aysha

5- Baniaz

6- Aa Alyaa

7- Moody

8- FatemaH_Bbas

9- Maria

10- Ammona

11- Mona

12- Dear Romeo

13- Blissful

14- Hafsa

15- Hiba Al-Rashedy

16- Fajer Jamal

17- Sumayya

18- Dalal

19- AIW

20- Blush

21- Budoor Al-Suwaidi

22- OM

23- Adrenaline

24- Haya

25- Just a Bunch

26- Absa

27- NSS

28- Merlin

29- Leila_Fatema

30- Rose^at

31- Farida

32- Shereen Ibrahim

33- Jacquie

34- Ophy

35- Hina

36- Zahraa

37- Fajer

38- Miss Pistachio

39- Lek7aila

40- Hope

41- Sahar

42- BntQ8

43- Bounty Dream

Choosing the winners from the 43 winners is done by Random.Org

and the original winner is number…

Number 10! Which is Ammona! Congratulations Ammona! You’ve won a Philips Lumea Device 😀

Now I have a “Backup” winner… Just in case Just in case JUST IN CASE there is something wrong with Ammona’s address or email or anything similar. It will be number…

Number 6! The backup winner is number 6 which is Aa Alyaa.

Congratulations to Ammona and hard luck to the rest. I truly wish I had enough Phillips Lumea to give out to all of you. But insha2 Allah this will not be the last competition on my blog. I’ve actually grown to like it 😉

9 Responses to “And the winner of the Philips Lumea is…”

  1. swera says:

    I swear I gasped so loud when I saw my name number 1 lol thinking i won haha!

    it was fun though! congratulations to the Ammouna 😀

  2. Fajer says:

    Oh congrats amoona ur lucky indeed 😉

    Since i didnt win can u tell me from where i get the device and how much it is? I didnt knwo there was such a thing !

  3. Just A Bunch says:

    3alaich b2alf 3afya!

    Thanks Danderma for the beautiful competition, it was fun to participate! 😀

  4. Dear Romeo says:

    Congrats Ammona :)
    Hard luck everyone & thank you Dandi for the wonderful competition :**

  5. Ammona says:

    Congratulation To ME :)
    I Won…
    Thanks you Danderma..

  6. Hafsa says:

    Congrats to the winner!…and waiting for more:D

  7. fatemah_bbas says:

    uugghhh….not me … :(

  8. Aa says:

    Omg!! I was sooo close lool hard luck to me ..mabrook to the winner