A String of Bad Luck?

buy provigil cephalon By | December 19, 2011


Fochville Something weird is going on and I cannot put my hand on it.

A few days ago my Blackberry died on me. Every single piece of information or data was wiped forever from the device. All my contacts, emails, applications, passwords, images, phone numbers, messages, everything was gone in a blink. Nothing was left. Nada!

So I make do with what little data I could conjure up from my memory. Things go smoothly again until yesterday when my Blackberry dies on me again! This time it simply won’t open up! It has been on the charger -which is fine btw- for over 24 hours and no matter what I do it won’t work.

Surprise of all suprises the Blackberry is NOT the only thing that is not working. Suddenly, on the same day, my landline phone dies on me as well for no apparent reason! It just sits there like a piece of junk without any response!

So its just the Blackberry and the normal phone? No! The dvd player! The brand new  glossy Samsung DVD player stops dead in its track while showing a movie and that’s it! On the same damn day! We turned it off, on, plugged it out, shook it, blown into its, plugged it again. No response, nothing, NADA!

How is it possible for three of my favorite electrical devices to die unexceptionably on me on the exact same day? Just like that? Is it a surge of electricity that maybe fried the circuits? Or something more creepy? or a 3ain? or just a string of bad luck?

Has anything like this happened before to you? Its so weird!

10 Responses to “A String of Bad Luck?”

  1. sherifalqassar says:

    i see why you dont reply to my mentions :( , i dont believe 3ain or something . i think ur just having a hard time its tiny phase your going through it will past in a few days. plus bold 4 not really i good phone

    • danderma says:

      I agree Bold 4 is one of the worst phones I’ve ever owned! I barely am on Twitter anymore since I have no phone and I usually log in using my phone therefore I feel a bit cut off from the world :(

  2. NOON says:

    my blackberry dd the same UGH ! i feel so lost everything on it is gone forever :(

  3. Jacqui says:

    It’s a sign that you should ditch blackberry and get an iPhone 😛

  4. Aisha says:

    WOW!! ya7lailech walla !!
    Btw whats a NADA? lOl

    • danderma says:

      It means nothing at all. An expression used in English but I think its origin is either latin or spanish I am not sure…

      • sherifalqassar says:

        actually its a spanish word , i know spanish cuz almost every year i go to spain, i love spain malaga / fuengirola such a bonita country . bonita means beautiful :p

        • danderma says:

          Lool I know what bonita means… I think Bonita, Paella, Casa, Amigo, and now for sure Nada is all I know of Spanish :p Knowing Spanish is so cool 😀