Things 2 Do in London: Download a Free Book Every Monday

By | December 20, 2011

In Starbucks UK perched on the round table where the drinks are collected is a small black box with little cards inside. Every Monday the cards change. The cards represent a new “book” that can be downloaded for free from iTunes on an Apple device. All you have to do is pick up a card with your coffee for free, turn it around and use the download code provided to have your own free digital copy of the book of the week.

Brilliant indeed! Last Monday it was the observant. This Monday I am not sure as I haven’t been in Starbucks yet but I can’t wait to see what it is. Why don’t we have similar ideas back home? Why doesn’t our coffee houses provide something similar? I am sure it would be a big success if something similar was introduced back home. Don’t you think so?

4 Responses to “Things 2 Do in London: Download a Free Book Every Monday”

  1. Jacqui says:

    Wait are you in London right now or what? 😛

    But yeah that sounds like a great idea!